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    Just want to say thanks

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the advice & support from the members of Talking Point. I may not have posted much but this place and all the contributors have helped so much in the last two and a half years since Mum came to live with me. Sadly my Mum passed away on the...
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    From hospital back to care home or to a nursing home?

    Thanks for the replies. I did try to get hold of the care home manager on Friday but she was busy in meetings and couldn't speak to her. I'm going to try again tomorrow and see what she says. Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    From hospital back to care home or to a nursing home?

    Hi there, My Mum (82) has mixed Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, and also some medical and mobility issues. I looked after her in my home for 2 and half years until the beginning of January when I could no longer cope looking after her and working full time. She moved into the home she went...
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    Vehicle suggestions

    Hi Oilovlam I got a Kia Venga because it is a bit higher than a normal car. Mum has a bad back and she is comfortable in the passenger seat which she wasn't in a few others. It's a nice car to drive and the boot takes Mums wheelchair easily so is quite big, overall good value for money in my...
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    I feel abandoned!!

    There does seem to be a move towards passing back to GPs. We live in the same LA as Kevin, and when Mum was diagnosed back in 2015 it was through the 'Memory Assessment Team' and a different experience. Once Mum had been tried on Donepezil and Rivasitigmine but didn't take to either she was...
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    Fantastic teddy bear advice...

    Thanks Greycardi. Izzy - Charles & Tootles are lovely, especially like Charles bow tie (presuming Charles is the bear!). They must have meant a lot to Bill. Even though he is not white or wearing clothes & a scarf Mums bear is now called Rupert.
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    Fantastic teddy bear advice...

    For a while I've thought that in the future my Mum might benefit from a teddy bear. Then today we passed some on the way out of a department store and Mum just had to have one so back to the till we went. Not yet named but Mum v happy! Currently it's sat at the end of the sofa. Would have...
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    Pain threshhold in dementia

    Could you try propping her up on a few pillows so she isn't lying flat? Might help the dizzyness a bit if an ear infection is sending her balance a bit off kilter when she's lying down? Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Big improvement in memory

    Thanks for all the replies. The improvement lasted until last night, it was great to see her more her old self. I've had a google and can't find any singing sessions outside of work hours I could take her to unfortunately. Will have to see if I can get a CD of something appropriate, and...
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    Big improvement in memory

    Hi, My Mum (82 with mixed Alzheimer's and vascular dementia) has had quite a big improvement in her longer term memory in the last couple of days. She's had 2 'silent' heart attacks recently and both times her dementia has got a bit worse afterwards. However- Realised there was an...
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    Hospital Discharge notes sent to pharmacy

    No problem AlsoConfused! Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Hospital Discharge notes sent to pharmacy

    I've not contacted the consultant yet, but we are at the heart failure clinic on Friday so I may mention it then. I've already had a first response from PALS saying they have passed my complaint onto the ward management team, and asked that they contact me by close of play on Friday. My...
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    Hospital Discharge notes sent to pharmacy

    I'm fuming! My nearly 82 year old Mum (mixed Alz & VD) was recently in hospital for a week after having a second 'silent' heart attack in 4 weeks. Thankfully she has recovered well although her dementia has taken a step down. What has made steam come out of my ears is that I had a phone...
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    Stopping Mail Shots

    I registered here - Its the Mail Preference Service similar to the Telephone Preference Service for phone calls, and should stop most of the unsolicited mail. It may take a bit of time to filter through but definately stopped most of what I was receiving after a while.
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    safeguarding alert

    I too find it very surprising that it was possible for the medication to be found in a carehome residents drawer. In the care home my Mum goes to daycare and the senior stays with the person until they have taken the medication so no opportunity for someone to squirrel it away. Keep chasing...
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    Table manners

    My Mum has always had impecable table manners, so I was a bit taken aback recently when in a restaurant she picked up her lamb shank and started chewing!:eek:. I could see the lady at the next table looking a bit shocked as well. I just asked if she wanted me to take the meat off the bone for...
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    Just wondering who manages to work plus care and how many hours/work pattern?

    I work full time, and Mum goes to daycare at a care home while I am at work. I drop her off on the way in in the morning and pick her up on the way home. Luckily she really likes it there and has a couple of good friends. It is hard - I also feel that work gives me a bit of normal life, but...
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    Mums not too bad but I'm struggling

    Thanks for the replies everyone, some things to think about there. Toddleo - SS aren't involved yet, I may try them but anything would be self funded so not sure how much help SS would give. Marionq - my head knows where you are coming from, I just feel I owe Mum so much. She was a brilliant...
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    Mums not too bad but I'm struggling

    Hi, Bit of background - my Mum has mixed Alzheimers and vascular dementia as well as mobility problems caused by collapsed vertebra, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. She has been living with me since August 2014 following a bad fall in her retirement flat. She usually goes to daycare while...
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    I talk to my mother.

    My Grandad died 30 years ago and I still talk to him sometimes, and my Step-Father who died 10 years ago. More so recently and generally about Mum, particularly when I have a concern about her. I find it comforting to talk to the people who I know cared the most about her, even if they're not...