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    Bowel Issue Question - please don't read if a bit squeamish

    My husband had terrible problems with opening his bowels. Even before the constipation the dementia seemed to take away his ability to know when he wanted to go. The doctor came out twice and gave him a suppository. That didn't help much. He did not understand that he needed to hold that in for...
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    What is Singing for the Brain?

    Some of the best days during my husbands 11 year dementia journey were at singing for the brain. It was great for me to meet other people dealing with the same sad illness and to enjoy singing (which I am not good at) and we had lots of fun and laughter. My husband rarely joined in the singing...
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    Will I ever get over losing my husband

    mum must be dloing ok now. Thank you Kindred. I feel abandoned. Its like "Oh its 6 months now since Dad died." like it must be ok now. They are busy with familes and juggling financies etc. I feel like I just want it all to be ok and its not going to be. Sorry I know you are going through the...
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    Will I ever get over losing my husband

    Reading all these letters is like reading about myself. I am in a miserable hole and cannot bring myselt out of it. My husband died suddenly in May this year, after 11 years of dementia. I would not want to wish him back to suffer anymore, but if i could just visit and give hime a hug it would...
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    Loss of my husband

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has written a reply on my post. I appreciate your kindness. I wish you all a good Christmas if thats possible. If not I wish you peace and strength to carry-on. My love to you all.x
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    Loss of my husband

    Very wise words Grannie G. You have been a constant help in this awful Dementia journey. I am feeling so awful at the moment but I hope when christmas is over and the days get lighter that things might improve. I keep thinking back on the whole of that time and mostly remember the bad bits and...
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    Loss of my husband

    Just wanted to say that i am not coping very well with the loss of my husband 6 months ago. When does this pain and unhappiness go away. Christmas is making everything so much worse. The rest of the family seem to be just carrying on as normal. I wish I could just hibernate.I just go through the...
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    Worried about mums Memory clinic results appointment tomorrow

    My husband was diagnosed in 2008 but after the scan results came we had an appointment at the memory clinic and were told the results. Your instinct is as good as a scan result i think. Hope all goes ok.
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    How can cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels better support people affected by dementia?

    My husband is no longer alive but when he was we used to have lunch out if we went to town. About once a fortnight. The most difficult thing was that as soon as the lunch arrived he would say he wanted the toilet. I had to leave the table to take him there and then persuade him to go in, He...
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    Sorry, but you can’t drive anymore.

    My husband had a couple of nasty near misses and one very dangerous maneuver and I knew he had to stop driving. He had always done most of the driving. I took him to the doctors surgery and we saw the doctor that knew about his dementia and what was happening and knew my husband very well. She...
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    what do you do?

    Have you any good news yet.x
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    what do you do?

    Did the nurse turn up?. How are things,?xx
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    what do you do?

    This is awful. I would say if the smell is that bad it is an emergency. Never should have been left to get like that. I hope this nurse turns up. If you get let down anymore try 111 and you will be able to talk to a doctor. Good luck.
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    Terrified of using the toilet

    It was said a few years ago that white was frightening for people with dementia. I had the same thing with my husband . But he went into a nursing home before I could try coloured sticky back plastic (or similar) on the toilet seat. I mentioned this to the care home but no one acknowledged it.x
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    Still thinking my husband is here

    I lost my husband on 26th May this year. Just over 4 months. I usually cry myself to sleep. When I wake up I am just empty. No enthusiasm, no interest in anything. I just drift from day to day. I have very good friends that I can visit and they visit me but it is not him. I hate the fact that...
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    So pleased that your wife is being more welcoming to your visits. It must make you feel better On the subject of looking back at your "journey". I did that after my husband died. I knew times had been difficult but when I read all the letters I wrote on here, I made myself cry all over again...
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    I have not been on here much for a few months as circumstances have been difficult. But now to see this wonderful news makes me so pleased I have looked you up to see how things are. You must feel so much better now. As a dog lover, I know how they can bring out the best in people and for your...
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    Plastic pants

    My husband went into a nursing home 2 years ago. Because he was doubly incontinent and would not let me help him. But before that he wet so much at night I could not believe it. I ended up with a mattress protector. Duvet protector. Pillowslip protector. Every morning I had to strip everything...
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    Solicitors And Wills

    You cannot get the original so they have to accept a certified copy. Always use registered post to send them. I have got to get a document signed by a solicitor,Commisioner for oaths, Justice of peace or person qualified to administer oaths. So going to have to go to solicitor. More money.!!! I...