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  1. julieann15

    Thinking about moving care homes..dilemma

    Dear Gigi Not been on for sometime but thought I had better dip in and see how my friends on here are doing. I am so glad the move went well and that Eric is settled and you have so much peace of mind now. Love Julie xx
  2. julieann15

    Update on Mum

    Hi Not posted or been on here very much since the upgrade as the white background is too much for my eyes. Things have been ticking over quite smoothly with mum in the home until about 10 days ago when mum complained that her mouth was sore.She wears dentures and the staff struggle to...
  3. julieann15

    need a day and date clock

    Hi We got one via CPN (poss SS- it is a while ago) from British Red Cross on loan Julie x Meant to say it was free- returned to BRC when mum went into the home
  4. julieann15

    It has been a while

    Hi It has been a while since I updated on Ian's mum. Mum has now been in CH since Nov 2009. Her short term memory is not functioning and she needs constantly reminding about things.EG- Julie and Ian are coming to take you out- we turn up and she is ready or nearly ready but it always is a...
  5. julieann15

    access to care plans

    Hi Just to let you know that I regularly review MIL's care plans normally just before she sees the consultant for a review.( I attend the reviews as Ian works away) I am fortunate that mum's care home is very open and honest with me even though I am not the next of kin! Julie xx
  6. julieann15

    Mium has had a fall

    This will not deter us from taking her out again as she loves going out and having her so local to us makes it so much easier:):)- We will just have to be more careful. The home has no documented falls(having not witnessed any)- Mum seems to think she may have hurt her shoulder in a fall?? As...
  7. julieann15

    Mium has had a fall

    Hi Yesterday evening we took mum out for dinner- getting back into the car Mum could not grasp that she needed to put her bottom in first and "swivel" and as a result of this fell onto the ground. Ian managed to get her up on the second attempt- like lifting a dead weight as no help from mum...
  8. julieann15

    I wish this nightmare would end.

    Dear Sue Sending my love at this difficult time Love Julie xx
  9. julieann15

    Big day tomorrow

    Dear Roseann Thinking of you and J tomorrow- think of you both when I go past Stapeley Oasis(which is now closed) Love Julie xx
  10. julieann15

    Update on Mum

    Hello friends Sorry I have not been around for a while. Thought I would give you an update on MIL. Mum has been in the CH now for just over a year and seems very settled. The company is good for her and she looks so much better for good food. Her latest MMSE was 20 and they are going to leave...
  11. julieann15

    My darling Ken

    Dear Tina You are both in my thoughts- I am so sorry Love Julie xx
  12. julieann15

    Mom's gone

    So sorry to read of your mum's passing- I do belive she was protecting you to the very end Take care of each other now Love Julie xx
  13. julieann15

    My lovely dad has gone

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am to read your sad news. My thoughts are with you and your faimly at thie sad time Love Julie xx
  14. julieann15

    You know it will come, but nevertheless it is a shock

    Dear Bruce I am so sorry to read your sad news-apologies for being late to reply. Your love for Jan shone though all your posts. She was one very special lady in your life Love Julie and Ian and Family xx
  15. julieann15

    Extra thoughts for Kassy today please

    Hi Kassy We are all with you and your family-you are not alone Love Julie xx
  16. julieann15

    A Good Day

    Dear Roseann Ian and I are so thrilled for you- when does J come home?:):D Love Julie xx
  17. julieann15

    I`m In this weeks Magazine !!!!!

    Well done Norrms:):) Love Julie xx
  18. julieann15

    Initial diagnosis

    Hi Meerkat Some people tell little white lies-like "Everyone your age is getting a health check-it's part of a national thingy to keep you fitter longer" and quite often if it is explained that it is free and not going to cost older people may go along with it. Things like underactive thyroid...
  19. julieann15

    Two layers of clothing !!

    We took mum out for a meal the other week and after she had been to the loo she confessed to having 2 skirts on!- It was sweltering so I insisted she went back and took the thicker under one off- wonderful things baby changing bags for hiding things lol. Mum has also confessed to wearing 3...
  20. julieann15

    Worried about John

    Dear Hazel So sorry to read of your John's passing- he is now at peace from this awful disease. Ian and I send our love at this sad time. Julie xx