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    You can't catch shingles, though if you've not had chickenpox you can develop that as it's the same virus. But only from contact with the blisters I believe so if you/Dad are careful I wouldn't have thought it was a big risk?
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    Delirium or dementia?

    I experienced similar, my mum had what we assumed was lingering mild delirium after a heart attack, but no previous suggestion of anything dementia-like. A second hospital admission for a relatively minor fall immediately set off what was essentially the full progression of dementia, over about...
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    Mum in hospital... delirium through the roof

    I think just being in hospital, the change in environment is enough to cause the delirium. My mum (who as far as we know has no dementia or any cognitive problems previously) had a fall, broke & dislocated her shoulder. Within 24 hours we'd got full blown confusion & paranoia about where she...