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    Toilet issues

    I went through this with my wife, the solution ultimately was disposable pants and constant prompting to go to the loo before she had an accident. Fortunately we have a tiled floor which makes it easier to clean but I too use the disposable mats on the floor just in case.

    Caring For PWD with FLU

    Thanks for your suggestions, my wife is a little better this morning and a bit more receptive to drinking, orange and pineapple squash seems to go down well. She has largely ben asleep since Sunday evening, hopefully today she'll have life in her. Never thought of Lucozade, there was always a...

    Caring For PWD with FLU

    Thanks Sirena, funnily enough I have just been through and she has just drunk a little which is good. I've phoned the GP and they've asked me to call back first thing if nothing has changed.

    Caring For PWD with FLU

    Hi everyone, my wife has Alzheimers. I had what I think is a dose of flu last week, hacking cough, aching limbs, headachy and extreme tiredness. I'm just about over it but my wife came down with it on Thursday and it seems to have had quite an extreme affect on her. She has eaten little and in...

    I need more help from TP

    I've found the AGEUK incontinence website very good Lots of advice and a very wide range of products and the prices are certainly cheaper than supermarkets. You can also order free samples of some products.

    OH Going into Respite Tomorrow

    Hi, My wife has Alzheimer's and went into respite for the first time for a week a couple of months ago . I had grave misgivings beforehand and felt terribly guilty, but was at a point where I was desperately tired and at the end of my tether, like your husband she can be very abusive when things...

    Head Slumping and Lack of Appetite

    Hi, thanks for your reply. The doctor didn't think a scan was required as she can move both arms and can grip with both hands. Also there would be a problem getting her to go along with a scan or xray, Anyway hopefully the doctor may be able to shed a little more light on it this week. Thanks...

    Head Slumping and Lack of Appetite

    My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimers 7 years ago. (I cant believe its that long). At the beginning of June my she went into a care home for the first time for a weeks respite. It went really well and so at the end of July she went back for a further week and I took the plunge and went away on...

    Involuntary movement

    Hi, My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimers 7 years ago and over the last 6 months she too has developed involuntary jerking movements. Sometimes it may be one arm or leg, sometimes it seems to be her whole body. But in either case it is a short split second event. I found the following article...

    Council Tax Disregard - Severe Mental Impairment

    It's only my opinion but I suspect someone in the early stages of Alzheimers may not be classed as having severe mental impairment. For example my wife was still considered able to drive for a year or two after her diagnosis. However as the disease progressed the GP recommended that her license...

    Council Tax Disregard - Severe Mental Impairment

    As an aside to this, it is worth noting that GPs are not allowed to charge for signing a certificate for Mental Impairment. I had to get the certificate myself from the GP who charged 25 pounds. After a bit of research I found that a GP is not allowed to charge for this (by agreement between the...

    Vascular dementia and memantine

    Hi, My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimers six years ago, I'm not sure how this compares to vascular dementia. She has been on Donepezil since the diagnosis. More recently she has become very agitated and outright refused all attempts to assist her to dress, wash, shower etc. Mementine was...

    All quiet on the Northumbrian front

    I can really empathise with you. My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 7 years ago she is now 60. Despite having 6 hours home care, 2 days at day care and support from friends I have now reached the point where I need some respite, sooner rather than later. I'm putting a short list of homes...

    Mum didn't recognize me.

    I'll add my name to the list. Only not my Mum, my Wife. She is 60 and diagnosed with Alzheimer's 5 years ago. I always try to break her into the day gently with a cup of tea in bed. So a couple of days ago I returned with a cup of tea got back into bed she looked at me and said quizzically, 'Who...

    Lack of sleep

    My wife has just started at a day centre, they pick up and drop off by mini bus and only charge £1 each way. Could you find a similar service nearby? The only problem I have is so far she has refused to get on the bus and I have had to follow in the car. Nothings straight forward! Good luck

    Having a Bit of a Crisis

    Hi @northumbrian_k, I was aware of the name of centre deleted by moderator, we are about 25 minutes a way by car. I had a chat with a very nice lady from the Alzheimers Society who did a bit of research on my behalf, she tells me that the name of centre deleted do not cater for residential...

    Having a Bit of a Crisis

    Hello and best wishes for a very happy new year to you all. Just an update on my position. Social Services have now visited and carried out a needs assessment for both myself and my wife. As we are self funding it seems a bit irrelevant but what was useful was the knowledge they had of suitable...

    Experiences with drugs such as Aricept?

    My wife was prescribed 10mg Donepezil when first diagnosed with Alzheimers 5 years ago, its difficult to know how beneficial it is as I don't know how she would have progressed without it. I did query the continued use with the GP a few months as some of the described side effects seem also to...

    Having a Bit of a Crisis

    Hello to everyone who replied to my post. Just to let you know I took the first step today and spoke to my GP and to Social Services. The GP is to arrange a visit from the Psychiatric Service who will assess my wife's current condition and advise whether any further medication would be...

    Having a Bit of a Crisis

    Hi canary, yes I agree that that organising separate bank accounts is the thing to do. I have POA and we now have 3 account, a joint account for all joint living expenses and separate individual accounts hich our income goes into. I then have standing orders in equal amounts from each of the...