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    Comfort in Sharing

    I was a nurse and it is harder looking after one 24/7 than a whole nursing home !
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    Dying twice

    This is such a cruel disease. Thoughts are with you. I have all this to come
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    Table manners

    My O.H has no idea what to do with a knife and fork .At the moment he can use a spoon and plate guard which is very handy. I cut everything up and then I have mine by the telly and he is quite happy at the table. I don,t usually look but he probably uses his fingers for the last bits but who...
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    Advice re ranting.... please

    I know it is AZ talking when my O.H is so nasty but it still hurts. I think I need another skin!
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    Fed up

    I am feeling sorry for myself. O.H wanted to go out with his friends so I cancelled two medical appointments for him and re arranged them. Then I was looking forward to a day to myself, a rare event.This morning he woke up and decided he didn't,t want to go out. No reason, there never is. It is...
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    Advice on holiday

    I was wondering if there is a system at airports to fast track PWD to avoid stress at security etc. I would love to go away again but O.H got very agitated the last time. He pushed passed queues and got quite angry. Don,t think I am brave enough to go through it again on my own . He keeps...
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    Emergency advice about oh medication

    Don,t blame yourself for forgetting the medication. There is always a hundred and one things to think of as well as looking after someone. Just when I think I am ahead of the game something else crops up!Hope you managed to have a rest on the cruise x
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    How do you all do it?

    I was like you a couple of years ago. I just thought I didn't,t need all the abuse all the time but strangely over time OH has become quieter and more compliant . We still have the odd outburst as how useless I am but nothing like it was. Still not easy but much better. I am sure other people...
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    Up date

    Isn,t it awful that you have to be in such a state before anyone takes any notice. Well done you for getting things moving. You need to look after yourself as well. Sometimes I think we forget that. Take care xx
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    Sleeping a lot

    I think it must have been the changes on holiday as a week down the line he has perked up a lot. Even been out for a nice walk.I will have to think very carefully about any further trips.
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    Sleeping a lot

    My O.H seems to have lost all motivation since we came back from holiday . We went to Devon on a coach trip so quite relaxing. I am wondering if it was too much although he enjoyed the break. Now he just sits in the chair with his eyes shut. Sometimes asleep sometimes not. He was generally up...
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    Why are people so nasty?

    It is horrible when people are so nasty.I just try and think there are more nice friendly people about and horrible folk should remember "what goes around comes around"
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    Not feeling the heat

    It is reassuring that other people have the same problem. I thought he was being awkward all windows shut in this heat but it is obviously another effect of horrible A.D
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    Not feeling the heat

    I too am sitting here sweltering in the heat. All doors and windows shut to keep out bugs and fan is to. draughty
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    Pooing and Peeing outside

    My O.H thinks it is o.k to poo in the shower every morning. Not as stress full as being outside but it drives me mad. Tried to encourage him to go before shower but then I am an interfering ------. Just keep the bleach handy! Oh the joys!
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    How to deal with a partner who fights every suggestion to make his situation better

    Thanks for that link, it is very useful and I shall try and put it into practise. Guide lines and reminders of how to respond are always useful.
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    My husband has suffered with Alzheimer's for 11yrs.

    My OH would tell me every house that was up for sale! Every trip in the car was a running commentary. Drove me nuts but he has moved on now number plates. Very interesting!
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    Feeling inadequate

    It was reassuring to know I am not the only one looking after O.H when before the diagnosis I was thinking of moving on. He was always very selfish and if I was brave enough I should have left years ago Anyway dementia caught up with us so I guess I will stay for the long haul. If I think about...
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    Bad day

    I can cope with most things with this disease apart from my O.H being so nasty. I know I should ignore it but find it so hard when I am told to get lost and stop interfering. He can,t wash or dress himself but I left him to it with interesting results! It has got to the point I don,t even like...
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    The line in the poem Avoid aggressive persons they are a vexation of the spirit , jumped out at me ,if only I could! I don,t often comment but do read T.P so it is comforting that other people are in the same boat as me. I am lucky that O.H isn,t as bad as some but life can get difficult