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    Suggestion for bedroom colours

    Whatever you do make the doors and light switches stand out from the walls so as to make it clearer how to get to the toilet, turn on the light etc. As the condition progresses the depth of visual field reduces so people can be prone to falling if the pattern on the floor makes it look like a...
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    Watching from a distance

    It doesn't matter if you're in Canada or just the other end of the country if you can't be with them when they need you it is really hard. My Dad was only a 4 hr drive away but it was hard to get to see him more than once a fortnight. Make the most of your Skype calls and plan your topics of...
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    Help in Dorset

    The carer is entitled to a carers assessment by a social worker and should call adult social services to see if more support is available.
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    Care home's responsibility for A&E attendance

    I always preferred relatives to stay with their loved ones as frequently the young carers sent knew nothing about the patient and had so little in common that they found it hard to make conversation for hours whilst results came back or a bed was found on a ward. If relatives were a long way...
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    Start of alzheimer's or dementia or just getting old?

    Ask the GP to check for urine infection as it may be a cause of acute confusion. You could try replacing the bin with a commode and leaving the lid off at night.
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    Visit of her son leaves my wife apparently unmoved

    If your stepson hasn't seen her in a while he probably had no idea how to make conversation with someone who didn't know who he was, he was probably horrified and distressed and he'll be the one who has to live with not seeing enough of her during this last year. Meanwhile get hold of your local...
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    Mouth Permanently Open?

    Hi, how are you coping, thinking of you at this difficult time.
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    Breathing at night that sounds a tad...wet?

    Noisy breathing is usually phlegm in the back of the throat and can sometimes be made worse by lots of milky drinks or meal replacements. When things reach the final stages there is medication that can be given to slightly dry secretions so that the nasty gurgling doesn't become distressing...
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    Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

    I would have expected the staff to have discussed care with you as the next of kin, with or without an LPA. Staff usually complete "This is me" paperwork on admission and would need a relative or friend to help, it seems that this was an opportunity lost. I'm not making excuses for them but I...
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    Refusing to eat and drink or take medication

    Unfortunately this is how many Alzheimer's sufferers die because they give up eating and drinking. My father went down hill and died very quickly after stopping eating, we were initially able to tempt him with ice cream and therefore ground his medicines down to put into his ice cream but...
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    Meal times

    There is going to come a point when your Dad will have to take over the meals and he needs to persuade her to let him help so that he can learn how it's done. Fill the freezer with ready meals that can last up to a week if defrosted, ie. avoid fish and rice. She can then take them out and put...
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    Diagnosis in late 50s, can anyone relate?

    Ask her GP for a second opinion, point out the tremor as there is a distinct relation between parkinson's and dementia. At the end of the day the diagnosis doesn't change much, it's your ability to come to terms with symptoms and behaviours that matters most. Find a local dementia group and seek...
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    AA Allowance

    Attendance allowance is easy to apply for on line or by phone through Dept of work and pensions
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    Urinating in the kitchen bin

    Get him an old fashioned urinal, a white plastic one, easy to recognise and easy to rinse out.
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    Just when things were getting sorted...

    61 is no age to be in such a terrible state, you must be feeling exhausted from the last day's events. Don't forget to take some time for yourself whilst he's in hospital. This level of intense anxiety and change will take it out on you. Take some time out, trust the hospital staff, good luck.
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    Help with social services

    Unless they have grounds to believe that she is being abused or neglected this sounds appalling. Talk to her GP and ask him to investigate on your behalf.
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    My fathers agressive

    That's the trouble, it's like a different person inhabiting a loved ones body. The person you knew is gone before they're actually gone. Good luck.
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    Living with Cancer and Dementia, Memories of Brian shared by his wife June Hennell MBE

    What lovely memories, you are so lucky to have these funny memories to share, mt Father also kept his sense of humour right to the end and for that I'm eternally grateful. I lost count of how many times he asked me how old he was and replied, "Never!" when I told him he was 91.
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    Other symptoms

    Ask her GP to come to the house to do a home visit, call the surgery and tell them she is agitated, more confused, you're worried she may have a urine infection but she's so paranoid that she won't go to the surgery. These worsening symptoms could be a urine infection, out of control blood sugar...
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    My fathers agressive

    Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed to make a fuss and tell them to get it right, you only get 1 chance to make his final days comfortable and calm. If need be find a new home or talk to his or your GP about getting support to have him home if that's what you want to do. What some people describe...