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    Darling Mum gone

    Sorry to hear of your sad loss Sweet
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    So Confused, So Sad - How do I start moving on?

    Thank you for your post Molly Mae...I find it helpful.. totally empathise. My mum passed away in January.. I sort of manage some days.. When I'm distracted, trying not to think...but that's tiring too!... Today just crying, just a longing to see her...the well mum or the dementia mum! I was...
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    One year on, all ok but a day of rememberence

    I'm glad you posted Sally, it's helpful to my coping with the loss of my mum. I wish you well Sweet x
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    My life- without the one I love

    Good luck.. I like your positive outlook x
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    Dementia.. The mind shattering impact it leaves

    Hi wife.. I think it's helpful when someone can help ease the troubled thoughts we have as in your senior nurse regarding your OH. I think TP is helpful for that too. We are funny beings because I have the same thought now my mum has gone,(and sadly at times I wished it was over) I wish I...
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    Dementia.. The mind shattering impact it leaves

    Ah... It's nice to know that eventually the good memories take over...and Pinocchio, I feel such empathy for you still in the midst of it...I wish you peace and strength to care for your mum x
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    Dementia.. The mind shattering impact it leaves

    Thank you everybody for your replies. Well First day done back after half term.. I work with children and they just live in the it felt less stressful than I imagined, my colleagues were supportive and let me just get back into it.. I was so anxious this morning almost like I...
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    Dementia.. The mind shattering impact it leaves

    Dementia has a terrible impact, it leaves something I don't think I will ever forget.. Today is the first day back to work, a month after my mum passed away frrom it's hateful consequences. All I can think of are .... ...the hallucinations, the fear she had, panic, loneliness...
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    Tired of running someone else's life

    Hi wildlife I understand what you're saying. My mum was 3.5 yrs with dementia.. Felt so intense coping with it, my whole life was wrapped up with it..i had lots of mixed negative emotions... and that was the question I always asked myself..if only I knew how long.. Then suddenly a chest...
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    Demential without diagnosis

    My lovely mum 92 passed away nearly a month ago and I feel that I now keep looking back over the last 3.5 years to the start of the illness and lack of understanding and support I received to help mum. If only I had known about this forum from the outset. I thing GPs should point everyone to...
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    decisions about end of life care

    At the end I too made sure with the care home nurses that mum was not to go into hospital and that meds were only for pain relief... She did have pain patches as she was so agitated with a chest infection. She passed away peacefully in her own bed, in her CH, I stayed with her. The nurses were...
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    Small rant

    Hello Liz.. I can relate to your post.. They all seem blinkered and can't understand its a real person with dementia. My mum, 92, had a biopsy for breast cancer in December, Dr said best to find out what lump January, I was told results were negative, then a week later, that was a...
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    I feel I am failing my mum and am very distressed

    Try to see the CH in a different way. I felt my mum had 'joined' a community... And I did too. The positives were mum was never alone, nurses were there to help with dementia conditions. I made friends with them. At the very beginning she went out on trips. Other families visiting their...
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    Hello Dotty You don't say what the fallout is or did it start only after your parents death. I'm guessing sibling problems are common after posts I've read on here. There seems to be problems with 'absent' siblings, dominant siblings, or just siblings disagreeing on the best way to help...
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    mum passed away, free at last of the torment of this illness

    I think you'll have a whole range of emotions. Relief after living with dementia. Sadness, I miss her so much. Guilt for some of my negative thoughts through the illness Love, an overwhelming feeling of wanting to physically see her one more time. Thoughts are with you x
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    Another downward shift

    I worked too. Mum constantly phoned , she couldn't help her anxiety, and then would be sat outside her home whatever the weather. I was so stressed thinking about her all the time. I did think she may live with me, but she knew she would still be on her own while I was at work. The...
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    mum passed away, free at last of the torment of this illness

    Thinking of you gillybean. I had the same feelings, relief and shock ... and hard to believe my lovely mum had passed away. My thoughts are with you x
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    mum dying

    Thinking of you too. My mum died 3 weeks ago...dementia but a chest infection in the end... I was with her all through her last day through late into the evening I left for a couple of hours and she passed away peacefully at midnight. She had been peaceful all day just quietly breathing. I...
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    Struggling with mums dementia

    I so recognise all what's been said. I had constant phone calls all times of the day....mum was able to text too but she'd get it wrong so I'd also get endless blank texts. She also had family visiting each day but would say she hadn't seen anyone. It wears you down. That was at the...
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    What to expect next......

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Redsue. My mum had been in her nursing home for a year... managing vas d...Then contracted a chest infection and died in a week 2 weeks ago..was a shock after the 3 and half years she'd been ill. I take comfort in that she had a lovely life before this...