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  1. sunny

    monitoring social care

    I am just wondering whether instead of only signing on line petitions to submit to politicians whether it would be much better if we all put ourselves forward out in the real world and be elected as THE politicians - all of us have very practical experience of the issues. The only way to get...
  2. sunny

    monitoring social care

    I think it also time just to remember the Dementia Action Alliance because action is what is needed - even Southern Cross are given a mention.;) Also Anchor are campaigning for a Minister for Older People in their Grey...
  3. sunny

    monitoring social care

    Mr. Angry I would certainly agree with your piece:- "In social care as in many other areas the role of regulators is called into question. What is the point of regulators if they can bark but can not bite. Sadly even barking appears to be beyond some of them":D Oh so true! It seems...
  4. sunny

    Freemasonry appears to be Alzheimers Free

    sorry to hear about your father's death Bombo. Interesting to hear about the discovery but I am also wondering if its more that of the organisation closing ranks and not wanting to let people know one of their members has died of Alzheimers? Some people still find it very hard to talk about.
  5. sunny

    Time spent with carers

    Hi Northern Star Just to say I think saying nurses maybe accepted more readily as she will understand that. I think the visit should be an hour - the carer does not have to cook the meal? - is this actually warming up one of those microwave meals or what type of meal is it - still Meals on...
  6. sunny

    New, lost and worried

    Hi there, Quite honestly I dont really dwell on this aspect of genetics too much and am wondering if there is something else in your life you are lacking to be dwelling on this to such an extent it might be interfering with your enjoyment of life now. How are the rest of your family coping...
  7. sunny


    I glad you had a good visit to see your Mum relaxed. Sure does pay to speak your mind, well done! and I am glad you have a fairly good relationship with the staff and are able to do this in a manner which is not "blazing" because after all they are trying their best too. At times of heightened...
  8. sunny

    Snapped at mum today

    Reno, the repetition is absolutely excrutiating for carers at times - unless somebody has experienced that then especially when you are tired or a bit down yourself it can test your sanity to breaking point. Its like a record getting stuck. That is why carers should and need regular breaks -...
  9. sunny

    Glen Campbell has Alzheimer`s

    He is still a great artist and I am pleased that he still wants to go on stage and perform his music, which I like - one of the greats in music and I hope the audiences really get behind him and support him throughout his tours. I am also glad he and his family have been open about this as...
  10. sunny

    Isolation week – Friends of the Elderly

    the world is moving on so quickly now that those in their 50's are now considered elderly - and those in their 30's middle aged - in some quarters - but we are then all considered young enough to work till we drop. As Tina Turner sang "whats age got to do with it" oops sorry no I think she...
  11. sunny

    I've been handed a lifeline

    very good news to hear that you have help. As you mention a camera, why dont you enter the Countryfile calendar photographic competition details on the Countryfile website. Just a suggestion for a new project to fit in with your new "me" time.
  12. sunny


    NHS Chiropodists are becoming as rare as a blue moon so why I wonder is this - it does take a lot of money to train to become a Chiropodist and courses are sparse throughout the country but footcare is important especially for diabetics so it sounds like it is going to be rather like NHS...
  13. sunny

    A time to reflect

    what a fantastic uplifting post. Fortunately I always tend to look on the bright side of life, always have hope I always will.:)
  14. sunny

    Vascular Dementia & Agression

    Watching TV I am sad to hear this for your Dad, but I just wonder sometimes if watching television brings this on. My mother had Vascular Dementia and in the end she was unable to enjoy the TV, because she used to experience it in quite a different way to others. She thought the TV was...
  15. sunny

    Terry Pratchett

    Loved your post Carrie I found it very uplifting- I am glad you and your partner are having quality time so do Carrie on!!;) I am pleased that Terry Prachett is causing debate and still being a great communicator, to be able to communicate is a wonderful thing but we take it so much for granted.
  16. sunny

    Elderly face being made homeless

    Privatisation in certain circumstances will not work - people are not commodities - but obviously in this situation that is precisely what they are being viewed as - profit/loss on the balance sheet. So the foreign spivs have made a "killing" and now the british taxpayer will probably have to...
  17. sunny

    New to Dementia & being a carer

    Hi there, Have you tried National Trust gardens - lovely places to visit worth the subscription or money on the day at the door. Are very suitable for people like your Mum and you - have nice tea rooms, good paths, wheelchairs if needed, good toilets etc. I used to take my Mum out to these...
  18. sunny

    Not having a good day

    Shauna, nothing prepares you for losing somebody you love. Just being there holding her and comforting her is all you can do now. You are in a high state of anxiety which is only natural at this time but it sounds as if she does not need her dentures anymore and obviously you want to see...
  19. sunny

    Whats Your Opinion Of This

    Your poor old Dad all his pleasures taken away, how damn depressing! just waiting to die I think a little commonsense should be exercised here, with a drop of the whisky and a dollop of water as a nightcap. Rules is rules can be taken too far but there again if some relatives werent so fond...
  20. sunny

    Would you hold it against me because I cared?

    Because Simon you showed them up for what they are - selfish good for nothing jetsam and flotsam - and now they probably are putting the boot in for for you and probably because you spent some of their inheritance on looking after Mum and they dont like it now you probably feel like an orphan...