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  1. kazlou

    Our lovely Mum is now at peace...............

    Thank you all for your kind words & thoughts they will help carry me through on Thursday 19th March the day of Mum's funeral. I
  2. kazlou

    Our lovely Mum is now at peace...............

    Sadly our lovely Mum died on Monday 9th March and is now at peace.......... Mum had Vascular Dementia/Alzheimer's for approx 7-8 years and had to go into a EMI Care Home in the summer. The staff have been wonderful and on Friday 6th Mum was taken to a hospital in Kent with breathing problems...
  3. kazlou

    Sometimes in despair

    Hello Welcome to talking point. I notice you are in the Portsmouth area and there is a branch of the Alzheimer's Society there. They might be able to offer you support as a carer and sometimes they have day care facilities. Their telephone no is 023 92376410. Kazlou
  4. kazlou

    Taxation on renting Mum's flat.

    Hi Mum has sadly had to go into an E.M.I Nursing Home and has settled in well, we now have to the problem of her warden assisted flat. Does anyone have any experience in renting and will Mum be taxed on the rent ?. Ideally we would love to be able to sell it but with the current market for...
  5. kazlou

    Dad at Peace

    Susi Sorry to hear the sad news, take comfort that Dad is now at peace. our thoughts are with you and the family. x x x
  6. kazlou

    Justice for my mam and all vulnerable people with dementia.

    Dear Nancy, Well done we need to fight for more rights for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Nursing & Care Homes need more regulations on staffing levels, safer recruitment checks, and tougher home inspections. Good luck and keep us all informed with your progress. Kazlou
  7. kazlou


    Hi Alfjess, My Mum had a fall a couple weeks ago which resulted in 2 spectacular black eyes, the nursing home tested her for a urinary tract infection which was positive (these can cause them to have falls) They put her on anti-biotics and have moved her bed up against the wall so she can...
  8. kazlou

    Staff numbers

    This is something I would like to know as last weekend in Mum's e.m.i care home there were 27 residents two carers and 1 senior member of staff. I was not happy and am in the process of writing a letter of complaint to the home, the only thing that worries me is if I complain to the manager...
  9. kazlou

    Dementia Day Care

    Hi Trevo, If you look on the initial page of the Alzheimer's web site on the left hand side you will see in the column local information, if you then look for your area and find your local branch give them a ring and they should be able to give you some more information, Sadly places are in...
  10. kazlou

    Tender Face RIP

    Hi Karen, So sorry to hear your sad news, Mum is at peace now. You have travelled that long road with her all the way and I feel sure she would want to thank you for making that journey with her. Love Kaz.x x x
  11. kazlou

    How much care homes can cost

    Dad's nursing home after he had an acute stroke was £950.00 a week but we did have to fight REALLY HARD to get NHS continuing care for him. Mum is now in a EMI nursing home as she has A.D & Vas D and we are paying £580.00 a week with no chance of receiving continuing care. What makes me...
  12. kazlou

    Care Home Registration

    We are now at the stage of looking for a suitable care home for Mum. We have been to several homes in the area, but having a few problem, Mum had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's and Vascular dementia just over 2 years ago, she is 87 years old and living in sheltered housing with support from carers...
  13. kazlou

    games to play

    Hi I also work for a day centre and can recommend the musical bingo, we have a lady who is nearly blind and loves singing and remembers all the songs if someone can sit with her to place the discs on the board for her, the game works well. Another game that works well is the children's...
  14. kazlou

    Buddy wanted

    Hi, Try this site I got tremendous support when trying to obtain funding for my late father after he had suffered a severe stroke. (we won the funding but it was a long battle) Good luck Kazlou
  15. kazlou

    No help from Social Services

    Hi Amanda, We had the same problem with Social services, I did ask if they had any training in dementia care to which they replied some of us have. We now have in place carers to come in 3 times a day to ensure Mum has breakfast & medication Lunch and then again for tea and medication, this...
  16. kazlou

    Photogragh Telephone

    Hi I have found a picture phone on Kaz
  17. kazlou

    Photogragh Telephone

    Hi Curlie, I too would be very interested in a photo/picture phone as my Mum who has Alzheimer's & Vascular Dementia is finding it very difficult to use the phone. So any idea where it can be purchased would be great. Kaz
  18. kazlou

    Mummy's gone

    Jennifer, So sorry to hear your sad news will be thinking of you. Kaz
  19. kazlou

    A promise kept, a journey ended.

    Helen, So sorry to hear your sad news. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Kaz
  20. kazlou

    Norman and Peg

    Dear Norman, So sorry to hear of your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you an your family at his sad time. Kazlou