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    I am stuck

    Thanks for your reply. I like your style - new it is.
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    I am stuck

    Thank you so much for your reply. The reason I posted this thread is that my friends on Talking Point have been there, seen it and done it. Having been a carer for someone you love who has dementia is hard. When they are no longer with it is still hard, at least for a while. Being in that...
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    I am stuck

    As always with the good folks of Talking Point I feel sure that someone will understand what I am about to say. It is 18 months since our wonderful mum passed away. I miss her everyday and I am sure I always will. I am not sad. I think about her everyday and I smile. I feel sure that is...
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    I have had a better day

    The day after my little wobble I had a nice day. Work went as well as it can. I got home and had a really nice tea followed by a lovely bath and a bit of pampering. As I switched out the light in bed that night I reaslised that I am learning to enjoy again. Enjoying many small things in life...
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    I talk to my mother.

    My mother passed away just over six months ago. Particularly when I am at home on my own I talk to her. Does anyone else do the same?
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    I have just had a moment

    know it will get better. The adjustment when you have cared for someone with dementia and they are no longer there is immense. Whilst it is good to take some time to think deeply about my mother, I have learned that as she is always there with me that is enough. When I feel able I will set...
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    I have just had a moment

    I have had a good day at work. I feel I have done the best I can do. I have spent time with my boyfriend and when I got home I made myself a nice tea which I really enjoyed. I have done one or two little jobs so was feeling really pleased with myself then it hit me. Wham! That almost...
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    Returning to work

    I would be interested to hear from carers who have returned to work following the loss of a parent. Fortunately, I managed to stay working full time as mum became a resident in a care home 12 months before she died. I returned to work two weeks after mum died at the end of April. Being...
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    Not posted for a while

    My mother passed away at the end of April. There have been various points since then when I have said to myself - I am doing really well here. Then it hits you out of the blue. Its feels like someone has punched you in the guts really really hard. I have just had one of those punches. I...
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    Sometimes I wonder what I want

    Thank you so much for your lovely post. I sit here typing and I look to my right and I see a photo of my mother I keep by my bed. It was taken at the home on her 91st birthday and it means the world to me. I did have it as the wallpaper on my phone but as part of moving on I had the photo...
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    What a nice person!

    I think that it is part of moving on to pass on the help, support, empathy and yes the love I received whilst we were looked after our lovely mum. I have two colleagues who are at the start of their journey with poorly parents and I so feel the need to be there with them. Sometimes you don't...
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    What a nice person!

    Time to pass it on There comes a point where you start to feel you are moving forward. I have the odd wobble but generally I am moving forward. You don't get to this point without some knowledge and above all empathy so now when I am talking to work colleagues or friends who now find...
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    What a nice person!

    In this day and age I am always surprised by the love I receive. On Saturday I went for my annual eye test and was seen by a lovely lady. There are bits of the test I don't like and I was not looking forward to it as I had a bit of a head cold and was not feeling myself. This lovely lady...
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    Sometimes I wonder what I want

    It is four and a half months since my mother died. I have had a couple of days of work with a cold. I physically did not feel like doing much so I sat under a blanket on the sofa watching TV and, of course, thinking. The nursing home where my mother died had a summer fair in July. My...
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    Yesterday and today - what a difference a day make!

    When mum died we received so many cards that I was really touched. I decided to send a little thank you card to all those who had taken the time to send a sympathy card to us, to those that had come to mum's funeral and tto hose who had donated in lieu of flowers. We were so grateful that it...
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    My blog

    I have decided to make regular postings on my blog. If you read my first posting you will understand why. I know that using my blog can only be a positive experience. I hope it will enable me to get my feelings and thoughts out in a positive way and, hopefully, with a little interaction it...
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    Donating to the Alzheimers Society

    I want to donate the money given to us at our mother's funeral to the Alzheimer's Society but in her memory. What is best/easiest way to do this?
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    The death of our mother

    Our very precious mum passed away just over two weeks ago. We have had the funeral and scattered her ashes. Today was my first day back at work. I was not looking forward to it. To make it even worse I was going back to a new office and a new line manager. I need not have worried but...
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    A peaceful passing

    My brother and I would like to inform all those who have helped us, answered our questions and requests for information as well as providing support to us as carers that our very precious mother sadly passed away at her nursing home on Friday 29 April 2016 at 2pm. Her passing was very peaceful...
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    Trying to ignore the stuff that doesn't actually matter...

    I am not afraid to say that we did things/tidied up when mum went to bed or was in the other room with someone else. It is hard enough to deal with these things when you live with them let alone when you live miles away. My mum did all the house work and took pride in it. Would not let...