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    Mum won't sit down

    Its so nice to log on here and find someone going through the exact same issues as me and my Dad are with Mum. You are right, she just won't sit down unless she wants to. Then complains that her legs and back are sore - we just can't win. Getting her to sit on the toilet is also an issue -...
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    Aggitated and not eating

    My mum has alzheimers for 6 years now. She got taken to hospital by ambulance 5 weeks ago as the local GP got worried about her. They kept us there from 3pm till 10pm and while Mum did extremely well being cooped up like that finally lost it when they wanted a CT scan at 9.30. We finally got...
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    understanding people

    You could try reading the book Contented Dementia by Oliver James. It explains how people with dementia remember things and tips and tricks for combating aggitation. I think its a great book and could be very useful for families and carers especially if the ideas are adopted as early as...
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    Advice for a carer

    Thanks for the help especially Brucie as I can now try to see it from my Dad's point of view. We'll just soldier on and who knows maybe he'll come around and maybe she will love the Day Care - fingers crossed
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    Advice for a carer

    My mum was diagnosed with AZ about 6 years ago now. She turns 65 this month so it was early onset. My dad has been her full time 24/7 carer for her during these 6 years. It has taken a major toll on him but I cannot get him to take a break. He has said to me that if things keep going like...
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    Just at the beginning

    Maybe its different in Ireland to the UK but my Mum was allowed to keep driving for some time after diagnosis but only if she had a driving assessment by a qualified assessor every 6 months. That report was then sent to her specialist who then wrote a letter to the insurance company saying she...
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    Seeking advice on problems with eyesight

    Hi Sally My mum has probs with her eyesight. She quite often complains about seeing colours in front of them - purple. She also sees double at times too. Took us ages to work out why she seemed to think there were more people in the room that there actually were. There is nothing wrong with...
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    Disturbed nights

    Don't know if this helps but when my Mum when through a period of not sleeping through the night we gave her a small glass of red wine mixed with water. She's not a drinker so not used to alcohol but it certainly did the trick night after night after night and she sleeps right through
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    Anybody heard of Seroquel for AD?

    Anybody heard of or have someone with AD prescribed a very low dosage of Seroquel and if so does it help with the anxiety and fear?
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    Anyone in their 30's dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed AD?

    Thanks KateP. Dad managed to get her to take it one time. However it worsened her confusion and we noticed she wasn't walking properly. The side effects were worse than the problem it was supposed to help. So, back to the drawing board....
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    anyone else dealing with genetic Alzheimers?

    Don't know if this helps or not. We got Mum on a drug trial in Ireland. While she was on it Dad got talking to the specialist running it. Turns out they hope to have a vacine for AD in about 10 years. It won't cure it but will stop it in its tracks so if caught early it means there is hope
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    Anyone in their 30's dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed AD?

    I too am in my late 30s and my Mum was diagnosed with AD about 5 years ago now and is currently 63. My Dad is her primary carer and it is really taking its toll on him now. Mum still has lucid enough moments around lunch time where a conversation may just be possible at times. However towards...
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    Any activites advice?

    Hi Kate We have the same problem with Mum. Leave her in front of the tv and she goes asleep - not because she is tired but because she is bored. Wants to go out for a walk all time even in the dark. Poor Dad's leggs are nearly walked off him. We found a simple jigsaw does for a while as...
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    Entertainment Ideas

    My mum has AZ. She is now 64 and was diagnosed about 5 years ago. What I am trying to do at the moment are find activities that she can do on her own to a) boost her confidence that she can still do something on her own without help and b) allow Dad even half an hour to read the paper or surf...
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    sleeping tips

    We had the same problem with Mum until we discovered a small bit of wine for her supper helps her sleep. We discovered it accidentally after she had a glass of wine at Christmas. She doesn't normally drink so a table spoon of rose mixed with water seems to do the trick. She still takes half a...
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    Sort of need to get this all off my chest

    So much of what you said I can so relate to. I too come from Ireland but did bite the bullet last year and got on the first rung of the property ladder. This is what has saved my sanity. I now have a retreat and the nice thing is now Dad and Mum can come visit me for dinner etc which is a...