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    I’m not coping well

    Like you I stayed because of my daughters. I have two, one is settled with her own home and the youngest is now 20 and going to University this September. I worried about the affect separating would have on my youngest and stayed until she had got through her GCSE's 4 years ago. My partner still...
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    Thank you

    You are all heroes, amazing individuals. Only a person that has experienced caring for a person with dementia can truly, understand what it is like. There are some amazing professionals, and there are text book and theory professionals. When I read some peoples journeys on this forum, I can...
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    I’m not coping well

    Hi Debbie, Like you my husband was diagnosed approximately three years ago aged 59. I am 58 years old and really struggled prior to his diagnosis. Fortunately he moved into his own flat before the diagnosis. I work full time and am responsible for paying all my own bills including a mortgage...
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    Care home during Covid19 or not???

    Thinking of you, and really wish I could give you a hug. Keep strong and safe
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    Now very stressed. My husband is unable to unable to understand latest situation re coronavirus. My family, 9 miles away cannot help as bot daughter

    This really worries me. Is there not a member of the Administrator team that can contact this lady to find out where she lives. Has she provided details when she registered, such as a telephone contact number. Call the Alzheimers National Helpline. There will be Dementia Advisers/Support...
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    Advice Please, Are Brain CT Scans reliable in showing Dementia?

    CT scan and MRI scan came back as normal. Eventually had a PET Scan which confirmed diagnosis of Alzheimers. Whilst waiting for PET scan which we were very lucky to get due to costs, my partner was diagnosed with Pseudo Dementia. Dementia like symptoms but not necessarily Dementia. We were lucky...
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    Not Much

    I have a partner diagnosed with AD last year, although symptoms started around 2 1/2 years ago. He is considered young at 59 and I am 57 with a 19 year old daughter and all the financial responsibilities of running and managing a home. I have to work to pay the bills and have struggled up until...
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    Not Much

    Although I am a new member, I have only made one post. I read the post/threads regularly and find lot of the posts extremely useful. From my point of view all posts are important. Never take to heart or feel that your posts are ignored, or wrong. It is just that sometimes, it may not be relevant...
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    Nowhere will help ☹️

    I paid private for a Neurologist consultation for my partner aged 59, It was the best £90 I have ever paid out. GP's were not listening to his memory concerns. Was asked if he had private medical cover at the first consultation. When we said no, he told us not to worry since he would see him via...