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    Tenants in Common

    Ignore the reference to 7 years - that applies to gifting assets and Inheritance Tax, it is a red herring in this situation as it has nothing to do with Tenants in Common. Here is the Gov.UK guidance on joint property ownership: And on Inheritance...
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    Being accused of misusing fathers account

    I’m sure that has come as a bit of a nasty surprise, but that really is the standard rate depending on the experience of the solicitor concerned. Remember they’ve had to study and fund that to achieve their professional status, plus pay the insurances required by their regulatory body. It is...
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    Reducing sinemet - advanced Parkinson's / Lewy Body Dementia

    Hi Vix, My mum had PD and latterly LBD, so I have some familiarity with the medication issues. Do you know why the PD nurse wants to change the Sinemet dose? I don’t know why advanced dementia would make any difference to the need or dosage for PD medications. It may be felt that the present...
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    Law says no necessity for a medical assessment to change a will

    The ‘problem’ with LPAs in this context is that they can be activated before a loss of capacity, so aren’t in themselves a proof of inability to make testamentary changes. I think the solicitors in my mum’s case possibly just asked for the copy to flag up the need to ascertain capacity or...
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    Memory Problems and COPD

    Well, it certainly seems you are as on top of this as you can be. And Ann Mac’s reply echoes your issues with the chronic illness/dementia overlap, where working out which ailment is taking the lead is the conundrum. But as used to be said, “pneumonia is the old man’s friend”, I think holds...
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    Law says no necessity for a medical assessment to change a will

    There have been a number of cases in recent years where wills have been challenged due to being made when the testator had dementia. Here is just one: I agree it is shocking that the courts can...
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    Memory Problems and COPD

    Can I ask the obvious, have you raised the worsening COPD with her GP? It is one of those conditions that can worsen without obvious external cause, and respiratory infections that you or I would shrug off can make breathing very much more difficult, but new or increased medications can give...
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    thinks he's dying or ask for us to let him die

    It may be that he has insight into his problems and can see and feel that his life isn’t as he would like it to be. A low mood or depression is common in dementia. My mother was very aware of her problems, and not surprisingly wasn’t happy about them - dementia doesn’t always wipe out all...
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    Paying fees from proceeds of selling Dad’s house

    The LA would look to the receivers of the ‘missing’ funds to pay the care fees - there are paper trails through bank records etc that would point to a receiver of financial ‘gifts’, or the activities of an Attorney moving funds to accounts not in the donor’s name. Money laundering controls...
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    Mum still in hospital

    The infection itself, along with the upset caused by hospitalisation, could have made her more confused and less able than prior to her admission, but hopefully will resolve although that could take longer than hoped for. Your help in feeding and encouraging her with movement would be...
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    Selling Mums house

    Does your SIL hold Attorneyship or Deputyship for your MIL? It would be helpful to know as otherwise we can’t give you appropriate replies. Sorry, I’ve cross posted with Jenniferpa!
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    My mum doesn't want my dad to know he has dementia

    My mum had LBD after suffering from PD for a few years, and she was also very aware of her problems and had insight having worked for many years as a nurse. When she asked me what was going to happen, my answer to her was always “ I don’t know, Mum, but we’ll make it as good as we can...”...
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    Advice on financial matters

    And getting involved in a family fight when it should be about looking after the best interests of a person - both financially as well as physically - seems to have become such an area of conflict, Good luck - stick to your principles, they seem to be about doing the best for your Gran xx
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    Advice on financial matters

    Sorry, I was responding to the outline given in the above posts, which were asking about funding and access to Gran’s money. What happens on the trips that she ends up in hospital afterwards? Do these health issues not present themselves whilst she is with the uncle/son and his family, or are...
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    Advice on financial matters

    Whilst she may be declining and not handling her money herself any longer, it sounds as though (despite her calls to you) she is still coping with the travelling and different surroundings quite well. And that she is a welcome visitor. It may be that if she declines further physically, such as...
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    Advice needed on deputy ship

    Sorry, I forgot to say that there may be a refund due for the fees paid, when the person on whose behalf you are applying has died before deputyship has either been issued or within a short timeframe.
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    Advice needed on deputy ship

    Any type of attorneyship whether under LPA or deputy ceases upon death. Does your father have a Will, and are you named as an executor? The power of executor would allow you to investigate your father’s bank account when applying for Probate. If he had no will, you can apply to administer his...
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    Probate Problem

    Mirror wills were a tax efficient vehicle for avoiding IHT under the old rules before the introduction of being able to transfer the spouse’s unused Nil Rate Band - but are somewhat superseded these days. My parents had mirror wills, and my Mum held true to her word after Dad died by keeping...
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    Probate Problem

    So your Mum’s unintended Will has been in place for some years? Your only course of action now is to see a solicitor for legal advice as to whether you can do anything about this. I would warn you that challenging Wills can be an expensive business if your solicitor feels you have a case - in...
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    DIY Probate

    Hi Netsy, If you have already been handling the finances through an LPA you probably know where all the money is, and how much - or at least know where to get the information from (banks, building society for instance) Plod your way through the forms, and you will find they look worse than they...