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  1. grove

    REALLY IMPORTANT - this is the beginning of the end for Attendance Allowance

    Have signed................... Fizzie Both Age UK & the other Petition & have also *Shared* both with friends :) Hope this helps & THANK YOU :) Fizzie for starting this Thread & fully agree A A should be Via Central Govt ! ...
  2. grove

    Incontinence - practical help please

    Hello & Hope This Helps.................... Marion , (have checked & they *partner* your Scotland Age Uk ) Plus they do a full range of branded products & also products that are available for...
  3. grove

    Sorry, moaning again

    Thank you Rob , have been working today ( Catering Assistant at a NH) Only 2 half hours > Serving out the Tea & Washing up :mad::) ! Shift ends at 6.30 but it's the traveling time on the Buses that means I arrive Home later than if I was able...
  4. grove

    Sorry, moaning again

    Good Evening Rob & glad you have found some products that will help :) & you are welcome for the Age Uk Link* ( even if they did not appeal ) Think ? some times you have too look at various *Shops* etc before you find...
  5. grove

    Sorry, moaning again

    Morning Rob , sorry too read Christl has had a UTI :( & hope she is feeling a lot better & you are both having a good nights sleep etc Please ignore if you use the NHS Products for Christl ( Pull Ups etc) But Age Uk do lots...
  6. grove

    How to find a good care home with bed vacancies?

    Hello & Good Luck............... Grable in finding a *suitable* C H for your Mum that is able & or willing too cope with the Cancer ( a good proper** Caring Home should be able too *embrace* her Special Diet , especially if...
  7. grove

    Help Please > Sharing A Video

    Thank You Nitrum and Izzy for your helpful advice. Nitrum ~ Am only half a Techy person & have not used One Drive , Dropbox etc Plus have a new M Phone ! How ever when I have more time etc Might be brave and have a try with your helpful ideas Thanks once again...
  8. grove

    Help Please > Sharing A Video

    Hello Mark W / Nitram etc , Am able too share Photo's with out any problem :) , how ever I tried too share a small Video from my Mobile & even tho I did every thing correctly it did not work ! Am guessing ? It was too big ...
  9. grove

    I care for mum and dad both with dementia

    Hello Jaff & Good Work ! Many thanks for the update ( feel am sort of part of your life now & tho we are not proper family** We are both part of the wonderful :) TP Family !) Glad your Mum has her special...
  10. grove

    Profound grief.

    So. Sorry.......... Dobson your dear Mum has passed away. Sorry no advice but wanted you too know am thinking of you Sending lots of love , Big Hugs & Support Love and Kind thoughts Grove. X X X
  11. grove


    Hello Julie , Thank you for your reply & so glad you have joined a Carer's Group :) ( in my area we have Carer's Resource ) which is good up too a point > help with form filling etc & Carer only Outings but the Carer...
  12. grove

    Design update feedback and questions

    Hello Mark , looking forward :) too the new lay out & the Font Size Change sounds a good idea ( not that I have any problem reading the font we use at the moment ) How ever am sure other T P'ers will find it useful...
  13. grove

    Money Abuse Programme Radio 4 (Today )

    Hello Every body , sorry too be late with this but only found out ! at 3.00 today Radio 4 Talking about money abuse :( etc from family , friends , Staff etc , etc And what signs too look out for etc plus a Help line Phone in ( ask...
  14. grove

    Radio 4 > Help Line Programme Today 22/6/16 Money Abuse

    Hello Every body , Just heard about it earlier today , all about Financial Abuse :(:mad: & what signs too look out for etc , etc Plus A help line Phone In too ask questions etc Thought I would FLAG IT UP** as tho it is not some thing...
  15. grove

    Message for all on Talking Point

    Morning Norms , A beautiful Poem ( even tho it is a little sad:() But thank you for doing it Lovely & thank you also for sharing your Insight & all the Dementia Friendly :) work you do Brilliant Work ! Grove x
  16. grove

    My dad cannot let go

    Morning Day Person Sorry for all your problems etc & sorry am not able too give advice on the Home help question & also Please NOTE it would be better if you can start your OWN Thread please as this is another Thread for...
  17. grove

    My dad cannot let go

    Hello & My Sympathy Cath as I can fully understand your worries & concern etc for your Father's well being etc ( my Dad was diagnosed with mixed dementia in 2009 :() & my Mum is very much like your Dad wanting too do ALL the caring...
  18. grove

    Activity ideas please..

    Morning. Sehshe. , How lovely your Mum is having a well deserved :). Holiday & am glad you will be Caring for your Father well done. ! As for Activities you did not say what stage your Dad is or what his hobbies are etc so giving a good reply is not going too be easy ! How ever I...
  19. grove

    I care for mum and dad both with dementia

    Hi. Jaff. Sorry you feel lonely. Understandable especially as you live on your own Big Hugs and hope you have a good visit with your Mum tomorrow. Love. And. Hugs Grove. X
  20. grove

    I care for mum and dad both with dementia

    Thank YOU Jaff for your Big Hug , very kind :) & thoughtful (sorry for late reply but working all weekend plus catching up on other TP threads yesterday) Sorry you had a difficult visit with your Dad ( about your brother) much...