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    he wants to divorce me

    I live in sheltered housing, where my husband lived to until he went into residential care a year ago following a severe seizure. He has FTD which has not stopped him planning and scheming, but he has no concern for me at all. He was very angry a year ago, but as the year went on he busied...
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    Help, help,help

    Hi I am in a very similar situation and have been told unless the situation becomes higher substantial or critical there is no help. We too have just had to have the bathroom refurbed, shower to wetroom plus broken sink - bottle of aftershave- and we got no help. The SS didn't even acknowledge...
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    locking resident's rooms

    It is worth mentioning that when a new set of dentures is made, you can request that they are labelled as part of the manufacturing process. At least if they end up in the wrong mouth they can be returned to the owner.
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    Decided to go back to work-i could scream

    I really feel for you, I hate when people think we're exagerating, maybe they would like to take a turn and see how long it takes them to scream. I get asked why hubby does nonsensical things, and when I say because he has dementia, that is not considered to be an answer, sorry but it's the only...
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    Worries about a professionals meeting

    Hi welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will be glad you did. I am not in the same situation as you, my husband has fronto temporal dementia, but I know that with alzheimers the regression you descibe is a regular part of the illness as well as the decline in the later part of the day. It is...
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    Swallowing problems

    My husband has Ftd with possibllity of motor neurone, this has caused muscle weakness all over his body with one of the results being swallow problems, for him thickened drinks would make the problem worse as they would mean he had to work harder. Pills we have found go down easier on a spoon...
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    Swallowing problems

    My husband also has swallow problems and has been assessed. The whole swallow process although apparently effortless to most people is very complicated. I found this article which you may find useful - http://www.aafp.org/afp/2000/0415/p2453.html - and found it very interesting.
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    Help Wanted Please!! (Poor awareness and Stigma- Early Onset Dementia)

    I believe that attention needs to be paid to difference between the needs of the carer and sufferer who share ahome and those who are alone and cared for externally. Both these situations have challenges for both carer and patient but they are different. Unfortunately with early onset dementia...
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    First respite

    Hi, My husband is having 7 days respite, 22-29 April, we receive guaranteed pension credit for both of us, and he gets high care, low mobility, DLA. I have been told there will be a charge to pay, 25% £100 approx. I have 2 questions, do I need to inform DWP? will I lose his money as well as...
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    Was just told I have Frontal Lobe Atrophy

    HI Shari, I am sorry you find yourself in this position. After 10 years of trying my husband was DX last Nov with Frontal Lobe atrophy at 60yrs of age. We also were left with no information, and we have found information is sadly lacking amongst those we have looked to for support. We had to...
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    LPA and the DWP

    We had a similar visit last week, the gentleman who came was very helpful. I had to show documents to identify both myself and my husband and after seeing the communication problems hubby has,he suggested I complete appointee forms then. The benefits will be going into the bank account hubby...
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    Sufferers and carers

    Yes SueShell and NorfolkGirl, dementia is like a swirling mental mist and sometimes the patient is completely deluded and sometimes they are completely accurate. Why when sufferers descibe the home situation eg what they can and can't do are they completely believed, but when they descibe bad...
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    Sufferers and carers

    I am really glad you are asking these questions. You are right dementia is manifest in a unique way in every individual, there is no one size fits all. My husband has bvFTD. He has, with hindsight been ill at least 10 years, DX Nov 2012. It has to be seen that the home situation for a spouse is...
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    Fed up and guilty

    I noticed that you live in East Yorkshire, so do I. I have found the local alzheimers soc to be really helpful and supportive. My local office in in Beverley you might try giving them a ring during office hours tomorrow.
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    Is Lasting Power of Attorney worth it?

    We completed the LPAs ourselves and because the fee is dependant on your Mother's finances not yours, you can apply the have the fee waived as she is claiming pension credit.
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    Welcome to the forum, I have, if you don't mind me asking how old is your husband? I am assuming he is under 65. My husband started having problems, or rather we started having problems, as he was and to an extent still is totally unaware and disinterested in the effect on other people, just...
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    Danger in the kitchen.

    I have a baby gate on the kitchen door for the dog, but it also does a brilliant job of keeping hubby out of the kitchen when it is dangerous. Luckily we got the gate when the dog was a puppy, but it might help you.
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    deteriorating despite brain scans remaining the same?

    Another concideration as to look at what scans are being used. MRI and CT will show what structures are there and whether they seem normal in size and shape. These scans do not should how well these structures are working or whether they are working at all. There two scans which help with this...
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    Any help please

    I am so sorry to read your post. My husband has been dx with FTD. He also has said the same things to me many times. He particularly has repeatedly said he does not love me and has not for years. I actually believe that he is telling the truth, as FTD robs the sufferer of most emotions, in him...
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    At my wits end with the Widdling....

    I bought some red terry towelling covers for the toilet seat, they stretch on and can easily be removed for washing, and they are cheaper and easier for me to fit than a new loo seat. I have also seen a duck to aim at , but I wondered about keeping it clean as people don't just wee down the toilet.