• Expert Q&A: Rare dementias - Tues 3 March, 3-4pm

    Our next expert Q&A will be on the topic of rare dementias. It will be hosted by Nikki and Seb from Rare Dementia Support. If you have any questions about rare dementias, they will be here to answer them on Tuesday 3 March between 3-4pm.

    You can either post your question >here< or email them to us at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk and we'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

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    Will life ever be the same?

    You're not alone Hi Karen, sorry to hear your news, but welcome to TP - we're all here for you. I'm also sorry to hear that you feel abandoned by the doctors - there is medical treatment available for your Dad. Did he receive a scan to confirm his diagnosis? Or a referral to a memory...
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    YPWD Services - what do you think?

    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback. Norman, I hope you don't think I was ignoring the struggles of all carers - I know how difficult it is to care for another person, no matter what age they are. I spend alot of time in my job with carers, looking at issues that effect them...
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    YPWD Services - what do you think?

    Hi Lynne, good to hear from you. I don't feel particularly brave!! At the moment, I feel like I'm looking at Everest and wondering how the hell i'm going to reach the summit, which is totally obscured by cloud! I agree, that services are pretty "hotch-potch" and network poorly. In a...
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    newly diagnosed

    You're amazing! Hi everyone, I've been reading your posts, and I'm there with all of you. I think you're all amazing people! You're an inspiration to me, and just reading about your daily battles and ongoing struggles makes me more and more determined to carry on in my own struggle to help...
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    YPWD Services - what do you think?

    Hi Bruce, thank you for your feedback. I find it so upsetting that people like you and your wife found it so difficult to get the right help you both desparately needed. Your comments are of great value, and I will take them into consideration when we begin forming our new service...
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    YPWD Services - what do you think?

    Hi everyone! as a Community Memory Nurse in Hampshire, I feel privilaged to be a part of so many people's lives, to know their stories, their joys and their heartaches. I'm relatively new to the post, but have 8 years experience of working with people with dementia. I am hoping that I...
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    N.I.C.E. report conclusion this morning

    Madness!! :confused: :( I agree totally with the above sentiments. Would you say to a depressed patient, "yes we have a treatment for your illness, and it proven to be highly effective, but you'll have to come back when you're suicidal before I can prescribe it to you"?? Quality of life...