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    So, here we are.

    Are they male or female? Aisling
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    Others who think they know better!

    Hi Helly 11 I understand completely. It is difficult to ignore some people and their "advice". But please try. I wish some people would keep silly questions and opinions to themselves. I have been there and have the tee-shirt! Without Talking Point, I would have gone totally mad. Virtual hug...
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    Power of Attorney

    Enduring power of attorney cost me almost 2000 euro in Ireland. Aisling
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    Hospital Visits

    You can't keep this up, you will be exhausted. Am assuming hospital staff make sure she is eating etc. Hugs winging their way to you. Aisling xx
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    Mum is being sick. Could it be side effects??

    Just keep an eye on her and mention it to doctor. Can your Auntie help you out? You know fluids are important. Hugs, Aisling x
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    How do I get Mum to have a bath?

    Try not to fret too much about hygiene. You have done so much for your Mum. This is an area that becomes difficult for many people. Do you have any carers coming in to help you? We had one carer for OH for a very short period and he was brilliant but it all went downhill after him. All you can...
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    There you go now! Anyway don't worry about it. We are not submitting posts for correction....... thanks be to God. I correct errors in books, newspapers etc but that's a different ball game altogether. Virtual hugs, Aisling xx
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    I didn't know about film I'll be me. Will hunt for it when I get a chance. Me? A tad confused!! No stranger I suppose. I didn't see any invisibles at Cemetary Mass thanks be to God. Tiredness has returned like a volcano. Oh well........... How are you doing? Take things as easy...
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    Mum's aggression getting much worse

    Am so sorry to read your post. It is heartbreaking. Yes it is time to look at Care Homes. Explain all about your Mum's behaviour as she needs expert care. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Aisling x
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    Glen Campbell R.i.P. Film I'll be me. Aisling
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    Saying Goodbye

    I am so sorry Madge. Aisling xx
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    It's too hot outside

    You keep your Mum in the shade and she takes fluid so basically that is all you can do. She enjoys being outside so as long as she is safe And visible to you, let it be. A note of caution, a person with Dem can disappear in seconds so outside area has to be escape proof. Aisling xx
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    Day care

    Find out as much as you can about day care and talk to manager about your husband's needs, interests etc. When you know that it may suit, make app to take him. First time I took my OH to day care a staff member met us at the door and welcomed him to the club. I didn't have discussions etc about...
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    tiredness much worse advise anyone

    Maybe he has an infection. Hope you get help from GP on Thursday. For quite a while I got sick after eating. Lived on toast and tea, then down to sips of water, went to doctor then and I had some stomach infection. Virtual hugs, Aisling xx
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    So, here we are.

    Absolutely agree with you Lady A. Upkeep of house is expensive but it is your house. My house is over a hundred years old!! The latest excitement was floor sinking in sitting room!! That is sorted now. Bills seem to come together and if one thing goes wrong this is followed by something...
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    Egg shells

    You need help when your husband is not in daycare. You can't do everything. Please talk to your doctor and tell him/her everything. If you get a prescription do please try it out. You would take meds for pain. You have mental pain and exhaustion. Get help for yourself please. Aisling xx
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    Am doing great Jorgie because all of you are in my corner. Thank you. Aisling xx
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    Yes Molly, I enjoyed the lunch. My favourite old fashioned food, well done steak with mushrooms etc. Relaxed for evening and then headed off to Mass. House very lonely when I got home. Have done absolutely nothing today and I don't feel guilty about it. What the heck!! Aisling xx
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    Izzy and Jarmor, thank you very much. Aisling xx
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    Thank you. Lashing rain so Mass was held in church. Packed to the rafters and crowd outside. My sister was there and we couldn't find each other. We forgot to switch fones on after service. No song of invisibles TG. At least I didn't see any of them so my nerves were spared from standing...