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    Norman and Peg

    Dear Norman, I was so saddened to read of your very sad loss of Peg. Your love, care and compassion for Peg was second to none. Take care of yourself Norman. Thinking of you. Jan.
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    been ages

    Hi Debbie, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes, And Birthday [[[[[[Hugs]]]]]] Hope you`re feeling better. Thinking of you, Sending Love, Jan. X
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    Farewell to my Father

    Dear Jude, I`m so sorry to read about your sad news. Sending sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. Thinking of you. Love Jan. X
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    Sad news this morning

    Dear Kayla, I was so sorry to read about your sad loss. I hope everything goes off ok for you next Thursday. I will be thinking of you. Love Jan. X
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    Slid down the ladder

    Dear Mark, You`re such a sensitive soul, no wonder "life" gets you down at times. I can relate to so much of what you`ve posted......but it was a long time ago (in my case) and i`m still here to tell the tale. ;) Things DO get better, it just takes time...... Like others have said, your...
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    mum is very ill

    Dear Linda, Sending you sincere condolences and hugs at this sad time. Thinking of you. Love Jan.
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    Happy Nurse’s And Carer’s Day.

    I WISH.............:) I REALLY Do.
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    Congratulations, KenC

    Very many congratulations KenC on your award. also well done to you and Janice for keeping such a positive outlook throughout all your going through. Well done again....and keep up the good work! :) Love Jan. X
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    Dad in hospital

    Dear Alfjess, Sounds like your brother maybe relenting at last..........what good news :D so good to see that things may be sorting themselves out in a positive way :) . Thanks for letting us know how you`re getting on. Keep posting. Love Jan. X :)
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    Dad in hospital

    Dear Alfjess, What an idealistic setting for your parents to be must feel really happy that they seem to be settling in well. I`m so happy for you that they can still be together......what a relief for you. I hope you are able to relax a little now, knowing that they are in...
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    Hi, Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. Firstly i`d like to say, that i was rather irrate earlier today and if i sounded abrupt i`m sorry it wasn`t intentional. All i want is some fairness shown to people like my dad who have been lifelong smokers, do not want to...
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    Hi Hazel, Just wanted to say thanks for your support. :) Love Jan.
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    No Sylvia, they regulate him as he would smoke one after the other otherwise. Can i just say that when dad was in hospital last August, he was given patches, which worked well, but he WANTED to smoke because he couldn`t drink anymore. I don`t feel i have the right to deny him ALL...
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    Natashalou, I can see where your coming from BUT....... as far as i see it when i book dad in for respite and pay good money for the privilege, the home becomes " his home " for as long as it`s required, therefore i believe he has the right to pursue whatever activity/habit he needs to ensure...
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    Thankyou Sue, any help will be greatly appreciated. Jan. :)
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    Hi Aine, Dad isn`t a resident, he lives with us. Another reason i`m so wound up about it, i only want 2 weeks holiday a year!!! I`m entitled to 6 weeks, but never take it as i don`t like to uproot him too much.
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    Hi all, Just been back on to SS about Smoke- Free (exemptions vehicles) regulations 2007. They were quite taken aback when i said i was sending for the documentation. We were put through to "the boss" and she is now getting hold of the powers that be that brought in the regulations to these...
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    Hi Jennifer, All they (SS ) seem to say is that it`s NOT their policy, it`s Cheshire County Councils. Jan.
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    God forgive me but i`m getting angry with dad now!!! No matter how i try to control his smoking, he won`t/can`t help himself!!! This is a real NIGHTMARE. I feel it`s putting a wedge / crevice between us.........I KNOW it`s not his fault but..............I feel resentful......So sorry. Jan.
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    Hi all, Felt i needed to post today, i feel incensed/frustrated/sad/disheartened all at the same time !! I phoned social services today re advice on the new no smoking policies that come into being in June as dad is a prolific smoker (got worse since A.D. was diagnosed ) To cut a long...