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    what to do?

    Hi Vivienne There is no easy way to go through this stage, and I certainly found this the most difficult part of Dad's journey. Dad is now in late stage which is something I couldn't bear to think about initially, but now we are here he is no longer distressed. It is still very painful for us...
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    Korsakoff's Syndrome & Alcohol Induced Dementia

    I'm not a doctor but have a lot of experience working with alcohol related Korsakoff's. I know that in some people (particularly people with eating disorders) it can develop but may be reversible in the very early stages, or there can be improvement over time with rehabilitation. Hope this...
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    Looking at things

    Hi Grommit I find it infuriating that you even have to think about covering yourself or having proof of your stories. The people at the day center are surely aware of the mobility problems associated with AD and they shouldn't be making you feel guilty. The fact that the bruises are in plain...
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    Hi - My Dad was 51 when he was diagnosed 7 years ago. My first instinct was to pack up and move as we were 260 miles away, and my step-mother begged me to be closer. My husband resisted, and I'm so glad he did as it would not have been the right thing for me to do. My Dad is now in a nursing...
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    Missing someone thats still here!!

    Well said Lauren! I'm in no way a religious person but I do feel that 'Dad' is with me in spirit and sees all the good things. That way I know neither of us is really missing out xxx Kate x. :D
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    Missing someone thats still here!!

    I know exactly what you mean - yesterday I had to bite my lip as I heard a young girl shouting 'watch me Grandad' as she flew a kite. My children will never know the joy of playing with Grandad. I upset my husband a few days ago as I set up a 'just giving' site (for the Alzheimer's Society...
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    Dad passed away in his sleep yesterday

    Hi Nat, so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. Kate.
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    need help

    The hospital team should perform a mental capacity test under the Mental Capacity Act to determine if your Dad has the ability to make decisions and care for himself. You can also throw in about the Safeguarding of a Vulnerable Adult as these are both powerful acts which are designed to prevent...
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    Always get me.........

    Very selfish today. It's my birthday and my family are making a big effort but............ does anyone else just feel down because they know there won't be a card or a phone call from their dad? I'm going to visit him at the weekend but he doesn't know who I am and can't speak to me anyway (the...
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    help with symptoms again please

    Hi anti - not to worry you but I would suggest you seek a SaLT referral asap as the strange voice may indicate that he is not swallowing properly which can cause a chest infection as food can get onto his chest rather than going into the stomach and this needs to be looked at sooner rather than...
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    The Forgotten??

    Over the past two years my Dad must have had precisely 10 visitors made up of his ex-wife (my mum), my brother and me, my 2 children, an uncle and his partner, a cousin and 2 work friends. Everyone else (including his family) find it 'too difficult'. Bet they all turn up for the tea and cakes at...
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    Daunting choices to make for 57yr old mother with dementia

    Hey Jsmith & Cezar - I was 25 when Dad was diagnosed aged 51. He left his wife as she couldn't cope with his diagnosis and became verbally abusive towards him. He managed to live independently with care for a short time but eventually had to go into residential care when he was 53, and then into...
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    poa or lpo

    Thanks Lin - shows I've been on this road longer than I thought!!!!
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    poa or lpo

    Basically it's a matter of what you have power over. You now get Enduring POA and Lasting POA. The former gives you the ability to make decisions regarding finances on behalf of another person. The Lasting POA extends your abilities, meaning that you are also able to make medical decisions on...
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    Please all catagories read

    When Dad needed residential care there were no local facilities but one care home agreed to apply for separate registration to enable him to stay there. Not sure how much of a hassle this was for them but it did allow him to 'choose' somewhere he was 'happy' (I use the term loosely) to be in. I...
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    Early Onset Alzheimer’s-Just diagnosed at 52

    Hi T0ny & Caroline I have no words of wisdom for you, it's difficult to plan a future when there is so much more uncertainty about it. As other's have said, it's the unknown that can be the most difficult part. I work in Cancer services, and I'm so used to people being given a prognosis which...
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    Just Diagnosed

    Hi Anne - I know how you feel about living so far away - Dad was 260 miles away and 51 years old when he was diagnosed, and my immediate reaction (and the demand of his wife) was that I should move closer to be with him. After a heart rending discussion with my husband we agreed that it was not...
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    Antipsychotic medication and alzheimers

    Hi Weatherwax My Dad became increasingly paranoid when he was in the early stages - he would bang on his neighbours door in the middle of the night demanding his photo's back that he thought they had stolen. As he lived by himself, we were not always sure of the things he did and said, but it...
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    Introducing myself (I am new to this)

    My Dad had a severe and rapid decline 2 years ago, when he went from being able to walk and talk one day to being unresponsive the next. He has never regained his speech or mobility since, and went into an assessment unit followed by a nursing home. He is more awake, but not the same as he was...
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    Dad's new wheels

    Glad it made you all chuckle, we all need a bit of a smile!! I agree with the advice about the wheelchair advice prior to purchase - thankfully I work for the NHS and I consulted our wheelchair services department for advice before looking at anything so be sure that I was going for something...