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    How to broach the subject of selling house.

    I never told my aunt that I was selling her house, nor that I had sold it. If it's mentioned I say what needs to be said on that day. When she first went into the home she worried about what would happen to it while she was away. I said it was fine - the police were keeping an eye on it. That...
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    Hi everyone, new to this site so please bear with me... Mum has Alzheimers, I have long-term MH problems of my own. I’m finding this all so hard...

    Hi Dizzy Lou, welcome to the forum. People who can give better advice than I can will be along soon. In the meantime I can tell you that you're not selfish and you're not to feel guilty. You can only do so much, because you have to prioritise your own health. We can give more advice if you can...
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    Husband and abusive daughter.

    Hi Kalow. So sorry to hear of this. You have POA and control the finances. The next question is whether your husband has capacity to, say, write a new will, take back control of his finances or revoke the POA. Has his capacity been formally assessed? If so, and he's been deemed not to have...
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    Is a rest home next?

    We were amazed when this happened when my aunt went into a care home. We never dreamt she'd let someone bathe her and wash her hair - but they managed within days and she loved it. And people talk about unskilled workers!
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    Am I being selfish? Any advice greatly appreciated

    Hi SparrowLON. I'm sorry to hear you feel so alone. You're not anymore - because you've found this forum and there will be a lot of people here to support you. You'll be asked lots of questions, such as do you live with your mother, does she have carers, would she be self-funding, does she...
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    Grandfather has no LPA

    Hi Tess77, I'm so sorry you're in this situation. I'm sure your grandad will be well cared for in the care home - don't worry or feel guilty about that. If he doesn't have mental capacity, then it's too late for LPA but you can apply for deputyship. Don't worry about the details now - it's not...
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    Joint account

    Sorry, I'm not sure how you calculate those fractions. X and Y have a joint account. Half belongs to X and half belongs to Y. Once the registered, Y's deputy can simply move Y's half to a sole account. So if there is £300 in the joint account, Y's deputy transfers £150 to Y's sole...
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    Labelling a pair of glasses

    That's what we got for my aunt. Not expensive.
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    Carers In Care Homes Are Low Skilled Workers!

    Hi. You're quite right - you were, and are, very skilled. My aunt went back from hospital to her care home after an operation on her fractured thigh. She wasn't eating and had only had an hour or two of physio. We weren't very optimistic. She is now up and walking without a frame. Who did that...
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    Recommend a solicitor?

    Hi. I'm sorry you're having to desk with this while caring for your father. One small point: you mention the insurance and that they must have opened your father's post. You need to get the post redirected to your address so that it remains private. When you apply to do this Royal Mail will...
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    They can trace it from her name, address and date of birth. I reported my uncle and then my aunt. DVLA do keep it confidential. I never admitted it - when my aunt was initially annoyed that 'some smart alec' had done it I just said 'Oh, doctors are probably obliged to let them know'. She later...
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    My husband is 74 with a heart condition. I'm 67 with shortness of breath and high blood pressure. I still work - in an office - 3 days a week. I don't want to get I'll or to pass the virus on to my husband. Something happened at work this week and the more I think about it the angrier I...
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    Death trusts and lifeling planning trusts

    I agree this seems the simplest way forward.
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    Crisis. Moving to a care home.

    A care home sounds the right solution. It's a safeguarding issue if she's wandering. If you don't have LPA you can't access her money to pay for care. Apply urgently for deputyship and for it to include authority to sell the house.
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    LPA making investments .....

    That's a good way to look at it.
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    LPA making investments .....

    "Additionally the LPA has to include the instruction that new investment or existing investments can be transferred or continue to be held in an investment scheme managed by others (So the fund managers in your example) who will make investment decisions on investments held in the donors name...
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    Stair lifts or lifts

    For £15,000 there might be other solutions such as a downstairs shower room. We have an extension that is a utility room with a WC beyond. If ever my husband can't manage the stairs I'll have it converted into a shower room. Not sure where I'll put the washing machine.
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    Death trusts and lifeling planning trusts

    If your husband would need that money to pay for his care, why would you prioritise your children?
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    Respite time or selfishness?

    Hi. I wasn't familiar with your situation but I've just read some of your previous posts. I'd say that you deserve a break and a few days in a favourite place with your son sounds perfect. Your wife is safe and cared for and there are others who can visit.