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    husband recently diagnosed with moderate early onset alzheimer's

    My Dad was very similar, he managed to hide his symptoms for so long, by the time he was diagnosed, he didn't have much of a clue anyway. He has then has a rapid progression over 2 years so I think the theory about the cognitive reserve is right, like what Sarasa says about the neural pathways...
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    Hi there, My Dad has advanced FTD and ALZ and he was given Risp last year when he was sectioned for the first time, unfortunately even after one tiny dose he became worse, he started taking his clothes off and refusing to put them back on, he also developed a stooped neck, bent at 90 degrees...
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    husband recently diagnosed with moderate early onset alzheimer's

    Hi, My Dad was diagnosed at aged 58, 2 years ago but we believe he has already been showing signs for around 3 years (only now we look back retrospectively) His original diagnosis was moderate Alzheimers but he also has FTD Front temporal Dementia and has rapidly progressed to now a severe...
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    I feel like I'm grieving but he's still alive

    Hi Mazbeau, you're not alone, we experienced a similar situation with my Dad (aged 58) FTD and Alzheimers being rapid onset. He was also sectioned, well 3 times in fact, the most recent was 2 weeks ago. He had been in a home for 6 months and then things change again. Its difficult but we all...
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    My Father took Trazodone for a few months and we saw a mildly positive effect, when it was increased it then had the reverse effect on him which resulted in him being sectioned. I cant say for sure that he didn't have a further drop in the dementia or if it was Trazodone, but they made an error...
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    Risperidone etc.

    We had very negative experience of Resperidone, my Dad was in fact worse couple with the side effect of his neck becoming bent 90 degrees which caused then issues with eating and drinking. This exasperated everything and even when taken off immediately, it took 4-6 weeks to get him back to how...
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    nursing home

    Its very difficult Pumpkin isn't it ? My Dad was sectioned twice last year due to his behaviour and finding something was so difficult, he reacted so bad to much of the medicine that we lost hope of finding anything.
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    Complex Dementia - Improvements seen on Quitiapine

    For those of you who were or are in a similar situation to us, my Dad is 61 and in a Nursing home (due to multiple sectioning last year) with complex dementia including All and FTD. He has been unable to tolerate any drug he's been given including; Respiradone, Memantine, Donepezil, Trazadone to...
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    nursing home

    Hi Pumpkin, My Dad has been tried on all sort of medication but has been unable to tolerate any, other than some Lorazepam, however he was recently put on Quitiapine which we had to give our consent to, as its unlicensed for Dementia. It has made the most difference out of all drugs so far in...
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    nursing home

    My Dad is in a nursing home and no matter what, he won't be confined to his room, he won't stay in his room and he very rarely sleeps in his room. He's a constant wanderer and thats what he likes to do, when he is told no that is when he can become aggressive. The new meds have helped, after...
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    Toilet frame

    Hi there, I just wanted to re-iiterate what someone said earlier about a high rating care home. We viewed one for my dad last year and it was amazing, like a hotel with an Outstanding rating, however they initially said they could take Dad with his complex behaviours but then suddenly nothing...
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    Seriously considering!

    If I’m honest, I would just do it anyway. It’s in your dads best interests and I would like to see them argue otherwise, especially if there were any problems you could sell it. I could see it being more cost effective than continued taxis etc. If it’s mainly for his use, I would do it in a...
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    CHC funding approved

    Yes, I’ve experienced this too with my Dad, following his last sectioning we were told he would be no longer able to come home. Whilst the decision was out of our hands, we did support it after really thinking things through, it was the best option for him.
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    Building an Annex

    Hi, I have a slightly different opinion in that we built an annex on our house for my Mum and Dad once my Dad was diagnosed with FTD at aged 60. We thought it was best as we were a close family anyway and lived nearby, we figured we would be at either's house all the time, so this was easiest...
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    What a difference.

    Hi, Ours quoted 3 monthly reviews also. I think we've learnt that if we are not happy or have any questions then we must raise them, the Home also made that clear to us. Its very easy to become confused/unclear with everything going on and a good old talk goes along way to ensure both sides know...
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    What a difference.

    Hi Juliematch, If it helps, my Dads care plan wasn't finalised until 6 weeks after he moved in, they had commenced it but not finished it and they knew the basics of what Dad needed. He moved in 23rd December and I reviewed it 2 weeks ago, albeit its basic but my Dad has complex behaviour issues...
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    Care/Nursing Homes - Specific for Complex/Aggressive Behaviours

    Sorry to hear both yours @Helly68 and @Lladro posts. There is so little available that is geared up to deal with fit and mobile people affected by complex dementia. We are to the point that we are even considering buying a property and setting up our own Not for profit Care Home with people who...
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    Care/Nursing Homes - Specific for Complex/Aggressive Behaviours

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my dad doesn’t go to bed and 1-1 just antagonises him further, although they are looking at 1-1 in the night time but for the carer purely to keep an eye and not intervene unless needed. He goes into peoples rooms frequently and will not be compliant when...
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    Care/Nursing Homes - Specific for Complex/Aggressive Behaviours

    Thanks everyone. My Dad is very fit and mobile and currently in a Nursing home that deals with complex behaviours, however we are having issues with his aggression and agitation which is then further impacted by the fact he can lash out which they are struggling to deal with as he is so able...
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    Pension pays for Care Home

    Are you self funding via your Husbands Pension, or have you been financially assessed and his Pension goes towards the payment ? My understanding is, if you are financially assessed and within the 14-25K savings or less then the persons Pension is used towards the payment of the CH but only...