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    Some Advice Please

    worked with people with dissabilities on camps in america and see this venture as also available to other people with dissabilities, not sure of the legalities if you are abroard but you could possablilly also get local groups and care homes to come out of season to boost if not taking off quick...
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    Panic Stations..... really NOT happy !!

    wish life was easier for you and as nurse, sorry that you feel this way, stick to your guns though, they can only put on you what you allow
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    intro and ? should pops go into day care to give mum a break

    brucie, thanks just found your posts on day care and the poll, am going to print out and maybe go through with mom, see if it helps open up conversation bit more
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    intro and ? should pops go into day care to give mum a break

    hi, have posted on here but not really introduced myself, At the moment pops is undergoing testing and lives at home with mom and sis is also there helping out, I live around 160 miles away and have been trying to get home as much as poss at the moment, to take pops out, we have had some...
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    Quality of 'life', feeding and personal beliefs

    sorry to hear of your situation, heres something from an earlier thread, hope it helps: Just a couple of points, peg feeds while at times can prolong life by ensuring adequate nutrition they can also be life enhancing, if your family member did not have enough nutrition you might well see...
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    Would like to say Hi!

    hello hawaii50 welcome to TP, as some one that has travelled home for the last couple of months to visit and spend time with pops, - not quite as far as you though, only across the country, sympathise with your dilema, the travellin is exhausting and worry when you are not there, I wish you...
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    Feeling sick

    panda, take the opportunity while your mums in hospital to try and get some help organised, tell the nurses that you and she are not coping well at the moment and then hopefully somekind of care package can be started prio to discharge, if you take on all the care they will let you but sounds...
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    Mothers day:Tribute to our mums

    For those with mothers no longer here in the present physical sense, a mothers love does not dissolve it is given freely and with you always, here is some thing that may help, light a candle or put a flower next to a nice picture of them, and have a chat, a special time that you can remember or...
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    {REF REMOVED} Mum was assaulted by another patient there yesterday

    complaints proceedure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just found this thread, here is the complaints proceedure if you need it for nhs, First port of call, usually nurse, receptionist, doctor within ward occured, if you state that you...
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    My Story and new Petition on the No.10 Downing Street website.

    thanks, signed up, good luck and best wishes soulsmilin
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    Her suffering has ended.

    I hope that the many loving memories of your life together bring you some comfort and peace within your grieve. Those we love are closer to us than our own breath, and that love is everlasting. my thoughts are with you soulsmilin
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    Just seen your document and want to thank you on behalf off all the nurses that will appricate so much having such sound advice to go on, often when you are working with patients with difficulties you may not have previously encounted you have to pick as much available information as you go, and...
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    I cant take much more

    Just to add that at your local citizens advice they can organise legal advice or a hour consutation for free, good way to sound out ideas without having to pay out for advice, and also there is something called think" tenancy in partners" where by that protects the property so that you dont have...
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    advice appreciated

    hi jj As a nurse and some one that has also been a carer, I really am not at all sure why some one would stipulate this, it has always been my experience to ensure family contact and encourage posative experience and independence, surely the fresh air of a good sea walk would help your mum...
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    Opening Up

    As a daughter who is in a simular position to your children, knowing how you feel means that your only ever a phone call away, and that you can make more of an effort and also try and let you get a breather at times, please tell your children, and also what they can do to help make life more...
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    any advice on peg feeding

    peg feeds Dear eagle, Just a couple of points, peg feeds while at times can prolong life by ensuring adequate nutrition they can also be life enhancing, if your family member did not have enough nutrition you might well see a developement in more confusion from dehydration and increased risk...
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    Do I Complain and How do I do it

    hi kindheart, Usually at every care home one person is put in charge as care worker for each client, this is usually the person that is going to be working closest or at work with them for the next couple of days, might be worth asking to involve this person when you meet the manager...
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    Weight loss

    If the weight loss is unintentional and more than 10% in the last 3-6mths, then suplimental drinks such as ensure or build up can be used, you should talk to the gp and a dietian should come out for an assesment/ or hospital visit, in the mean time you can buy these and if an adequate meal has...
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    Mum does not recognize me

    Tricky one, Taking people out for a walk to orientate them may work, on the other hand you may then have to spend many a night walking around the bloc, personally I usually opt for the truth them I always remenber what have said previously. Usually try to build on what is still on the...
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    Does anyone else feel like this?....

    hey there, Blame it on the genes, and try to take time out for yourself so that your don't feel burnt out, sometimes its easier to take out our fustrations on those closest to us, so take time to do the little things that you like. Sometimes saying that although you care about someone...