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    Mum passed away on the 18th June 2015

    When people are so caring and do their utmost to ensure their loved ones receive the best care and attention, as clearly you are and have done, we do tend to question ourselves as we always look for perfection. Rest assured your mum would have known and fully appreciated what you have done for...
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    Our Final Moment Together

    Thankyou It is very, very hard to continue without my loved one but our children, adults, need my support and friendship at this time as indeed I need and receive theirs. Thank you all for your lovely kind responses. This is the week when I will need to call upon all my strength as we finally...
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    William has gone

    Sorry to learn of your loss. My condolences and hope for strength and comfort for you in the coming days and weeks.
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    Our Final Moment Together

    The love of my life, Pat, passed peacefully away in my arms tonight. Whilst in my arms I sang our night time routine songs, said The Lords Prayer and sang Psalm 23 as best I could remember it. I then told Pat again that I loved her and she would always be in my heart and memory. I thanked her...
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    Most Difficult Days

    Four weeks ago Pat was admitted to hospital as she was unresponsive. Two weeks later medical checks did not identify any underlying cause other than her Alzheimer's/VaD and I was given her prognosis; she is now receiving End Of Life Care (EOLC) at home under NHS Continuing Care. I am pleased I...
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    The Up's and Down's

    Thank you both for the lovely supportive comments. Today was a DOWN day, what with the difficulties in trying to get help (see my earlier post today, Frustrated/Angry), and to cap it all after I became concerned about Pat's sleepiness and being unresponsive this morning she was taken into...
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    Earlier today I became concerned about my wife who was very quiet and unresponsive and following a call to our GP she has been admitted to hospital under 999 emergency. I will be telephoning to find what her status is later. This situation has coincidentally reinforced my previous calls...
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    Understood, Chuggalug, and advice appreciated. I have actually contacted GP re urgent ICT as soon as made aware by SS. Thank you.
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    Sorry to moan but my experience may help others faced with a similar situation in the UK. I have been caring for my wife full time and now reached a stage where in the interests of both of us I need support. This morning I contacted a company to see if I could arrange private support. They were...
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    The Up's and Down's

    DOWN Friday evening - tried to support Pat in getting her standing in preparation for moving/undressing and ready for bed. She moaned, stared ahead and limbs went rigid and shook, lasting 10 to 15 secs. Was slurred in 'normal' speech and confused for some time. Concerned, I prepared temporary...
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    Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one due to Alzeimer's

    Sorry to learn of your sad loss and the difficult days you have experienced. I firmly believe that there is a greater degree of understanding by a person with dementia of what is said to, or done for them, than they are able to communicate to others themselves. So take comfort knowing your mum...
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    My poor mam died today

    So sorry to learn of your loss. I am sure your mother would have heard your final words to her and that would have given her some comfort and joy in her last moments. My best wishes for support and strength in the coming days.
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    Trackers and human rights

    My simple answer: Do what you think is right and appropriate and ignore those who are clearly unable to apply good common sense to a situation.
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    Eyesight, vision and looking

    My wife has also been reluctant to walk forward when there has been a change in colour of the floor in front of her, as Lin has said above. I believe this is due to the brain not being able to correctly interpret what the eyes are seeing. Also, in a similar way it may be that the brain is not...
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    Advice please.

    :eek: Izzy, I thought my wife had a large tank! I am forever making sure she has plenty to drink, essential as we know for many health reasons, but perhaps shooting myself in the foot :D.
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    Dad died at 5.30am

    Sorry to learn of your loss but pleased it was a peaceful end for your dad with your mother at his side. Our condolences and hope for your strength, comfort and peace in the coming days and weeks.
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    Dad started to lean to one side

    Just in the last few months my wife (9 yrs plus, Alz/VaD) has started leaning to one side (left) both when sitting and walking. Also, she sometimes stoops almost to being doubled up when sitting and walking. Trying to get her posture correct is almost impossible as it is as though her muscles...
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    Advice please.

    I've tried many kinds of incontinence pants for my wife; pull ups and pull through and wrap arounds (those where you have two sticky tabs to secure each side), inexpensive and costly, and they all fail at some time despite frequent removal and changing. Whilst not the most feminine or...
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    Sorry, can only tell you of our experience. A few years ago when I briefly mentioned moments of aggression I had experienced from my wife, the mental health doctor recommended to our G.P. that he prescribe risperidone. I had read information about this drug on the Internet and was concerned not...
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    Would you pay for this?

    You pay for and expect proper care; under the circumstances I believe it is wrong for you to be charged for their lack of care and what about the time, trouble, concern and possible extra costs you have incurred through their fault. It may just be that an automated computer invoice has been...