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    DWP query on deceased mother's accounts

    Great idea, Love Dad! He won't do anything that reduces his share. I can't wait to tell my money grabbing little brother who did not even visit mum for over 5 years to go away in Anglo Saxon as soon as all this is finished. I don't think estates recovery appreciate or are even concerned just...
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    DWP query on deceased mother's accounts

    Since my last post our solicitor replied mid November with all the info we could supply. Two months later we are still waiting for a reply. I have since heard that it can take a over a year to resolve even relatively simple claims due to backlog and staff shortages. I was hoping it could be...
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    DWP query on deceased mother's accounts

    Thank you for your replies. The DWP have asked the solicitor to obtain my mum's account balances to check she was entitled to pension credit at the time of assessment in 2012. This was done by a social worker shortly after her diagnosis who was satisfied after seeing mum's statements and bank...
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    DWP query on deceased mother's accounts

    Thanks for your replies. The DWP seem to.he going through all my Mum's accounts and the one I used for her pension credit and AA allowance for any unusual outgoings, and unfortunately have chosen the ones that I do not have receipts for. I have never used mum's money for myself, and am...
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    DWP query on deceased mother's accounts

    My mother died just over a year ago and the solicitor is handling probate. As my mother received pension credit and attendance allowance as well as her normal pension the DWP are scrutinizing all her accounts. I kept records of all purchase I made for her (care fees, food orders, utility bills...
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    Incorrect death paperwork

    Thanks for all your support. Apparently cardiac arrest is a result, not a cause, and is not accepted for a home death on its own, new form said old age and dementia. The surgery mislaid the paperwork and kept asking me to come back later in the afternoon despite being told by registrar and...
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    Incorrect death paperwork

    I made an appointment to register my mum's death yesterday after her surgery confirmed their paperwork was ready for collection. However the registrar could not accept it as the doctor had not given cause of death, just pulmonary cardiac arrest and dementia. The registrar called the doctor who...
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    My mum has gone

    My mum aged 90 died at 5.00pm today. She had gone downhill fast following a virus and a UTI. I had stayed with her since 9.30am yesterday, but popped home for a quick shower but was able to say goodbye. My brother, who had not seen her for over 5 years came to see her with my sister-in-law. I...
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    Mum gone downhill fast after virus

    My mum has gone downhill fast following a bad virus recently which really set her back. She has been doubly incontinent for a while and we have arranged full at home care and a profiling bed and air mattress as she is now totally bedbound and sleeps all the time except for personal care, and...
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    Dementia and moving things and fiddling with everything?

    My mum also used to put things in a 'safe' place. The washing machine, ottoman and divan drawers were favourite places, along with under the sink or down the toilet. She also insisted on turning off all lights except for a small table light (in case of a power cut!) And turning off all radiators...
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    Advice re my mum.

    As others have said, the worry about money is very common. Before I got POA my mum was drawing £300 every week or even few days and hiding the money round the house. I found over £2000 in weird places and put a stop on her drawing any more. My mum accused me of stealing it every time I saw her...
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    That time of year again.

    KevinL is right, way too early even if the shops are full of festive food, and ads on TV already! I will think of presents for my mum's carers in December. Mum won't know it's Christmas anyway.
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    Is that it? The past no so much forgotten as re-remembered in this vile, toxic form?

    i always had a difficult relationship with my mum which worsened with dementia. She used to tell everyone she met that I never visited or did anything for her even while I was there and cooking cleaning and taking her to doctors etc. She would tell them she never wanted me and I had ruined her...
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    I wish I hada timeline of how this is going to go...

    Unfortunately no one can tell, everyone's dementia is different. My 90 yearold mum was diagnosed 5 years ago and is now unable to talk or recognise anyone, is incontinent and sleeps all day apart for personal care and meals. Every time she was ill she declined, then plateaued till the next...
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    Poor diet

    In the early stages my 90 yearold mum would only eat fruit pies by the packet, spicy curries and pasta meals, porridge, satsumas and KitKat and refused anything green. But at least she was eating something and enjoying it. Now she has no appetite and has to be prompted and helped to eat a small...
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    Is this late stage? Worried about mum

    If you are OK driving in UK you could look at hiring a small campervan for under £400 a week, plus campsite fees £20-25 a night. You would not need a second car hire and could save money on eating out, and many sites are close to bus stops or railway stations.
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    Just having a brief bang of head against the wall

    I thought I had found and thrown out every old pair of glasses in my mum's house, she just had 2 new pairs. Where she found the old Dierdre style ones that she could not see with remains a mystery.
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    Dementia Sweet Tooth?

    I think taste must be one of the first senses to go with dementia. My mum refused to eat the 'bland' food she enjoyed previously, but would eat fruit pies, cakes, chocolate and humbugs by the packets! She would only eat curries and pasta meals which she used to hate. Now she just eats what she...
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    Broken hip?

    My mum broke her hip 5 years ago aged 85. Unfortunately the anaesthetic and disorientating stay in hospital worsened her dementia. She was a regular swimmer for many years before the accident, but never went again as was afraid of slipping. She healed quite well but would not do physio unless...
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    How do you get them to wash?

    I bought shampoo caps on Amazon. They are warmed in the microwave, then popped over all hair which is gently massaged, then towel dried and finished with hair dryer. Mum's hair only gets washed every 2-3 weeks. We also use wash wipes for when she refuses a wash. She has not had a shower in...