• Expert Q&A: Rare dementias - Tues 3 March, 3-4pm

    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

    You can either post your question >here< or email them to us at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk and we'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

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    I Love This Forum But...

    I totally agree!
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    I Know, But Should I... If I Have It!? Do You Know?

    I was diagnosed with Altzeimer's three years ago and am very aware of gradually getting into increasingly bizarre difficulties. But I enjoy life and it is never boring! My husband, friends, church etc are incredibly supportive, so much so that I often don't notice!
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    Alzheimer's it it then...

    Welcome Arthur. I was diagnosed with Alzheimers 3 years ago and it is a wonderful excuse to give up things you enjoy less and take up things you had no time for. Have you a bucket list to accelerate so that you have a better chance of remembering? I have taken up painting with my new lack of...
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    Cycling 100 miles at 73 and 4 years after diagnosis

    29 July, if I remember rightly!
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    Cycling 100 miles at 73 and 4 years after diagnosis

    I got to the Alzheimer's Society training session last Thursday unaccompanied, although I did need some help getting out. I met my fellow team members who are riding to raise money for the society. I am riding to show I can!
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    Driving with altzheimers

    I took some driving lessons when first diagnosed which built up my confidence. The DVLA then refused to licence me anyway but my specialist said I could still cycle. So now I am pretty fit and entering the RideLondon in aid of Alzheimer!s Society.
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    Managing Store Cards

    I allow myself one store card only. It is possible to reduce one's credit limit too.
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    memory test

    I am preparing for tests tomorrow and remember the answer is, " Theresa May" but momentarily forgot the questions!
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    Forgetting words & getting muddled

    Good to hear from a fellow, Talking round lost words is effective as explained by one of Alan Aickbourn's talking heads. Or relaxing in hope another path to the missing word will come if you stop worrying. As for cards....write on a piece of paper and enclose it or stick it in.
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    Christmas advice and help wanted, please

    I have early dementia and would encourage and pray for everyone affected. I wish everyone a relaxed and loving Christmas. I am blessed with an understanding family, good medical help and a Christian faith.
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    How time flies!

    All the best!
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    How time flies!

    Daughters are a blessing!
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    What does dementia feel like?

    Back after a year with thoughts on my dementia I need a picture of my situation which will help me, and I hope others, to cope with my deteriorating ability. As a child I pictured my soul as a see through pear shaped blob located in my thorax. At Oxford a humanist friend announced she...
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    Hello on 24 January 2016

    I thought I had replied but must have been outwitted by the technology! Thank-you for the encouragement and I really like your motto.
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    Hello on 24 January 2016

    What a good idea! I lead simple health walks around my town centre. My clients know they have to remind me of their names!
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    Hello on 24 January 2016

    I managed to retire from teaching some years before diagnosis but am glad I don't have to teach any more! I guess your position is more painful but hey! no more classrooms to face.
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    Hello on 24 January 2016

    I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year ago. I am coming to terms with increasing memory loss. I have acknowledged my problems to friends, colleagues and family, who have been outstandingly supportive. I thank God for them and his care shown through them. An unknown country lies ahead...