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    Father-in-law is Refusing Operation

    I agree with what others have recommended, dad may change mind regularly etc.,id be economical with truth if drs say its in his best interests medically . Play it by ear, i do . I find with mum you get surprises both good and bad . Hope it works out for your dad
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    mum was prescribed tramadone

    Can you discuss the sixe effects with a cpn ? Ive heard lots of medications dont work so well that n people with dementia. They possibly sedate but that can lead to more confusion, antisocial behaviour. My mum has problems when she is receiving personal care but is fine sleeping . Its v...
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    Time limit on respite?

    Mum had respite for 7 mths while i had an operation and was unable to care for mum. Mum contributed £100 pw. I did have a problem though, sw got team leader to have best interest meeting with a view of mum staying in care . I had to fight hard and she came home x
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    Care home resisting DST assessment

    Good to hear and long may it continue xx
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    Mum in care home crying and angry - need advice

    Would it help if a friend fid a joint visit with you. When my mum was in emi repite when i had a cancer op, had tomtake friend with me as couldnt face it. Mum 92, attacking staff when trying to wash, dress, toilet her etc.all these stages/ habits pass but no fun while youre involved in them...
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    Mums coming home.....

    People do q me re caring for mum and they only have experience of care homes not emi homes and there is a vast difference . Some reg homes, esp down south r like hotels , sadly not emi , gvt allow them to be so big too eg mum was in 45 and 89 resident as it was short notice , only 1s available
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    Mums coming home.....

    I have been caring for my mum for 13 yrs and living with me 9. Mum is 92 resists assistance and doing personal care is a skill ive learned through my long apprenticeship. Sadly care system cant cope with people like mum, when i had care agency for 8 wks a few yrs ago, came at all times, sent 17...
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    Alzheimer's and alcoholism

    No fun at time but all stages and habits eventually pass . Some v good non alco bottles of wine which look convincing . Best wishes xxx
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    Alzheimer's and alcoholism

    Good idea, i rember mum having similar problem , drinking v fast and wanting more. I used to say , oh its all gone and make excuses why i couldnt go,out and buy some more .i wish id white lied sooner as didnt realise i could trick mum.
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    Can I ... Should I?

    You sound an amazing person and i mean that. I brought my mum to live with me after my sister who lived with her was financially abusing mum via debit card. That was in oct 2009 , mum now nearly 91. My husband aged55 died of cancer 2012 and ive just had surgery, started chemo for breast...
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    Nursing home liability re lost property

    Thanks for all replies. Im going to speak to the manager today. Mum isnt mobile so i know she hasnt put them in bin etc. I had a black chain on them too, plus a name tag. I dont think they are looking hard enough and it might jog them on to try and find them. Mum is funded by Soc service...
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    Nursing home liability re lost property

    Mum is in temp care as main carer have been in hospital for surgery andcstill recovering. Her glasses have been missing over 2 weeks now and will have to be replaced. They will cost £200 and as mum isnt mobile , somebodyelse has misplaced them . I expect home to pay . Has anybody any advice...
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    Mum at end of life

    Your mother has been fortunate having such a caring daughter . My thoughts are with you x
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    I'm feeling lost - Again

    I was fortunate if thats the word to be able to care for my mum in my house. She has lived with me for 7 yrs . Its been so difficult but i have given up work and rely on widows pension and mums income. Id contact social services and social worker will discuss options available. Thoughts are...
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    Eyes like count dracula

    Thanks for advice. GP did come out and prescribe drops , will continue for few more days and contact surgery
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    Eyes like count dracula

    Goggles sounds good but depends if she tries to remove them. As soon as drops are put into her eyes , verbal abuse starts and thn rubbing with fingers and clothing if she can pull it hard enough to reach her eyes.
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    Eyes like count dracula

    Mum has had 2 lots of drops, one from chemist, other from drs but cannot stop rubbing her eyes. One is completely bloodshot . Has anybody had experience of this and if so how did they solve eye rubbing problem. I try and distract her when she does it but she usually carries on.
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    Results of best interest meeting says mum needs a care home .... some questions

    Hi , my mum was in hospital for 13 weeks and it was suggested that she went into care home. I had excellent hospital sw and backed me 100% to bring mum home. Had visits 4 x a day with 2 carers . I wasnt happy with standard of care local authority had contracted . Mum was paying £158 and La...
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    Suddenly not able to stand, would a standaid help?

    Forgot to mention i can use it easily by myself to transfer mum. Ot said to use with my daughetr at first but then ok with one .
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    Suddenly not able to stand, would a standaid help?

    My mum has been using an electric stand aid with a belt since july. Ive found it life changing. My mum lost her mobility after 13 wks in hospital. She tried the mannual stand aid but was easily distracted and therfore unsafe. With the electic version she is strapped in. It is v easy to use...