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    Help and advice for a new member

    agree with the other posts the only way I could get mum to the doctors was to say I was taking her to get her blood pressure checked (I had already phoned g.p. to say I was concerned) He was great he asked her questions she should have known but didn't and then told mum the nurse was going to...
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    Terry Pratchet donates $1million for AZ research

    huge thanks its so great that a well known person such as he is, is willing to campaign on behalf of us all suffering with a person we love suffering with this. And the fact that he has admitted that he has also been diagnosed with Alzheimers (how many well known people have done that?) He is...
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    members list

    I agree with connie a lot of people are going through their own stress and emotions dealing with either their own (or a person they love) condition and it is sometimes enough help to visit this forum and see other peoples experiences and advice without posting a reply and I think that if they...
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    what is this thing you all call support?

    Unfortunatly (like you) I found social services absolutely rubbish they come out and visit, make out they are concerned and offer to send extra care providers, day care etc. and then phone you two weeks later saying "having spoken to my supervisor unfortunatly this service is not available at...
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    want to give a gift to nurses (not chocolates)

    just to let you know took the (christmas extra selection coffee) in tonight from john lewis and it went down very well. Julie who was mums main carerer in hospital said thanks I will put it in the nurses rest room and we will all enjoy ta for something different so ta for idea x
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    want to give a gift to nurses (not chocolates)

    ta for all thoughts As mums ward discourage flowers have gone with the idea of special coffee xx
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    We have the help for dad but I still feel so guilty.

    when i was looking for a care home for mum I visited 14 homes and agree with you some are awful and shouldn't be allowed to remain open. I have also met so many people who work in these homes who are caring and kind and who have lost family to alzheimers and want to care for people. I have...
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    Your posts

    I always read all new posts but only reply to the ones where I feel I can offer support or by my experiances advice from whats happening to me and mum x
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    want to give a gift to nurses (not chocolates)

    since mum broke her hip in august and had hip operation she has been in the local community hospital. She is now ready to return to her care home and I would like to give a gift to all the lovely people who have looked after her any ideas. As one nurse said to me its nice that people...
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    Unsettling Mum

    I like you have spent every christmas day with my mum before I was married at home, then once married she came to me so last year I felt that It wouldnt be right to have christmas day without mum so I went at 11.00 to collect her we opened presents as usual with me, hubby and my son and...
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    My mum in law is no longer suffering

    my sincere condolences to you all bless you are having an unimaginable horrible time at the moment but be assured happy memories will return to you eventualy my best wishes to you all and try to remain strong xx
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    Mom is now at peace.

    my sincere condolences to you and all your family for your loss bless you all from reading you post it seems that your mum was with people who loved her and I am sure she would want you to remember all the happy times you all had together xx
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    What can we do to help our memory?

    why is it that it seems people with a very high Iq seem to suffer alzheimer/dementia more than others I did read a paper that said (the higher the intelligence the better they are at hiding problems - because they fight it more) this makes it harder to spot problems at an eary stage
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    Advice on care homes

    my advice is visit all available options but do not be feel you have to take A or B speak to age concern first. They were a great support to me. they were great and explained to me that (do not be bullied) you have the right to take your time and find a care home suitable for - in your case...
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    Dementias Life Expectancy

    my mum is 75 and has been diagnosed with alzheimers over five years ago when she had her latest fall and broke her hip she had her mobility her lungs and blood/glocose tested before op and said dont worry she has (bless) the body of a fourty year old. at least 15 years with proper care
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    EPA - Time limits on informing banks etc

    just read post and for a laugh (as is not normal) will post my experiance with alliance and leicester dec 16 phone call to make an appointment dec 21 visit with Epa, Passport. gas bill (comment no problem) feb 16 phone call (A & L have no record) make another appointment feb 28 visit with...
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    trick or treat b****r

    sorry for **** But was so mad when I saw mums front door hey I love kids when they knock I have a bag full of sweets for them to take their pick and when my kids were small I loved making them up but they only knocked on peoples doors we all knew with me following there was nothing nasty and...
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    trick or treat b****r

    excuse my french but would you belive it went to visit mum tonight and got through the (i want to go home) and the care home we have chosen is looking good ie they have a space but checked on mums empty home on the way home and at least two eggs and flour coverered her front door and its only...
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    please help!!!

    laura92 so sorry to read your post and can only offer what I belive from my experiance although a person with alzheimers may not recognise you I have found that my mum smiles when I kiss her and say I love you - so I belive deep down in her spirit she knows its me so bless if you love...