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    I am so angry, is this normal

    I can understand, this lockdown is magnifying issues. With my mum repeating and repeating and repeating to the point I'm having to walk away and cry. I've even written large messages all over the house and hung them everywhere so she maybe wouldn't ask as much as to why she can't go to town, or...
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    Living with a mother with dementia

    Hi Grant, I too live with my mum who has Vascular Dementia and yes this Virus and the lockdown is making life so difficult. One day at a time that's all we can do.
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    Corona virus if you live with dementia patient?

    I'm struggling, mums more confused and asking more questions than ever and even written the answers down but still every half hour why can't I go out, take me to Aunties house, I want to go see my son. How am I going to get thru 12 weeks. When I'm exhausted with replying and going thru it for...
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    Caring for mum

    My mum too thinks I'm locking her in and demanding to go to my brother's house and finding she too is being childlike. Im just trying to figure out how I'm going to get thru 12 weeks without mentally draining myself to the core. I'm have s tearful moment in private then splash water on my face...
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    Daily Carers and Coronavirus

    Yes I'm in exact the same boat it's very worrying. I'm also wary mum craves social interaction and hope she will settle for telephone calls, Skype and video Watsapp. The strain of caring for a PWD is draining 24/7 with access to outdoors, but now in isolation is going to drain me for sure... One...
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    Daily Carers and Coronavirus

    Hi yes I have inhalers and have rang my doctor's to get repeat prescription sent to local chemist and rang chemist to ask them to process and deliver, bless you thanks for your concern. A carer came the other day and though she was careful she told me a teacher at her son's school has been...
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    Daily Carers and Coronavirus

    Hi, I am concerned my mum has daily Carers every morning and I'm her now full time carer. Is it safe to continue with her daily Carers when they go visiting and attending to so many others, how do I keep mum and myself (I have asthma) safe. My mind keeps thinking what if the carers catch it...
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    keeping someone with dementia /Alzheimer's occupied

    Hi @russia, I went to pound land and bought 5 packets of large colored beads and some plastic blue gardenwire, I cut the wire to a manageable length and tied a knot at one end, and poured the coloured beads into a large plastic sandwich container. My mum can spend hours just sorting the beads...
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    So stressed and a bit tearful

    That's ok, it's not easy juggling to put your life on hold whilst trying to ensure PWD is ok in everyway. Sometimes all we want is a little times to breathe and recharge.. recharge fully would be great! Thanks for responding
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    So stressed and a bit tearful

    Thats so true we plod on, just gets all too much sometimes and outsiders sometimes don't want to know and that's where I feel 'if only you could understand and see for yourself, you surely wouldn't judge'. Thank you for your reply
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    So stressed and a bit tearful

    Thank you for your reply, I've let people have my mobile number should they need to contact me. Sometimes it all just comes tumbling down and when I feel I've lost my grip on it all its s horrible feeling. Thank you again.
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    So stressed and a bit tearful

    I have taken the phone off the hook upstairs and she believes it's out of order at the moment. Your idea of a walk or bike ride sounds good to remove myself for a bit of peace thank you. I don't like the fact that my personality is changing from the once bubbly happy positive where nothing could...
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    So stressed and a bit tearful

    Since 11am this morning mum has not let up about going out to a function later today, but she doesn't want to be dropped off or go with me, so phone book in hand she's ringing round, everyone is saying no, some she has rang twice, people get annoyed and then lecture me to sort her out. Lack of...
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    Monitoring Systems.

    Hi, mum has a GPS tracker on her keyring and because she checks and double checks she always has keys when leaving the house it works for mum. There is an online company called techsilver and other sites too where you can have tracker in PWD 's shoe, there are many gagets have s search and see...
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    Tired out.

    Me too, it feels longer and each day is draining that any time I have I just want to sleep. Love going out once in a while to meet friends but my world crashes back down to earth as soon as I'm through the door.
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    GPS Trackers

    Hi yes we have a Yepzon GPS tracker which we have attached to mums keys and it's been a godsend. You can track where she is and because we have told her we can see where she is at anytime and this has reassured her too. I'm thinking about getting one with an SOS button for 2 way conversation...
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    A lifelong friend and me

    Healthwatch actually contacted me and wrote down and listened to my frustration being passed around from pillar to post with no end result. I told them that Dementia care needs to be fixed and the pressures on the Carers is leading to catastrophic carer breakdowns. They gave me a list of approx...
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    How many of us manage to keep a job going?

    I wish so much that I could, unfortunately mums 'needs' are getting to the point of overtaking every corner of my life. I wanted to even try part time work but mums timings won't allow me to have consistent hours. I miss the social interactions with colleagues and customers and feeling of...
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    Feel overwhelmed exhausted and isolated and tearful all the time

    Thank you just reading these messages makes me feel I'm not so alone Thanks for listening
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    Feel overwhelmed exhausted and isolated and tearful all the time

    Thank you, I will try and use this, I'm in fear of scaring friends away, I used to always be laughing and being there for everyone but I just come back to earth with a bump when I realise my reality is no longer like theirs and then they stop sharing because my face must reflect this. I need to...