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    Need advice for moving parent out of care home.

    Ok I have done both 24/7 care at home and a care home. The care home was cheaper. Yes it is very hard indeed with the current restrictions but I am totally in agreement with those that are saying if you have carers coming in ,where have they been? Yes your loved one may deteriorate in the home...
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    MIL has died from COVID-19

    Hi Miss M another one who remembers you. Although I'm sad that your MIL died perhaps prematurely from Covid I think you can honestly feel you did your best with the knowledge you had. How is your husband??? And how are you? If you have time under the circumstances to let me know by pm it would...
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    How easy is it to apply for probate yourself

    I did it myself for my dad. You just need to follow the forms and notes carefully. Saves a lot of money
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    Attendance Allowance & DWP

    Hi there To set your mind at ease I volunteer for Age UK and going to see people to help fill in AA forms is our bread and butter. Where you are confused is that Age Uk when doing so ,act as nominated agents for the DWP. This only means that we can fill the forms in on the other person's behalf...
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    Barrier creams for incontinence

    Proshield is amazing. Mum came out out hospital with thrush . She is doubly incontinent . It worked wonders. Need I say more. You may need the gp to prescribe or ok it.
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    Wandering out at night and hallucinating

    Ok I sympathise with you but I am going to be honest. This is not going to get better. There is no upside to dementia. For both your sakes you need to be looking at care homes. They are NOT all awful. Put emotion aside ( difficult ,I know ,trust me) and think logically about your situation. You...
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    Do you use thickener in liquids?

    Personally I would shoot the consultant. Aspiration pneumonia which is what you get from aspirating non thickened fluids isn't a very nice way to die. If your mum loves tea the way to make it with thickener is to make the tea as she likes it then put however many scoops of thickener in the...
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    I have to share this with you all

    Hi there If your mum has a lot of skin tears( mine has had a lot too) then are the home using 'limb protectors' these are sleeve like things for arms and legs and they are put on before any moving and handling. I can honestly say they have been transformative for mum. Not a skin tear in 2...
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    Mum And Dad Are Reunited

    I am so sorry. Nothing prepares us for the shock . Even if it is expected. My sincere condolences xx
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    Keeping mum safe

    Hello Jenny Haven't seen you on here in a long time. How's it going? I'm afraid I have no bright ideas but just wanted to say hi Jane xx
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    Breaking point

    Is your mum on citalopram ? Great anti depressant often prescribed for anxiety and early at age dementia. Both my parents were on it . And I know anti psychotics gave a bad rep but try Risperadone . In a tiny dose .was life changing for my mum. Quality of life improved hugely. .hope this helps xx
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    WHITE Clothes Name Stamp / Marker?

    Stickins labels from Amazon. You just peel off and press on . Lasted 18 months in mums care home so far
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    Hi there Oramorph is pain relief. My dad was on it off and on for two years. It is not generally prescribed as a sedative. The doctors may be thinking that his aggression relates to pain. Maybe worth a go. Didn't affect his mobility at all ,in fact improved it cos there was less pain Hope this...
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    Anti-Psychotic drugs...yes or no?

    My mum has been on Risperadone for four years now and the difference to her quality of life is enormous. She is 94 and to be honest quality of life is now more important than longevity. They tried to take her off it last summer and after a month she was back on it.
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    End of my tether....

    I feel for you. However I am with @canary in that my first port of call would be the GP. Maybe some Citalopram to ease the underlying anxiety to start with. It is so often prescribed for is an anti depressant. My mum similar situation was absolutely foul to me but it did improve on...
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    Rock Bottom

    Hi there Just wanted to add a gentle hug for you. I honestly don't think you are getting dementia , rather look up how to torture somebody and the results. What you are describing is what some of the nastier intelligence agencies do to people to make them give in. I do however think you need a...
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    Advice on power of attorney

    Maybe go to a solicitor to do the POA with your mum or you saying to your sister its for advice. And then when it's done you can blame the solicitor ........ But then I'm an old cynic
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    Banks and powers of attorney

    I have the old EPA and as far as I have always understood it ,once it has been registered with the office of the public guardian ,the donor ie the PWD can longer sign anything financial or hold a bank card as they are deemed to have lost capacity. It is different to the new EPA for finance.
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    Active management of chest infection post aspiration pneumonia

    Thank you all for your responses . I am all over the place. Mum has bounced back atm from her infection it seems. We need to wait another week to see if this remains so. To compound this on Saturday she sustained a cut and bruise to her face in the home that they are saying is an unexplained...
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    Advice on my authority to pay for a care agency?

    To be honest I have found everyone from gp to hospital consultants to care homes accept the registered EPA as for H and W too. And I have had to produce it a lot