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  1. frederickgt

    I have started to notice agression, and I reacted to it.

    Michelle Michelle,Anna twice hit me with her handbag,but then I learned to duck...and smile
  2. frederickgt

    A Christmas wish

    Norrms Thank you Norms.just the ticket,please have a wnderful Christmas and a happy new year,to you and all T.P.s.
  3. frederickgt

    im angry at me

    Flossykitten Whatever yoo do,DONT leave it too late,hug her NOW,I lost my wife Anna two years ago this Christmas,how I wish I could hug her still,or,be with her now,I am an impatient 82 year old,still grieving and allways will be Go for it Fluffy!
  4. frederickgt

    Eileen Margaret 27/04/1928-21/11/2009

    God Bless you Natasha,I am hoping for a reunion too,life s almost empty without my wife Anna,but she would'nt want me to give up,so I am here still listening to you all,and thanking you too,and sometimes offering a little advice.treasure your memories,just as I do.
  5. frederickgt

    I lost it

    I thinks you are all saints,I remember when i blew up.I was watching a football match with anna,at half time as the players left the field,Anna asked me "Well arent you going to feed them all? just a humorous memory,wish I had mre And I was still caring for Anna,or, am I glad that she is no...
  6. frederickgt

    Can our Hospitals cope with dementia patients?

    Skye Not as bad as I fear?In today's Daily Mail,In Basildon Essex,University hospitals trust,358 needless deaths,In Barking and District Hospitals trust( which included the hosptal where Anna died)175 needless deaths, all down to "filthy wards and appalling nursing care"In comment we read that...
  7. frederickgt

    Can our Hospitals cope with dementia patients?

    Can our Hosptals cope/ I had to make a point of being at the hospital at meal times,first because she was being offered unsuitable meals,steak and kidney pudding when she could not use a knife and fork,got that changed to cottage pie,then she had difficulty swallowing,had to use a syringe to...
  8. frederickgt

    How to deal with Mum

    Nels,if you want to talk,I live in Hornchurch.
  9. frederickgt

    Can our Hospitals cope with dementia patients?

    we have an older growing population increasingly more sufferes with dementia,yet we still hear stories about hospitals inadequatsy,Hospitals are underfunded,understaffed,undertrained(for dementia)and increasingly overwhelmed. A senior Consultant told me that if my wife Anna,went into a coma,she...
  10. frederickgt

    What help do you think might be available for this?

    I wish I could help you,if you were in my locality. I live in hornchurch Essex,if your father was nearby I could visit and help,I am sure there are other members on TP who could pay your father a visit if they only knew where to go.I have had experience dealing with my wife Anna,who was a...
  11. frederickgt

    Dont know what to do!!!!

    Missy Hello Missy.I feel for I have been there,is your mum on her own? if she is she will soon need 24/7 care,either at home with her loved ones or in a secure home,it is a painful experience,and you have my sympathy your mum needs love and a great deal of patience from you.I have heard...
  12. frederickgt

    Slowly loosing my Dad

    To Val God Bless you val.I,ve been to the exact same place that you are at now,all I could give my Anna was those tiny sponges soaked in water,I used to try to feed her with he help of Syringes,but had to stop when she aspirated,the nurses didnt seem to know how else to treat her,thankfully...
  13. frederickgt

    Phew Xmas over!!!

    Phew xmas over! Thank you Norman,I am feeling a little better this morning,as one old sailor to another may we have calm seas and a safe harbour frederickgt
  14. frederickgt

    Phew Xmas over!!!

    Xmas over! Happy new year! Happly new year to all on TP.could use some anti-depressants myself.It wouldnt be duifficult for 2009 to be a better year. Hope I never see another Christmas frederickgt
  15. frederickgt


    Thank You Thank you Grannie,Christmas for me now will always be a time for remembering Dec 25 2007 when my wife was in hospital,I am now throughly depressed,and hope that I dont see another one.Christmas is for children and lovers,may their Christmases be always full of joy and laughter. Next...
  16. frederickgt

    Dad is in a mess - what do I do now?

    Burf We have Power of attorney for people who cant manage their affairs,could there not be something similar for your father?a mental test sounds a good idea frederickgt
  17. frederickgt


    Merry Christmas This has been an anus horribulus for me,I hope the coming new year will be better I would like to thank all the people here who were showing sympathy for my loss,and giving me a shoulder to cry on,my last Christmas Anna was in hospital,she died in January,exactly one week...
  18. frederickgt

    Dads gone

    Sorry Sharon and Dee,just like my wife Anna,your dad and Dee's mum are now at peace,no more confusion.We are all God's children,come the resurrection we will all be restored in perfection and re-united with our loved ones! God Bless
  19. frederickgt

    Rock and a hard place?

    Foxhound See my two posts earlier today about Bed rails and bad hospitals Good Luck Frederickgt
  20. frederickgt

    poor hospital treatment

    Bad hospitals It sounds all to familiar,see my post about bed sides,the first thing the hospital did was to change her medication,aricept had been working well for her,Anna went into hospital because she collapsed at dinner,I called for an ambulance to pick her up,the worst thing I ever did,I...