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    My husband has Alzheimer

    Good idea!!! :-)
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    My husband has Alzheimer

    Welcome Weihua. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. My husband was the same for the last year or so - and before that, now I think back. I live in Portugal and, probably, like here, Italy doesn't have the allowances etc., that the UK have. My husband, after a heart attack, is now in a...
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    Will it ever get easier?

    Thank you Kindred - you've always been so kind to me and I appreciate it very much. I really hope I can find a nice CH (I live in Portugal - my OH is Portuguese, but I'm British and we don't have the subsidies you have in the UK :-( ). Looking at the finances at the moment. XXXX
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    Will it ever get easier?

    Thank you! Yes, I usually have to rush out without saying goodbye as it's too traumatic when I go. I leave in floods of tears but the next day he doesn't remember anything. I just want my old husband back, I really do :-( I miss him so much.
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    Will it ever get easier?

    Oh how this thread has helped me. I too read the Forum's posts regularly and noticed that hardly anyone's husband is in a CH. My husband has moderate Vascular Dementia and cannot hold a conversation. He's very very stubborn and determined to get his own way. I'm afraid I suffer from chronic...
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    Moving into Care

    Everything you're saying is absolutely normal. My husband's in a memory care home, awaiting diagnosis. I'm at home alone and I feel like I'm grieving - cry every time I see something of his. My problem is that when we get the diagnosis report (end of month) there is a possibility that he'll come...
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    Guilt overload

    Regarding the quick decline in dementia, my husband has been having problems (nothing's been diagnosed yet, but symptoms of dementia were definitely there) for about 4 years, gradually getting worse. Then, in February, he had a heart attack. He declined rapidly with delusions, hallucinations...
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    Against his wishes

    Oh thank you, Rose - sorry for not replying sooner, but I just saw your post now. Yes, I know what you mean about crying. My husband is in a memory care centre - they're assessing him to see if he can come home or not. Half of me wants it, half (perhaps more - no, definitely more) doesn't. But...
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    Looking for advice about getting treatment for my Dad

    I had the problem of not knowing my Mum's GP - and I lived abroad. I rang a neighbour in the end and she gave me the number of the local surgery. Worth a try? It must be such a worry for you.
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    Against his wishes

    *nods* - thank you, Canary, for helping me put this mess in perspective. x
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    Against his wishes

    About an hour.
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    How Does Love Turn Into Hate/Dislike So Fast

    I love this poem. Thank you.
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    Against his wishes

    Thank you Canary - what a fabulous, uplifting thread!
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    Against his wishes

    Yes, Margherita, I totally agree. It's so sad, though, isn't it?
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    Against his wishes

    Oh, Grannie G, your advice is, as always, perfect. Yes,I used the wrong words, didn't I? My husband's currently in a memory care centre where they're trying to put him back on his feet to send him home. I'm dreading it (isn't that an awful thing to say? I know it is). I do go every day to the...
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    Against his wishes

    My heart goes out to everyone commenting. I know how devastating this disease is and what it can do. My problem is not that it's one of my parents. It's my husband! Do wives put their husbands in care homes? As his wife should I just keep going and hope he doesn't wander or lose his temper and...
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    Can I ask for advice please?

    Thank you so much for responding Charlie10. Portugal, unfortunately, is waaaaay behind in taking care of its senior citizens (I think I mentioned before it's considered the role of the family to be the carers). I really really hope I can get my husband into a place that, although it's a...
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    That's an excellent article, MaryJoan, and it rang so many bells with me. I think you've been very brave, I really do.
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    Donezepil/Aricept causing nightmares ?

    Hello, My husband wasn't taking any medication, even though he was showing signs of impairment, and he had the same awful nightmares in which he was fighting or arguing with someone. Sometimes he kicked or hit me! It might be a symptom of the disease.