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    Trekking the great wall of china october 2011

    Hello Tender Face I do understand your sceptisisum, sort of. The A S have been doing treks long before comic releif, most of the treks I have been on have raised close to £100,000 there is no way that people would donate to that extent without the glamour and in some cases danger of the...
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    Trekking the great wall of china october 2011

    Justgiving pages are good unless you are old like me, then they don't work so well, they are very easy to set up, they must be because I have managed it mine is
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    Trekking the great wall of china october 2011

    Hello Sarah I did the wall May 2009. It was amazing but hard, make sure that you do the training. Raising the money is hard but I tend to break it down into months if I have not raised that months money I make it up myself, that way it is managable for me but I start one year before so it is...
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    Your comments on services from the NHS

    Dear Wulie My husband is 59 and in March he went into full time care. I would like some where for him to be that is safe and actually caters for his needs the home he is in is specifically for people with challenging behaviour but they cannot cope with him and are talking of turning him out...
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    ?genetic link

    I'm not medical but when my husband was first diagnosed he went for genetic tests, as i understand it AD is unlikely to be genetic but the younger the person the more likely it is. His tests were all negative so if his is genetic then it is one they haven't found yet. He was 51 when diagnosed...
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    Drug results

    Helo jolt Aricept did not suit my husband at all, when he came off it his scors inproved quite a bit. These drugs are great but not for all, it is important to know that you have tried everything you can. Anne
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    No Longer Careing

    Thanks again, I am feeling a bit better today. I have got a job interveiw next Tuesday with Crossroads. If I get it I will be sitting with children so it won't remind me of my husband all the time and I can keep doing the crossing patrole, which I love. Anne
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    No Longer Careing

    Thank-you all I have been in contact with wellfare rights, and my Doctor, my blood presher is up a bit, what a suprise! Believe it or not I am getting all the help I am entitled to. Anne
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    No Longer Careing

    I haven’t posted for a long time, bad time. I no longer care for my husband he got to violent with me it was not safe. Well he went into a home, they are doing their best with him it is difficult to keep everyone safe. Well all his money goes for his care, he is aloud to keep some pocket...
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    The Biggest Problems Facing Carers

    Dear Magic I agree with you completely, but it is so much easier to cope with 2 3 and 4 if you are not exhausted. Anne
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    TV Licence

    TV Licence The last time that Fred went for respite we took his portable TV as usual, when we arrived they told us that he could not keep his TV as he did not have a licence for that room it has to be specific to him and the room, Fred goes to the home for respite every two months for one...
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    Fund Raising Walk 11 Sept?

    Good luck Ted I hope you have a great day. Anne
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    Magic Wedding

    Dear Mjaqmac I hope you have a lovely day I will be thinking of you on the big day. Anne
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    What I miss the most

    I miss being happy. Anne
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    Hi! A intro

    Hello everyone, we got a wet room as well but down stairs, we had to pay a little towards the cost but not a lot, it will be available when Fred has to move down stairs, if that happens. It took at least 12 months to get it. Anne
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    Anyone else going to the House of Parliament

    Dear Joanne Good for you it’s nice to hear that you want to help raise awareness. If you contact your local AS office I am sure they will be delighted to have you help. I helped man a stall in a shopping centre yesterday, my husband was at his day centre, mostly you stand and smile at passers...
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    Hello I'm new!

    Hello Katie I live in Nottingham. Welcome to TP I hope you find it as useful as I do. Hello Linda That goes for you as well, I hope you will both post when you feel the need. Anne
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    EMI unit in or near Nottingham

    Dear Jasper I just wanted to say hello and welcome to TP. I live near Nottingham. We haven’t got to the nursing home stage yet so all I can say is follow the advice that the others have posted. My husband goes to respite for one week at a time but they cannot cope with nursing it is a...
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    Dear suem I often feel despair, I have no idea what to do about it either but I feel much less alone when I visit TP. My whole life has been taken over with this horrible disease all that we had planed for the future has gone. It is best to take life one day at a time. You are not selfish at...
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    Long time no word.

    Dear Carole Well done for raising all that money. I would ring the help line if I were you, they should be able to help. Anne