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    What can I do--such an embarrassing problem

    It has been quite a while since I posted,Things have been going really well,Terry has been on Aricept,and has become so much better Big BUT---We are just moving into a retirement flat, my father is very ill in hospital and i have had to juggle moving with going to and from hospital with mum. My...
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    Lots of things happening, too quickly

    Hi Sue Thank you so much for that link, it could have been written for terry How much easier it becomes when you are working with such a fantastic group like yourselves. Now I know it is just a progression of AZ I will put it in the nuisance catagory !! I am feeling a lot more positive...
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    Lots of things happening, too quickly

    Thank you so much for replies. I know what we are doing is right I was just having a little wobble. I think I will contact the hospital and mention the bendy thing tHANKS AGAIN IT IS SO GOOD TO HAVE SOMEWHERE TO UNLOAD ISN,T IT Jan
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    Lots of things happening, too quickly

    Hello everyone. Its the middle of the night, and the first time today that I have been alone to think Terry has been slipping slightly after a brilliant recover due to taking aricept, he keeps having periods when he is bent over sideways,sounds bizarre I know but he just can,t straighten up...
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    new member

    Hello Richard Welcome, I am in a similar situation, my husband was first thought to have vasular dementia, but in March it became Alzheimers----such a frightening word But,you come to terms with it, it isn,t going to change for the better unfortunately,what is needed is that you come to...
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    advice please---aricept problems

    Thank you very much for replies, The hospital didn,t explain why they were increasing dosage, but I was in a state of shock because that was the first time AD had been mentioned. So I may have missed some of the instructions.I am trying to keep a set pattern to food and tablets,because I...
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    advice please---aricept problems

    hello terry has been on aricept for 4 weeks at 5mg and one week on 10mg the improvement was amazing up until the last couple of days,I can,t put my finger on what is wrong, he just doesn,t seem right lethargic,vague and just out of sorts Do you think this is related to the drug or just a...
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    I should be grateful

    Thank you Christine and Sylvia for your comments, I will try and enjoy this time, and also be a little bit less obvious with my monitoring I know this is wishing for the moon but I so wish i knew just how long we had before the deteriation starts again. It is the lack of control you have...
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    I should be grateful

    Hi I have been away for a week with Terry to Devon. It was so lovely to have the OLD TERRY back.he was prescribed aricept last month and has been so much clearer in his mind. My problem is twofold,firstly how much harder is it going to be to lose him again when the medication stops being...
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    Aricept: side effects

    Hi Cassie My husband has been given aricept at 5mg three weeks ago, and at the moment seems much more alert and confident.Has you father suddenly become poorly or was it immediately?I would phone the hospital and get advice as i was warned that side effects do occur. regards Jan
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    Up one minute Down the next !

    Hi I am feeling totally drained, I have been to the solicitors today on advice of doctor and hospital,and apparently i need POA WELFARE for Terry and a financial one for me in case anything happens to me and Terry is unable to cope the cost of these two pieces of paper is £500!! Last...
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    experiences with aricept please

    Hello everyone Just wanted anyone who has had experience of aricept to tell me their experiences. terry is continuing to respond brilliantly, much more like his old self. how long can it last ? how will i know when it is failing? does the old symptons return sorry to sound...
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    Hello Julie Just to let you know that the trances you mention are something that terry has suffered from for the last two years. he has had 5 in the last 6 monthes,he has almost the same symptons although terry is bent over to the right and has trouble standing upright for several hours...
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    -P.O.A. How to bring up subject with Terry?

    Hello again Thank you all so much for your help. we already have our wills in place but both doing it makes sense. could please excuse my ignorance and tell me what is the difference between a EPA and LPA THANKS AGAIN Jan
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    -P.O.A. How to bring up subject with Terry?

    Hello everyone I am looking for advice as to how do I bring up subject with Terry when he thinks he has just memory problems. I have an appointment with solicitor next week but I really don,t want to upset Terry. He will understand the implications. although the hospital said i should get...
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    I'm floundering ..........

    Hello Hilary I am so sorry you feel so low at the moment, have you tried music to calm your mum,whatever her favourite type of music,it soothes. Just think what would she be saying to you if she was still able. I am sure it would be .Live your Life. take care Jan
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    Can Someone please help

    Hello Rich I am so sorry that you have found yourself in this position When i had to leave work last year to care for my husband i was terrified of the finacial implications,but i contacted social services who gave me numbers to call attendance allowance,carers allowance,help with housing...
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    Great news

    Just thought I would share some good news with the people who were kind enough to support me last week when i was really depressed about Terry,s AD The great news is that terry was prescribed Aricept and the difference has been frantastic,He is so much happier and sharper not sure how long...
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    noise as a problem

    Hello Thank you for your replies,it does make social activities a bit of an embarrasing experience Terry makes loud tutting noises and exaggerated sighs. I never know if i should try to explain or whether that seems disloyal i hope everyone has a good day Jan
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    noise as a problem

    Hi Has anyone else found that loud noises, music,even children playing causes a problem. Terry flinches when we are in any situation that has sharp or sudden sounds. i am not sure if this is a symptom or just old age!!! i would be interested to know if it is related to AD THANK...