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    Could Mum be nearing the end???..

    It's not an awful thing say doing it in shifts Careforme, it's what we have to do to get ourselves through this. My dad was slightly different as he was admitted to hospital following a car accident. He was in 2 different hospitals over a month. He had the same rattling noises as your Mother...
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    Advice needed - Mum on End of Life Care - a total rollercoaster

    I hope you're doing ok today confused and I'm glad the doctor has signed you off. Hopefully it'll help you get through these no doubt testing weeks ahead that little bit easier. Sending lots of love and I'll be thinking of you xx
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    Advice needed - Mum on End of Life Care - a total rollercoaster

    You've still got to think of yourself throughout all this Confused. I mentioned in my previous post my Dad had a car accident. Up until that point he used to drive my Mum on her errands and was still independent. I was a full time carer to my now ex-partner and my little girl who was 10 months...
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    Advice needed - Mum on End of Life Care - a total rollercoaster

    My dad died a year ago today. The circumstances were slightly different as he was hospitalised for the month previous due to being in a car accident. I knew however after he got his third bought of pneumonia that he wasn't pulling through. He didn't eat anything from 21st - 25th December...
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    I feel Jekyll and Hyde!

    I really don't want to sound patronising but your feelings echo mine so much. I want my dad here and I grieve that he's not, yet at the same time I try to carry on and do what he'd want me to do. Such a contradiction. Wishing you and your family as a happy a Christmas can be Red xx
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    Sorry the post I was referring too appears to have been deleted.
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    I feel Jekyll and Hyde!

    Oh Red, I feel like I could have written your post. My Dad passed in between Christmas and New Year last year. He'd spent the month prior in hospital so last Christmas, whilst he was still alive he wasn't at home neither, and it was tough because we knew it would be his last. So this is our...
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    I'm so sorry for your loss Joanne. Grief is a strange thing. When my Dad died between Christmas and New Year everyone around me fell to pieces. It was left to me to deal with the practicalities, speaking to the coroner, arranging his funeral. Because of the timing of his death and the amount...
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    My mum is gone

    Sorry for your loss Kazza, take care of yourself xx Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Anyone had to deal with the Coroner?

    I always feel like I'm mithering them by ringing asking questions. When I last spoke to the coroners case worker on Tuesday she said today was a possibility of the pm being done, but she never called back to confirm that was the case or not. Just like the hospital, who on Monday said they'd...
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    Bleak outlook for mum

    Sending you love and strength xxxx my dad's time in hospital was physically and emotionally draining, look after yourself too xx Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Anyone had to deal with the Coroner?

    The cause of death is also in question, heart attack (apparently happened at 2:00pm the day he died, we was with him from 3:30 and it was never mentioned, just a high heart rate) followed by cardiac arrest and contributing brain injury and bowel cancer. The cancer was highly suspected but never...
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    Anyone had to deal with the Coroner?

    It's ok, I never know where to post that's all. I'm never sure whether to carry on my previous thread, but tonight guessed I might get more response with a different titled post. My dad passed away on 29th December, the circumstances surrounding his death (the car crash he had 4 weeks previous...
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    Anyone had to deal with the Coroner?

    I'm sorry for starting another thread, but I was wondering if any other TP users had experience of dealing with the coroner after their relatives death? In particular post mortems by an independent pathologist rather than one employed by the hospital trust Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Anticoagulants and dementia?

    My Dad was changed after 10 years+ on aspirin to Eliquis/Apixaban. Apixaban is the name used in the UK. He had a car crash on 30th November which resulted in a bleed on his brain, they did manage to reverse the effects of the Apixaban before he was transferred from resus to the trauma ward and...
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    Dads funeral tomorrow

    Oh Claire, I'll be thinking of you today xxxx Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Want mum home from hospital

    Fizzie's advise is amazing and the advice I was given only last week. Unfortunately it was too late for my Dad, due to Christmas holidays there were no senior staff to talk too and by the time I'd got the number myself for the palliative care team it was too late. I wish you and your mum...
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    So here we are

    I've been writing things down as I think of them. I always have my iPad with me so it's all on there so I'm going to take it with me. My mum's dropped another bombshell on me tonight, the money simply isn't there for his funeral. He had no savings etc, received state pension and as my mum was...
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    Is this the beginning of the end?

    I'm glad she is more happy and comfortable, the hardest part for me was seeing my Dad uncomfortable but unable to communicate why. Sending you lots of love xxx Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    So here we are

    Further to my previous post, we now know there is going to be an inquest into my Dad's death as questions are being raised as to why he was transferred from one hospital to another as it would appear the care plan was totally different at the 2 hospitals. It's funny what grief does to you, I...