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    Protecting finances - when and when not appropriate.

    This is close to my heart as I've had the exact same experience and by the sound of it with the same company in particular and have gone through the same emotions. It would be great if this organisation could lobby the government to stop this prize draw marketing aimed at the older generation. I...
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    Present ideas

    Some of the presents we've bought for mum that have been successful have been Alzheimer's clock calendar, heated cushion, lap tray, colouring books and pens, photo phone, photo collage, puzzle subscription.
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    Hooked on buying goods from brightlife

    I have this problem with my mum who has Alzheimer's who orders from a company with a prize draw things she doesn't want or need and often duplicates. Things have improved a little as I've diverted her onto a new interest. These companies are despicable.
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    Money Mysteries

    Thank you bod, you are right! It's been very distressing as with the benefit of hindsight my sil and I (both poas) wld have done differently. At Christmas I was staying with my mother in law in another part of the country and mum went crazy with her money, going to the cash point everyday and...
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    Washing and changing clothes

    My mum won't wash or change her clothes but she now has carers in three times a week who shower her and she accepts this. And I just accept that being clean three times a week will have to be enough.
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    Money Mysteries

    I totally agree with what is being said here! The professionals don't want to say someone lacks capacity because it goes against the basis of our society. So it is left to us amateurs to do right by our loved ones! I am finding this the hardest thing to grapple with! Mum never would have been...
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    Money Mysteries

    This is very helpful. If I told you the name of the company you would all think them very reputable. I got in touch with them with my PoA to try to reduce the mail shots. I take mum to sainsburys myself now and she loves their clothes and this is creating a diversion so she is less interested in...
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    Money Mysteries

    Relief to see I'm not alone in this! Mum spends hundreds per month on things she doesn't want or need from a mail order company because they say she is in a prize draw for lots of money. She really believes it. She has a strange sense of the value of things and what she does or doesn't need and...
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    I frightened myself tonight because for a moment I really wanted to kill my Mum.

    I struggled with my mums sundowning for ages until someone told me about this aspect of the illness. Knowing has helped me to cope. It's often a time of day when we're left to cope alone which doesn't help. I agree with posters who have said maybe the gp or memory clinic could prescribe...
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    How about an airer that fits to the radiator? I think this is probably a continence problem your mum is embarrassed about. Just in the last few days mum's carer had to talk to her about the need to wear pads which she was in denial about. She got round it by saying we all wear them (I'm...
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    Personal hygiene and changing clothes. Any ideas please?

    It's very hard and my mum is the same, having previously been fastidious. She now accepts the carer showering her twice a week and we put out what we want her to wear. She has a hairdresser come to the house. I agree it's part of the condition. I believe washing is important to avoid utis and...
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    Mum is becoming unsafe at home but refuses to go into a care home.

    Hi, I'm not an expert at all but I'm wondering if you have poa and if your mum still has capacity? If she hasn't been assessed maybe you could get an independent incapacity assessment done and enforce a move into a care home on the basis of her safety and well being
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    mothers day or not,,,,,just dont know anymore

    I find mothers day hard going. Haven't got children of my own and mum has Alzheimer's. People can be quite insensitive about not realising it can be a difficult day for lots of reasons. I'm with mum at the weekends and gave her daffs this morning but didn't give a reason.
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    Night light

    I got a moonlight light on e bay for mum a couple of years ago, and the other week I got one that is a motion sensor for when you get up in the night but it also charges itself up as a torch that you grab when there is an electricity outage. It was from coopers and I thought it was a great idea.
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    My mother needs some activity in her care home - any ideas please?

    Just come back from my weekend looking after mum and she enjoys colouring in. I hope this helps th out but if not it might help someone else on here. She finds it very soothing.
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    NS&I over 65 ( pensioner bonds) and POA

    We paid £10 per copy from our solicitor in London. N s and I have been great about returning copies.
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    what will happen if bank decide dad lacks capacity?

    We are currently sorting out where mum has been defrauded. She still technically has capacity so we are supporting her in managing her money. She had a lot of money in her current account which made her vulnerable to scams and she didn't understand this, it made her feel more secure to have the...
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    advice please on reporting a fraud

    Thank you so much for everybody's advice. Keep it coming! I'll let you know if we make any progress.
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    Power of attorney advice welcome

    This is something I can really relate to and sympathize with! We have only had poa for a few months, for my mum who has Alzheimer's. We basically are a close family with some issues and clashes. We had endless discussions and arguments before deciding my brothers wouldn't be PoAs. I am youngest...
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    advice please on reporting a fraud

    Thank you so much! It's not about the money, it's about mum continuing to have someone in her life who seems so caring and thoughtful but could wish her harm. Do I ring the main local police station?