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    Why should i apoligise for having dementia

    You are a great advocate and an inspiration - you also have the most amazing accent! Love it! All the best x
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    Finally a diagnosis... And the beginning of the end I guess

    I'm really sorry. Wishing you peace and strength.X
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    Sudden and very rapid cognitive decline

    My dad had very rapid decline in Nov. he had had pneumonia and a stroke. He changed within days and needs full time support now. I'm sorry it is very traumatic and must be so hard on your own. People on this forum have wonderful advice which I am sure will start with making sure you have help...
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    just coping

    It's good you got the results of the MRI. I'm not sure about your social question as I am new to all this too. hopefully someone else will be able to respond. My dad has become super friendly and speaks to everyone now and he has brain damage from strokes. I guess it's different for everyone.
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    Bah humbug (not really)

    Dad forgot his 'breathing probs' when the film was on and my brother and his family came. Didn't each much of his dinner but managed a double portion of Christmas pudding and went for a sleep. After his evening shower (the highlight of the day for him!) he came downstairs and asked if it was...
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    Bah humbug (not really)

    Hope you all have a peaceful and happy day. My dad is finding it all a bit too much and keeps saying he is struggling to breathe. Hes had it checked and it's just anxiety. He breathes fine if he nods off. Hoping 7 Brides for Seven Brothers will help take his mind off it! X
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    Tell me I'm not the only one

    Happy Christmas Bill Wow Bill you are a superstar! Im sorry you are having a lonely start to the day. I'm sure your wife and family are so proud of you for everything you do for them. Hope you have a peaceful day - are you seeing your grandkids today?
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    Finally a diagnosis... And the beginning of the end I guess

    I'm so sorry. We will hope and wait with you. Lots of love x
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    Spends ages in bathroom

    My dad lovers a shower! He would have 10 a day - partly because he cant remember if he has one but he just loves standing in the warm water. We are surprised he doesn't wash himself away. He also likes to throughly wash plates and cutlery, sweep floors and wipe down work surfaces - thinking of...
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    Finally a diagnosis... And the beginning of the end I guess

    Hi I am so sorry this is happening to you and your dad. I am very new to this too so others will be able to give you more detailed advice but just wanted to share the help we've had and where it came from. Things deteriorated very quickly for my dad too at the end of November so we are working...
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    Video diary: one year with dementia

    Love it! :)Well done to you all on getting through such a year. Best wishes to your lovely dad! Have a great first Christmas with your new son.
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    First day

    I really hope it goes well for you. Fingers crossed that your mum settles in and you can quickly get into a routine including finding the support you need to make the situation sustainable. It is a long road ahead but I guess we take it a day at a time. We are at the beginning of it all too...
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    What a night... Dementia 1 carer 0

    Really sorry- that's tough. Hope you (and your dad) get some rest tonight. X
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    In a better place thanks to this forum

    Hi I've posted a couple of verbose and very anxious messages on here over the past month and received some very helpful advice. Dad has developed severe memory problems brought about by a stroke and prior mini strokes. aling with pneumonia and what we now know was a UTI. After a long time in...
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    Denial from brother

    I'm really new to this so others will have better advice. All I know is that it is really hard but you have to take care of yourself too. :) I really have no idea about the systems etc but my dad is currently in an assessment unit to help us know where the best place for him is. I wonder if...
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    It's really hard, I hope you have a lovely birthday. :)
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    My dad thinks he is alone.

    Hi Caz I think the staff reassure him. He has only been there for a few days but they are lovely with him. I give them the notes to read to him as he cant find them. Prior to this he was in hospital for 3 weeks and was the same. He has also had pneumonia which is almost better and has an...
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    My dad thinks he is alone.

    Hello My dad is in an assessment centre. He had a stroke and now has dementia. He has got out twice including climbing over a wall in a few day of being there. He is desperate to come home. We are having him home to my mums in the day but he is currently sleeping at the assessment home While...
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    Organic dementia

    Hi My dad hasn't had an official diagnosis of anything yet but this term has been used. He had slight memory loss over the past few years but had a stroke a few weeks ago. He has been left with massive memory loss and confusion and was placed in an assessment unit yesterday after 3 miserable...
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    Extremely quick deterioration in my dad.

    Thanks Thanks for this. It was really helpful and we are more aware of the procedures from the ward.