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    bowel incontnence and anal plug (yes really) and confusion

    Hi Just my thoughts As your mother has dementia, do not think anal plugs would be a good idea, cannot tell you if they hurt, are causing irritation etc. and there is alway fiddling. Have you tried other things (hard with dementia I know), pro-biotics (you can get good ones in liquid form)...
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    Hi all have not posted for a while, MIl has been in and out of hospital for months with various infections, but just to let you know she has passed away. Sad to say not the peaceful end we had all hoped for. Will pop in to the forum now and again, and to all who are on the long, desperate...
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    Apple Update

    NO not one of those MIL ate two big helpings of apple crumble with custard and cream last night and wanted more. SIL said it had all been eaten. Good thing it was SIL because after what was said (forum got a sanitised version) I would not have given her a whiff of apple or pear or...
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    HI you can get waterproof capes, they do up in the front (Easier for someone with D) that also go over the wheelchair, MIL's one also had a hood not that she will have the hood up Bought on that auction website, we put a fllece underneather (the cape is showerproof and lined, Hope you...
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    Mother doesn't want to live alone.

    HI For what its worth, Bedelia's story could be my SIL, NO LIFE and very possibly a life threatening disease. My MIL is still in sheltered accommodation desperately trying to rule all our lives (but she was living there long before the dementia). Take care C
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    MIL again

    Hi Thanks for all replies, MIL has basically been on /off antibiotics for the last four months, (chest infection/UTI) but hopefully now that they have finally changed GP's to one who is pro active and has an interest in geriatrics , hopefully the meds prescribed will target the specific...
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    MIL again

    Hi all MIL has been off antibiotics for about a week and guess what YET another UTI diagnosed today, which explains some of agression/mood swings etc. Had an incident with cooking apples yesterday!! Well story of life swings and roundabouts Take care C
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    Am i being selfish?

    Hi I have not replied to your threads before as I would more than likely be in jail:rolleyes: Today phone your mother's SW, Mental Health Team or whoever and remind them of their agreement. You are ILL and cannot administer/pander to ANY of your mothers needs as per arrangements prior to...
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    SIL in a Pickle

    Hi all thanks for replies, it is all in SIL's lap but she has now been told she has heart problems and is going for tests, tests and yet more tests (Very serious), I made her change GP's as the one she had was an old F*** and b useless into the bargain and this has all happened in the last 10...
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    Very old parents

    HI this is the one of the problems for my SIL, MIl is 97+. SIL is 68 and OH 10 years younger than his sister. Yet again he has had to dash over there as there is another crisis on the horizon, MIl attacked !!! the shower rail/curtain in the wet room and has brought the whole lot down!! just...
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    SIL in a Pickle

    Hi all Let us be clear from the start, the pickle is of her own making, but it is now engulfing all of us and the pressure cooker is about to EXPLODE. MIL has always been my way or no way but since SIL started caring? ITS WORSE. MIL is making her life a misery asshe is expected to dance...
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    HI all have not disappeared into the wild blue yonder (dreams), MIL is ticking over no big ups or downs. Is on yet another course of antibiotics chest infection just not clearing completely. Maybe it's the pills/liquid that are responsible for MIL's suspended state. (SIL is another story...
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    Just need to unload

    Hi Sorry to hear about your brother and your father with all the problems. Speaking from experience throat cancer and the treatments can take a long time to recover from and your brother will need a lot of support, help etc, so my advice would be to start looking for a suitable care home in...
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    Sob! Wah!

    HI Sad to say, if your body harbours the herpes virus (usually left over from childhood chicken pox) and if you are stressed!!! or physically run down!!!! (A Carer's life), then the virus rears its ugly little head and the result shingles or outbreaks of cold sores. Worst luck, have found...
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    Sorry spelling problems today, it is SIL (who is main carer) who is in denial. Fil died 14 years ago and MIL has very limited recollection of recent events, remembers her parents and siblings (all long deceased) with clarity, she knows all of us but that is only because we see her most days...
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    Hi all After viral chest infection, massive allergic reaction (weeping red blisters all over), burst leg ulcers and then all manner of antibiotics administered by the district nurses, MIL is a lot better, physically and certainly more alert mentally, still sleeping for the world record, but...
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    SIL Update

    This week, SIL moved MIL into SIL's flat, which has a bathroom not a full wet room which MIL's has, so every a.m. the carer has to transport MIL in wheelchair around the complex in order to wash her. SIL being difficult!! (Doesn't want the carers). As a result MIL has a chest infection this...
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    No, she doen't believe MIL has dementia. Brief history FIl died in 1999, MIL stayed in their home managinging very well until 2003, then she moved in with OH, me and children until her legs made it impossible for her to go upstairs (loo downstairs, but no bathroom) we could not put in a...
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    Hi all. Still holding together. After all the nonsense with SIL, OH decided we are taking several steps back (he hates being lied to, so do I, but not my sister). It appears it wasn't respite that they wanted MIL to go too, it was an assessment unit, she scored 4 on the memory test!!! So who...
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    TEA and the SIL

    To Onlyme SIL is heading for a breakdown but will not listen too or heed anything that is said. See post about cats and pigeons. OH maintains that his sister is a bigger problem than his mother and has been for years!!!!