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    So proud

    Its been 2 years or so since I lost my mum to dementia, back in the day I posted quite a lot on here for support , there is no better place! These days I browse but say little but wanted to share this with you lovely son . 17 yrs old who was "granny reared" by mum while I had my...
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    Hi, Warfarin is usually only given once per day , but do check with your GP.Mum will need to have her INR (clotting levels) monitored whilst she is taking this drug so she should have been given a yellow warfarin book and an appt for a blood test.The dosage varies til they reach a therapeutic...
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    A big step forward

    Hi Janice, the ward will be based at New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton and any sufferers admitted to the main hospital will be allocated a bed there. Its a drop in the ocean but a start at least..Ill keep you posted as to how it goes. Ally x
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    A big step forward

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to share some nice news with you all. The hospital I work for is opening a dementia ward in October, led by dementia trained nurses.It has a muted colour scheme to promote peace and tranquility, a secure sensory garden and its own specially trained OT and physio...
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    My Mum died yesterday

    My thoughts are with you Kate.I recently lost my mum too and didnt realise how hard it would be to adjust to life without her. I hope you have a loving and supportive family. HUgs xx
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    Dialysis and dementia

    Hi Bianca, Im a senior sister in a renal dialysis unit in the West Mids. Dialysis is an aggressive therapy that takes it out of the patients physically and emotionally and is certainly no soft option for an otherwise fittish person, nevermind someone with dementia. I am suprised that as a...
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    My lovely mum....gone

    Dear Sharina....struggle and suffering over. Take time to be with those who love and support you. My thoughts are with you xx
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    Oh Paula , I think most all of us have reacted in a similar way during our time as carers.Dealing with this disease has been the biggest challenge of my life ,though my role as carer is now over. I shouted at mum many times through frustration and exhaustion but hey I was thankful for the fact...
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    Can mum survice without drinking

    Hi Watneys,sorry to hear about your predicament. I lost my mum on May 16th.She was in the final stsges of AZ and suffered a brain haemhorhge following a fall. She had little swallowing reflex on admission to hospital and weighed only 40kgs. I fought to get mum on an end of life care...
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    Excessive drooling

    Hiya, my mum also dribbled excessivley in the late stages of her illness but it was due to her losing her swallowing reflex and being unable to swallow her saliva. The girls in her care home used a barrier cream and nappy liners under a flannel which stopped her skin getting sore. Good luck x
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    Bern you sound a right trooper to me :) Positive mental attitude and a sense of humour go a long way especially when caring for someone with dementia. Bless you and keep trooping xx
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    Brian must finish with the Day Centre

    Blimey folks doesnt the level of support vary accross the country! Im in the West MIdlands and mum was offered two days a week day care to start with , which increased to five some months down the line , albeit three days were at a different centre but both were for dementia care. Our CPN...
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    hi every one

    Hi Sharon, my mum lost her swallowing reflex in the last 12 months of her illness too.Her nursing home managed her pureed diet well but on one occasion she stole food off another residents plate and ended up being rushed to theatre for removal under anaesthetic. I didnt want mum to have a PEG...
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    An introduction

    Hi Mel...what an achievement ...well done you ! Welcome to this wonderful site where you will find the most unselfish and warm people always ready to support you...its been my lifeline for a few years helping me through some dark times. Im sue youll find it as helpful. Best wishes xx
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    End stages- Pain?

    Hi, I was in a similar situation in may when my mum entered the final stages of her life after 8yrs of AZ. Mum had been unable to swallow anything other than pureed food and thickened drinks for a couple of months.Following a brain haemhorrhage she became unconscious and an end of life care...
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    Missing Dad so much

    I lost my mum on May 16th Gilly and I have days where I feel OK and days when I feel a huge cloud over me. Its OK to feel this way....research says it takes two years to get through the bereavement process, msybe more for some people. My brother and mum hadnt spoken for 12 years and he has...
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    Letting go...

    Lizzie that warmed the cockles of my heart. xx My mums first care home wasnt up to much but her second one , just for AZ and dementia was superb. It means everything when we have to relinquish care of our loved ones to see that they are more than capable hands. Im so pleased for you and...
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    Do you miss old friends ?

    Pure ignorance Norms !! People cope with hearing you have a physical disease so much better than a mental one. Mum lost all of her friends bar one (Adrienne) over 8 yrs of AZ.She came to see mum every couple of weeks without fail.When mum passed away a couple of weeks ago , i sent her flowers...
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    Thank you

    So sorry for your loss , I hope you find the strenghth to cope over the coming weeks which will be tough. Love to you and your family xx
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    CQC (ex CSCI) reports

    Hiya, my own ecperience comes from reading the reports for mums care home and from being a nurse manager in a dialysis unit where we were inspected annually by the Healthcare Commisssion. Our inspections were a predominantly paper excercise , looking at protocols and policies and...