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    Keeping mum safe

    Hello Jane! I've been out of the loop for a quite a while. Working, caring for mum, childcare (an adorable 2 year old!) And life, in general, have caught up with me! Glad to be back. I have missed this lovely community! Jenny
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    Keeping mum safe

    Hello. Mum is 88. She will insist on leaving her inner door (the main front door) wide open. There is an outer door but it is closed but not locked. We often go round to find the back door wide open as well, and mum asleep. Nothing we do (including pinning a note to the front door saying 'keep...
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    What do you think of Talking Point? Let us know your thoughts

    Talking Point has been a lifeline for me. Mum has Alzheimer's and my husband and I have been coping on our own. We have engaged carers to prompt medication four days each week (And supervise breakfast, lay the tray for lunch and make a sandwich for tea) I am well aware that mum is nowhere as bad...
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    Private carers.

    I use a private care agency for mum. Minimum of an hour's visit so a relatioship builds up. Can't recommended them highly enough
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    How did you introduce home-based assistance?

    My mum wouldn't accept any help with anything. I always do that, was/is the response. I introduced carers as friends of mine 'Just popping round for a chat'. They now make sandwiches for tea & occasionally help change the bed. My hope is, when more care is needed, she will be used to 'the ladies...
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    Carers Throwing out Food at Best Before Date

    Can I ask about the thyroid medication? What is T3? Why is it different to regular thyroxine? Just curious!
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    Thermostat cover

    Brilliant idea! A warm welcome tou the forum from me, as well
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    Thermostat cover

    Good idea! Thank you xxx
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    Thermostat cover

    Hi all, We had central heating installed, for mum, last year. Mum turns the thermostat right down at night and then up to 30 if she wants warmth. I need to buy a cover so it can stay at a constant, comfortable, temperature. My intention is, if she can't see the dial, she won't fiddle I've looked...
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    Dad's latest oncology appointment

    Have a great break!
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    Suggestions to remember tablets

    What are the tablets that need to be taken at night? Mum takes statins. They should be taken at night but the GP says it's better she has them in the morning when she can be prompted, than not have them! Have you been completely upfront with the GP about the prompting issue?
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    Constant picking at nails/rag nails

    Mum is also a scratcher. Upper arms, shoulders and both legs (her chair is covered in blood stains) I am sure it is habit and there is no itch (mindless picking rather than the more urgent scratching of an itch) even if a cream was prescribed, mum would be resistant (I've just put it on/I'll do...
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Many thanks, Lundy xxx
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Thank you Vicky C!
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Hi Granny! Hope you are well? Doesn't sound over dramatic as I know other people whose PWD suffered from hallucinations (a friend of mine used to shake'n'vac, regularly to 'kill' all the insects her mum could see!) Mum seems totally unconscious that she is doing it. You can be having a...
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Hello Baz22, I haven't involved the doctor, yet. When she first started picking her shoulders I had the GP take a look and a cream was prescribed to combat itchiness (in case something was irritating her skin) but she wouldn't let me apply it. She had always 'Just done it'. I'm guessing the...
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Mum was a knitter but shows no interest at all nowadays. Thank you SO much for your responses. Means a lot to me
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Thank you! I was going to introduce the twiddle muff as a hand warmer. The scratching is realatively recent.(about a year) I have watched mum and I am sure it is a habit. She picks at scabs and her arms are covered in scar tissue (as are her shoulders, legs & head) I am worried about infection.
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    Scratching until she bleeds

    Mum's brother has, jokingly, suggested scratch mittens! Mum is still living indepently, with a lot of support. She does jigsaws (admittedly with a lot of surreptitious help!) So gloves wouldn't be an option. I have a twiddle muff for her but I don't think she is at the stage where she would...