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    Wondering what happens next

    @facline You haven't abandoned your nan, you're making sure that she is safe and well cared for. You need to think of your own health and make decisions that are right for you, as difficult as they may seem at the time. Take care.
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    Debt collection agency

    @spandit I thought you mentioned in a previous thread that you have have financial LPA? If so, the provider shouldn't be refusing to speak to you. Can you send them a copy and explain that you have the authority to act on your father's behalf and under the circumstances you wish to pay the...
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    Has the new guidance on visiting care homes actually lifted visiting restrictions at all?

    This is in relation to infection control, and from memory I think the initial guidance said something about it being preferable for visitors to arrive in their own transport if possible. The update has added the reference to walking & cycling - maybe someone had an afterthought about these...
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    Advice sought, can't make progress

    @emily23 Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your situation. As you suspect that your mother is subject to coercive control it might be worth calling the Action on Elder Abuse helpline to see if they can offer some suggestions...
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    Deliberate Deprivation Of Assets

    If you no longer wish to continue as POA you simply need to fill out a disclaimer form and send a copy to the donor (your mum), the OPG and all other attorneys (your dad):
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    Washing hair

    Welcome to the forum @ItsAllOver There are various waterless shampoo products available, such as nilaqua, which are simple to use, you just rub it into the hair to make a lather then towel off. You can also get shampoo 'caps' which you place on the head and massage. You can purchase these at...
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    Wondering what happens next

    You are not obliged to take on deputyship if you don't want to, and it definitely doesn't make you a horrible person or someone who doesn't care. If there is no one in the family willing to take on the role then the local authority can take this on - let the social worker know that neither you...
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    Deliberate Deprivation Of Assets

    As POA have you checked the bank statements to see if the money has actually gone to the charity yet, and if so how much? There are quite a few 'schemes' out there (also advertised in various magazines/newspapers) whereby a charity assists someone in making their will on the proviso that the...
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    Wondering what happens next

    @facline If your nan has lost capacity then deputyship will be required but this can be done without a solicitor - members here who have been through the process will hopefully post to provide you with some details. In relation to applying for property & financial affairs deputyship, the fee is...
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    Probate ect

    You'll need to check what is in the care home contract but it does seem fairly standard to request a week's charge to prepare the room for the next resident. Aside from the belongings being removed there would need to be a deep clean (especially with the current covid situation) and possibly...
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    Not yet got diagnosis but starting to worry about deterioration

    Welcome @Keelyp you'll find lots of friendly advise and support here. Unfortunately most services seem to have delays at the moment due to covid but it sounds like your mum needs some extra support as locking herself out and forgetting to eat and take her tablets are safeguarding issues. You can...
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    Dad is taking the house apart

    If this is a sudden change in behaviour then it's worth checking if your dad has some sort of infection such as urine, chest etc as these can cause havoc in people with dementia. If your dad will be a self-funder - has more than £23,250 savings (England) - then you can organise carers yourself...
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    It's really good news that your wife appears to have settled in so well at the home and also that she is not worried by you not visiting. That must be a weight off your mind @dogdayafternoon
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    Moving interview by Scott Mitchell

    Dame Barbara Windsor has recently moved into a care home and her husband Scott has given a moving interview about how he feels about the situation, which many of us will recognise. Best wishes to them both, and it's good to see that the article is recommending Talking Point too...
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    Covid guideline and providing support.

    There's nothing in the guidance about not being able to eat a prepared meal together, and you can take your parents to a restaurant if you wanted to, so I can't see how that would be any different to eating a prepared meal with them at home. The guidance is all about minimising the risks so just...
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    Have had to make a tough decision

    If you have Health & Welfare power of attorney it's useful to provide the GP with a copy of that too. I've never had any trouble with mum's GP refusing to speak to me about mum, even without a letter from mum providing her consent or a copy of the LPA, but some GP's are more reluctant than...
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    Covid guideline and providing support.

    Welcome to the forum @Dexter5 The covid guidance is not always easy to understand or find but essentially, if you live alone you can form a support bubble with your parents. This means that you can visit/support them without needing to maintain social distancing. Since the 'bubble' rules were...
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    Has the new guidance on visiting care homes actually lifted visiting restrictions at all?

    For info, these are the new updates: 31 July 2020 Updated to say that no one should be allowed to enter a care home if they are currently experiencing or first experienced coronavirus symptoms in the last 10 days. Also updated to say visitors should be encouraged to walk or cycle to the care...
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    What is Bad Enough?

    As others have said, there is no set 'criteria' in relation to whether a care home is necessary but a carer's ability to cope and their physical/mental health is just as important when making the decision. It sounds as if your husband needs a team of people to deal with the hygiene side of...
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    Renting or selling a property if funds not needed for care.

    I think that you're right to be a bit concerned. As financial attorney you and the other attorneys must all act in your relative's best interests. If someone is living in the house and is not paying the full market rent then an application must be made to the court of protection before you...