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    I am so angry - care costs need some advice

    Only if more people complain will standards improve. Good luck. I'd do exactly the same. I found a private carer for my mum
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    CHC Assessment Fiasco!

    You must watch the prof Luke Clements video on social care Can't do the link but this will take you to the page and at the moment is the first one It takes an hour and it's broken down into 6 bite size chunks. Make notes on every section. Don't skip the background to this law because nothing...
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    So I'm cross....

    If the are asking for a top up then insist on a meeting. Because if he scores high or severe in the behaviour section, cognition etc then he should be liable for chc and you can pick a home of your choice. At 93 I would be surprised if he didn't score high in most categories At this stage of...
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    So I'm cross....

    Has he had a dst meeting. My mum was aggressive and the ch did not want her. She triggered a dst meeting. Best thing ever. She was awarded chc funding. I went out of town and found a smashing place run by mental health nurses. That's very important. If you haven't had one. Demand one. Please...
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    From DLA to PIP Assessment

    You can't assume sadly. One friend of mine, paraplegic for over 40 years and now in her 60s was unbelievably and disgracefully downgraded. Mind are very good st helping fill in the forms or a local resource centre. Unless you are very knowledgeable about the forms I would seek advice.
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    Over and Out.

    Wow , amazing good fortune. So pleased for you Gwen. I too have become the recipient of great good fortune which could go back tonight if I could have my lovely mum back as she was.
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    Care Home Fees and Mental health team

    Really surprised that you HAD to have a financial assessment. As I understand it, no one is responsible for another persons debts with regard to care.
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    The care home are refusing to let mum stay

    To me it sounds like she's triggered Chc funding. My mum was self funding and was aggressive. The ch could no longer cope. After a few incidents she had a meeting using a dst tool where a nh was deemed necessary. At the meeting and this is where you need to be clued up yourself although I...
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    Over and Out.

    So sorry to read about the way it ended. They are together now which is lovely. It's sad and feels odd but I think we grieve every day when they get their diagnosis. I felt like I had no tears left to shed. Sorry I should've said my mum passed away 6 weeks ago. I'm much happier now...
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    Financial minefield

    You need to appeal against the judgement See prof Luke Clements video on social law And remember...a well managed need is still a need. Take away the management of your fathers needs, what do you have...someone who needs lots of care. I think you e been done down.
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    Thanks to you all on Talking Point

    So sorry to hear that. Just 26 days since my own mum passed away. Feels like a lifetime Starting to feel at peace with it now. Hope you soon do too.
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    Life expectancy of someone with dementia

    My mum was 88 when she died a few weeks ago. She has been fighting it for 10 years and in care for 4. She was in good health till September and looked like she had several good years in her. I don't really know what happened. Something was obviously brewing and she took ill, possibly...
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    Antihistamines as sleep aid

    I used to bring diphenhydramine back from America. First I was on one a night, then two then three. It got me through a bad time but then I read bad things about them. Possible risk of memory loss etc so stopped taking them. Wish I never had now.
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    Any tips on preventing self harming please?

    No ideas Ann but just wanted to say how very sad. It was bad enough watching my mum try to scratch the arm of the nurse trying to put her cardigan on. Apart from the thumb tops/ short nails/ scratch mitts. I don't know what the answer is.
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    Financial advice please ...not deme related

    What I'm looking for is how her partner can manage this chc review now she has moved into nh. She has improved slightly so she no longer needs a peg tube but still has significant needs. I hope her needs are such that she continues to get chc. I'm worried it stops so that she has to self fund...
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    Financial advice please ...not deme related

    Thanks Jennifer . She owns her house and her partner has his own house. They've been together about 12 years. I can see if she stays at the nh on chc fund she wouldn't get benefits. That's fair enough. Hopefully though she's going to be well enough to go home. Albeit to an adapted house with...
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    Financial advice please ...not deme related

    My friend (aged 62) had a massive brain haemorrhage in march. It was touch and go at the time and they seriously did not expect her to live but she's pulled through but is now very disabled. She's been moved from hospital this week to a nh and triggered chc. They have their three month review...
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    The end is near

    I've had the headache from hell. For two days a bad stomach and diarrhoea. This I think is how my body reacts to stress. On a bit more even keel but I just feel weird, numb. Neither happy nor sad. A bit stuck really. Like life is going on and I'm going through it like a robot. I hope...
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    The end is near

    All over now. The funeral was yesterday. It's been completely full on. Just over two weeks since I got back from holiday. Mum was ill, deteriorated and then passed away, rushed around organising the funeral, relatives came from Wales for two nights, they left today. It's been like a bad...
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    The end is near

    Thank you all so much for your support, kind words and good wishes. I'm sure it has all helped me to stay on an even keel. All the arrangements for the funeral service have been dealt with. I just need to sort out flowers, music and my speech. Didn't get out yesterday. I had the headache...