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    Hi Izzy thank you for the link, have just looked and read it, x
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    Thank you, you and me both ha x
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    Yes there is a phone number, will ring it later and ask, seems a bit of a palava, but every vote counts , thank you x
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    Ha and me, haven't seen any canvassers at moms x
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    Bless, if I had thought of postal votes earlier I certainly would have gone down that route, but my mind has been on other things not the vote, thank you x
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    Thank you for the reply, I can get mom to do the mark with my help, thank you x
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    Hi all, I’m wondering if people with dementia are allowed to vote, mom has had her voting card through, I’m willing to take her to the polling station but I would have to do the cross, is this allowed?
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    Concerns over sudden changes in behaviour

    Hi and welcome, I care for mom and have done so since dad passed away 2 years ago. I find that even though I haven't really grieved for dad, that's on the back burner, that as long as I don't take mom to see the grave she carries on as normal, I don't mention dad which is very hard, she does...
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    Do I give up work ?

    Welcome....I gave up work to look after mom 2 years ago....yes I do regret it to a certain degree, leaving all my friends, not being able to go out with them etc, but in a nut shell I would do it all over again, it hasn't been easy this journey, there has been many tears on my part, the bad days...
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    Anxiety and fretting

    Oh Dutchman that last sentence made me chuckle.....from your posts your love for your wife shines like a beacon, but you do have to think of yourself as well!! I think we all struggle with "when is the right time for a care home" I know I'm struggling at the moment for mom, she has brilliant...
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    Anxiety and fretting

    I am so sorry Dutchman, hugs and love across the airwaves to you....I agree with you Dementia is the most evil and hateful condition, stay strong g xx
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    Trying to stay on top of it all

    So sorry to hear of your sad news, hugs and love to you and your family xx
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    Hospital discharge .... feeling a bit pressured

    So sorry for your loss, love and hugs for you and your family xx
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    I know this sounds horrible, but I have given my siblings 12 months notice of me going back to my own flat, instead of caring 24/7.....all I asked for was more cooperation from them, cover for appointments, cover for a day so I could go out, but NO, no cooperation, so I have now said they have...
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    Fix Dementia Care - letter to the new PM

    Signed and shared via facebook
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    Contacting your MP....

    Ahh well done you for finding it....thank you xx
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    Contacting your MP....

    I have just signed a petition, for Alzheimer's Society, to send to Boris Johnson, about more care etc for Alzheimer's Dementia, I don't know wether the petition is on this forum, perhaps one of the moderators can point or put it on, it was on my Facebook page x
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    So Cross!

    Ahh enjoy your break, as you leave say to her " welcome to my world" and if I was you I would leave your mobile phone at home....have a lovely break, recharge your batteries xx
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    Pressure sores!

    Mom got a pressure sore on her heel while she was in hospital in February, it took till the end of July to heal itself, there is now an enquiry of how why she got this sore, and we have to have monthly visits from the district nurse to make sure she has not got any more. We have a hospital/ with...
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    Mum rewriting history

    So so like my mom, she kept asking me if I was going to see dad and his new fancy piece, then because my older brother stayed with her one night with his wife, mom really spooked him by going into the bedroom and shouting "it's about time you come back to our bed instead of being with that...