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    OPG supervision

    The annual supervision fee for the year April 1st to March 31st is £320. The first year is settled in proportion hence the £174.86. When the assets drop below £21000 the fee is reduced to £35 but you must inform them as it's not done automatically. Hope this helps and is one less thing to worry...
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    Help needed to find 2 threads

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my post, the links contain masses of information and help. My dearly loved husband has vascular dementia and has been in a nursing home for 4 years. He is now on end of life care. With coaxing he's started to drink and takes tiny amounts of...
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    Help needed to find 2 threads

    I'm desperate to find 2 threads which I read many months if not longer ago. The 1st one concerned a relative who went in everyday and coaxed their loved one to start drinking again. The 2nd was a detailed list of things to do to help loved ones on end of life. I've tried without success to...
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    completing COP forms

    Hi welcome to talking point. 1 Whether (their full name) is able to make decisions regarding property and affairs. 2 To appoint (your full name) as deputy to manage affairs and sell (the full address of the property) That's all you need, you don't need to itemise bank details in...
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    My life- without the one I love

    Wishing you Love and Best Wishes as you set out on the next part of your life's journey. As you always say Take Care Love xx
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    A few questions Re: COP & OPG

    Hi, you must ring them when the money drops to £21,000. Your deputyship fees for the year (April to March) are then worked out from that date. They should then contact the bond company. Best wishes.
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    Unsuitable for physio??

    Oh MeganCat you could have been describing my husband, their symptoms and their journeys are so similar. After 8 weeks in hospital, still unable to stand, he was transferred to a nursing home. Everyday, using a stand-aid, he is transferred from bed to wheelchair for breakfast in the dining...
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    Self funding? Local authority funded? I don't understand!

    William why did you ignore my post but respond to everyone else?
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    Self funding? Local authority funded? I don't understand!

    I'm sorry William but I find your constant mentioning of money,inheritance and 6 bedroomed homes quite obscene when so many of us have willingly given up so much for our loved ones. My husband has end stage vascular dementia and has been in a nursing home for over 2 years, we are self...
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    Court of protection

    Hi 99purdy, I'm not an expert on this,so I'm hoping others come along to help. In my own case it was for my husband and I knew no-one would object, and no-one had any financial interest. Try typing respondents into search at the top right hand corner, and you will find other threads on...
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    Court of protection

    Hi 99purdy and welcome to TP Sorry you haven't received a lot of response, it would probably have been best to post in Legal & Financial issues, but not to worry. Lots of people on this forum have applied for deputyship without the need of a solicitor. I'm a deputy for my husband and had no...
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    mum screams every time shes asked to stand has anyone else experienced this?

    Hi yvonnemc I'm sorry if my post upsets you, but I've found fear of the unknown worse. Two years ago my husband, who is now in the late stages of vascular dementia, was taken to A&E because he was unable to stand. He too became extremely anxious when any attempt was made to help him. The...
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    Court of protection advice

    Hi rubyrosie Sections 5.1-5.3 on the COP1 need to be only 1 sentence answers because you need to copy them to COP3 section 3.1-3.3. 5.1 Whether (your mum's name) is able to make decisions regarding property and affairs. 5.2 To appoint (your name) as deputy to manage affairs and sell...
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    Can't stop crying

    It takes a long time to adjust after caring for someone 24/7. At first I used to wander from room to room wondering how to fill the long empty hours. There was no longer the endless washing and the hours spent getting my husband up, washed, dressed and breakfasted, now I was free to do...
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    Sad day has arrived

    Don't give up. My husband has been in a nursing home for 2 years. Many months ago that very sad day arrived when he stopped recognising me, but like your husband he felt comfortable with me even though after a few minutes he'd forgotten anyone was there! On my last 2 visits he's been so...
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    occupational pension

    Thanks to everyone who answered my post. Special thanks goes to Saffie and LYN T, who both have husbands with this heartbreaking illness. Best wishes.
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    occupational pension

    I've read lots of posts about the wife being able to keep 50% of any occupational pension, but how is this actually worked out? Is it 50% of the gross amount or the net amount? Is tax paid twice, once by the husband and then again by the wife? I know one of you wise people will know the...
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    More Asleep than awake in last/severe stage vascular dementia

    A beautifully worded response Fiona. You bring hope and comfort to so many people. Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Are the LA always right?

    Thank you for your post Saffie, that is why I dread the LA becoming involved. I'm going to take legal advice about beneficial interest, as it's not simply down to living in the marital home for 30 years. I've no proof that I contributed, it's something you don't think about at the time. I...
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    Are the LA always right?

    Thank you for your post Nitram. Somewhere in the back of my mind I always thought needing to go into care was similar to a divorce, where everything is split 50/50. This cruel illness takes much more than the person we love.