• Expert Q&A: Rare dementias - Tues 3 March, 3-4pm

    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

    You can either post your question >here< or email them to us at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk and we'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

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  1. larivy

    A new stage in my life...................

    Glad it went well Sylvia and it was a perfect day love larivy
  2. larivy

    Mum's fought her last battle.

    Sorry to hear your sad news mo thinking of you and your family Larivy
  3. larivy

    Poor Piedsmum is poorly again.

    Thinking of you pied love larivy
  4. larivy

    foggy day

    Hope the mist has cleared Sarah and your feeling better today Took my girl I look after to Southend yesterday thought of you when we were having a Rossi don't worry Bertie had one later big lick from him and hug from me
  5. larivy

    A double blow

    That should be good your bad leg and his cold feet:D:D
  6. larivy

    A double blow

    Sorry to hear your news Sarah but being a tough Essex girl I'm sure Your cope think some nice Rossis ice cream will help you cope Bertie sends a big lick And can't wait to see you again keep your chin up Love larivy
  7. larivy

    A life in the day of.........................

    Sorry to hear your news Sylvia glad Dhiren feeling better Larivy
  8. larivy

    Sad news from LindaMc

    Sorry Linda thinking of you and your family love larivy
  9. larivy

    article on Dementia as cause of death.

    My mums had Motor nuerones and Alzheimer's on it the gp asked us if that was ok as she agreed both diseases played their part Larivy
  10. larivy

    From Inverness to Brighton, the last leg of Philip Williams's charity walk.

    See his at Canvey will try to see him on 19/08/13 and 20/08/13 Larivy
  11. larivy

    A life in the day of.........................

    Lovely photo of you both Sylvia larivy
  12. larivy

    Anniversary of when Alan flew away

    Thinking of you today Helen have a great day love larivy
  13. larivy

    Befriending service

    Hi krissymc no I don't visit care homes but that's a good idea I will mention it to my manager the GPs sponser the befriender service I'm hoping to get my westie bertie passed as a pat dog he loves people and I think he would be good at it
  14. larivy

    Befriending service

    Hi I have been a Befriender since losing mum I visit 2 ladies every week one lady loves to go out so weather permitting we go and have a coffee on the sea front or visit a garden centre we both get a lot out of my visits The other lady likes to stay in we sit and talk and put the world to rights...
  15. larivy

    I got thru christmas and new year

    I found it harder this year I spent christmas and new year with my nephew and family and Bertie had a play mate as well they had the tree over lots and made us all laugh I'm sure mum and dad were with us in spirit Glad you blood test were ok hope you have a healthy new year Love larivy
  16. larivy

    My way - Dealing with Loss

    Hi Jan it's just over a year ago that I lost my great mum I am always ready to tell mum what I've been doing only to find she's not here but I still tell her mum loved Christmas and so did Dad it was always a family time last year was very quite and strange without mum this Christmas I'm...
  17. larivy

    so missing mum

    Hi sorry to hear your news my mum died a year this month I still miss her a lot mum and dad have a plaque and we all go there regularly I have a rose bush in the garden which we planted for dad and I have now got a rock garden which I have turned into mine mum and dads special garden but mum and...
  18. larivy

    Joan Phillips 1923 - 2012

    Sorry to hear your sad news Simon please except my condolences love larivy
  19. larivy

    Mistaken identity

    I often think I see mum down the seafront one of our favourite places I get quite excited then It hits me that its not mum but I like to feel she's with me I must admit I get angry because its not her and their sitting where we often sat. I often get up at night because I hear her call me I even...
  20. larivy

    A life in the day of.........................

    Glad Dhiren seemed more settled today perhaps things are settling down in the home now love laraine