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  1. clarethebear

    hello im a worried

    Hi Cherry Welcome to TP, as the others have said this is the best place to be with people who know how you feel. Sorry to hear about your Dad I know it's hard, my story was differnt, but the outline is the same. The person you once loved has changed and it hurts, but please know...
  2. clarethebear

    6 months on

    Thank you all for your words. My mum her partner, Jack and I went for a lovely meal this afternoon to a little place we found with my Nanna not long before we realised she wasn't well. We all had a lovely meal and then a walk to a garden centre and spent a small fortune lol. This morning...
  3. clarethebear

    6 months on

    Hi Everyone Well it's 6 months tomorrow since Nanna passed, and yet it still seems as if it were yesterday. It might sound strange but I still feel her around me, only last week I walked through my kitchen and smelt her. I find this a great comfort, as it lets me know she is still here with...
  4. clarethebear


    Hi My Little Girl I'm sorry to hear you didn't reach your Easter goal, as I know from reading your posts how much it meant to you. I'm sure your grandma is still proud of you, althought you didn't reach the goal you wanted to at the time you wanted. Unlike some people you have not given...
  5. clarethebear

    Hi and some advice please

    Unfortunately you will never be alone on that one. But beleive me this site is like one big family, people know what you are going though and will be there for you every step of the way. All you need to do is keep posting and the arms of support will be there for you.
  6. clarethebear

    Hi and some advice please

    Hi Erie Welcome to TP I'm sorry but my story was different to yours. But I wanted to say hi and I'm sure others will be along soon with advice for you. I'm sorry to hear about you mum, I hope you will find this site a great comfort in the times ahead. Take Care Clare
  7. clarethebear


    Hi AJay I sure am glad I'm not stood in your shoes at this moment in time. This is for you {{{{{hug}}}}} I know it won't help but I'd like you to know im thinking of you. Take Care Clare
  8. clarethebear

    how does it feel?

    Hi Kungfu As you say your question is impossible to answer. It would be nice to know if they do still feel the bond at this stage. All I can say is be there and show him the love even if he pushes you away try not to give up, as I'm sure somewhere deep down he remembers the love he once had...
  9. clarethebear

    A Bad Day

    Hi again Margaret As for your mums best friend, this also happens. My Nannas best friend couldn't even attend her funeral as she had family over that day. I think they find it hard, with being around the same age. It might seem that they are being dis-loyal but really I think it is more...
  10. clarethebear

    A Bad Day

    Hi Margaret I am trembling on your behalf. I am so sorry your mums birthday didn't go as you had hoped. As you say unfortunetely it does tend to fall mainly on one person within a family. I once was that main person in the family but as in the grandchild and not the child. From...
  11. clarethebear

    My Dad Has Passed Away

    Hi Jks Im sorry to hear of the passing of your father. I am glad his passing was a peacefull one. Take Care Clare
  12. clarethebear

    lost my lovely mum

    Hi Sherrie Welcome to TP. I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. Watching someone slip away from this horrible illness is heart wrenching, I am glad for you and your mother it was a peacefull ending. Take Care Clare
  13. clarethebear

    good news

    What a lovely thread. CONGRATULATIONS and all the best for the future. Take Care Clare
  14. clarethebear

    Let's call it a day!

    Hi Janjan I'm sorry you are going through this stage, giving permission for a loved one to leave this life is a hard thing to do. All I can say is my thoughts are with you and your family and sending you {{{hugs}}}. Take Care Clare
  15. clarethebear

    Mothers Day.

    Hi Rosie I'm sorry your having a hard time at the moment and I'm sorry you lost your mother in law not so long ago. I didn't want to read your thread and run, my thoughts are with you. Take Care Clare
  16. clarethebear

    feeling sad and scared

    Dear Barbara, Susan and family I am sorry to hear your mam's decline is still continuing at such a fast rate. All I can say is my thoughts are with you all. I am glad your mam is in what seems to be a good care home and they will follow your wishes when the time comes. Take care, and...
  17. clarethebear

    My lovely father has died

    Hi Fiona I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. My thoughts are with both you and your family at this sat time. Take Care Clare
  18. clarethebear

    So Sad

    Hi Louise Sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. Please please please cry, scream, shout or type on here till your fingers hurt. Whichever you feel will help the most. You'v looked after everyone else or made sure you have been busy since the passing. Now please take some...
  19. clarethebear

    Children and Dementia

    It is amazing how young children seem to adapt to this condition. I can remember on many a morning my son could be jumping all over me play fighting, and then we would go and see my Nanna and he would be so gentle with her. I remember one day when we went to see her, she grabbed hold of him...
  20. clarethebear

    where can I buy a calendar clock

    Hi Sorry i couldn't find the old thread. If you look at the site sue has mentioned there is one on there. If this isn't what you are looking for give me a shout and I'll have a look on the net for you. Take Care Clare