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  1. capybara

    MPs to examine the prescribing of neuroleptics

    Anti phsychotic drugs :DThanks for your post. I was very concerned for a long time about my father being prescribed these drugs. As he was put on them for over a year and was never offered any conventional treatments for Alzheimers. After a battle with the local NHS trust I finally got my...
  2. capybara

    Alzheimer Drugs Epetition update and todays News

    Thank you for your support I must thank you all for the support that this site offers and keep up the good work.
  3. capybara

    Alzheimer Drugs Epetition update and todays News

    Hello Sorry I have not been in touch lately, had a lovely holiday in Greece and have been very busy of late. The petition about the lack of Alzheimer Drugs for early and late stage patients now stands at 2,073 votes so thank you all for your support and with the start of todays high court...
  4. capybara

    personal care allowance

    Lack of funding for personal care Hello Sorry to hear about your situation with funding, found this link which may be of some help to you . I take it you live in Scotland Good Luck
  5. capybara

    At last some Alzheimer's Drugs prescribed for my Father.

    Aricept Thanks for your message , yes we will keep our fingers crossed for my father , my main concern was the Neuroleptic drug that he had been prescribed especially after the research on it by the A.S. Info here:-...
  6. capybara

    At last some Alzheimer's Drugs prescribed for my Father.

    :D It has been a huge task , but we have at last managed to get my father re-assesed and he has been prescribed Aricept. Up till now he was only ever given a Neuroleptic drug called Quetapine which is totally unsuitable. You can read about our fight for better treatment on this link below...
  7. capybara

    Opporrtunity to put your questions to the Prime Minister

    Politics show Tha:D nks for your info I have sent a message and who knows it may get read.
  8. capybara

    My dads story as published on NHS Exposed.

    Petition link ;) Hi Sylvia thanks for your support if you did not get the link then you must have already signed it, glad you liked the story Regards Mark
  9. capybara

    My dads story as published on NHS Exposed.

    Hello everyone as most of you already probably know I am trying to help the Alzheimers society with their campaign against the NICE decision not to fund drugs for early and late stage Alzheimer's patients. NHS Exposed have kindly published my Dads story about his lack of treatment and the fight...
  10. capybara

    Interesting American Alzheimers site

    Happy Easter to you all ! I have found a very informative US Alzheimers site with a message board so have posted the link below.
  11. capybara

    Happy Birthday Talking Point !!

    This site has been a lifeline to me as we try to come to terms with my Dads illness as I am sure it is to many others in similar situations. I would like to thank everyone involved in running the site for the wonderful job they do and the massive support available here. Regards Mark
  12. capybara

    Alzheimer's sedative concerns

    Daily Express today ( Alzheimer's sedative killing off thousands' Hi everyone In todays paper it states that a five year study by the Alzheimers research trust found that neuroleptics (sedatives prescribed to Alzheimers patients) appear to reduce their lifespan by about six months. They mare...
  13. capybara

    AD DRUGS - or others....??

    Re: Medication for your father I too am unhappy with the treatment of my father, to date he has not been prescribed anything to treat his Alzheimers symptoms. He too is on Quietapine, it is used as an anti agitation drug for patients with Alzheimers. I recieved some advice from a Doctor on...
  14. capybara

    Are we doing the right thing?

    Anti Agitation drug Quietapine Sorry to hear about your mother and her problems. My father has Alzheimers and he was at one stage acting aggressivley towards my mother, quite frightening at the time. He was prescribed quietapine and this did solve the aggression and has been much calmer...
  15. capybara

    Interesting Article

    My Journey so far Hello Connie I realise now that the link I posted was a bit out of date never mind and thank you hazel for the copy and paste into the browser info ( Info I should have put in the message). The petition is going well 1,554 votes and the story below is going to be published on...
  16. capybara

    Interesting Article

    :) Was sent this article today may be of some help to you.$/psige-section/computer-aid-helps-dementia-sufferers-communicate-again.cfm
  17. capybara

    Update on the lack of Alzheimer Drugs e Petition on the PM'S website.

    Nearly 1000 signatures now! The petition currently has 963 signatures so is going very well Thanks for the support. Mark
  18. capybara

    Update on the lack of Alzheimer Drugs e Petition on the PM'S website.

    I must Thank everyone who has signed the petition , currently standing at 600 signatures and position number 21 on page 1 of health matters on the number 10 Downing Street website The petition only started on the 10th of January so not bad going, I am hoping with your support to get 1000,s of...
  19. capybara

    Lack of NHS funding for Alzheimer Patients E petition update.

    :cool: Just a message to thank you all for your support. The petition currently has 355 signatures and is in 15 th spot on the health matters board after 2 weeks. Would urge you all if you have'nt already signed it to please sign and email any friends the link below...
  20. capybara

    The Lack of Alzheimer Drugs Epetition.

    I want to thank everyone who has supported my E; petition at 10 Downing street,after a week it currently stands at 212 signatures and is in 20th spot on the health board. Please vote if you have not alredy done so and let your family and collegues know about it. :o Link here ...