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  1. margaretg

    hell of week

    I hope you have a better week next week! We have to take the up's with the down's! :)
  2. margaretg

    mam on end of life pathway

    So sorry to hear this :( Please stay strong your mum is now at peace xx
  3. margaretg


    Brilliant! Looking at it now :) Thanks so much Shedrech.
  4. margaretg


    I am going to contact my local college to see if they have anything too, I think I want to do this as a career, it can be hard but for me, its helping people that matters!
  5. margaretg


    Thanks Balloo, I am learning something everyday! Its hard but its family, I did just order a guide, so I will see how it is, and I just finished reading contented dementia, which was really good.
  6. margaretg

    TV - The Real Marigold Hotel - Can't Wait!

    Oh Yes it looks so good from the adverts! Well excited.
  7. margaretg

    Benjamin Button

    One of my favs! Love that film and Brad Pitt :D
  8. margaretg

    Have you ever....?

    Beautiful picture, I will show my grandmother.
  9. margaretg

    a DVD idea that works

    That is a fantastic idea!
  10. margaretg


    Wow what a week, I care for my Grandmother who has dementia and it is so tough! I didn't know it would be so hard, I was thinking of taking some sort of course to help me, in the evenings, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Margaret x