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  1. sonia owen

    Forget- Me -Not

    Flowers Hi All, Myself and a friend were pretty pleased with our efforts in making the flowers. We enjoyed making too. I took them to the AS local office. The display on our pier is taking place on May 15th. I can't go along to see it myself as I will be away. I am sure I will see some...
  2. sonia owen


    Hi all, If a person has passed away with a debt are the executors responsible for it? Sonia xx
  3. sonia owen


    It causes me more upset and no doubt you were upset too. Having to talk to them this morning about mum's death when it happened etc. Hope you are doing ok. Thanks for your reply to my mail. Take care. Sonia x
  4. sonia owen


    I rang the local council this morning they understood why the bank account had been closed after mum's death. I said if I had known there had been a over payment on mum's services then I would have kept it open as my name was on the account. But as this over sight did not come to light till Feb...
  5. sonia owen


    Thanks Fizzie if I had l known that our local council was going to write to me concerning the over payment for mum's day centre care. I suppose if I had not had to inform them of my mum's passing their mistake would not have come to light. The overcharging had been going on since 2013 till she...
  6. sonia owen


    The overpayment has only just come to light. Closed her bank account after she die because we did not expect the council to have found their mistake. Only found it when she had passed away.They were quite happy to transfer what she had left in her account into my brothers bank after seeing the...
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    Hi All, Our mum passed away at the end of January. All her bills that needed to be paid always came to me to deal with. I never had POA and she did not make a will. Everything was split equally and amicably. Just had a letter from our local council addressed to the Executors of my late...
  8. sonia owen

    just lost my mum

    So sorry Webby for the loss of your dear mum. I know how you are feeling after losing mum my best friend too, in January. It is hard. Being busy is kind of the key to stop you thinking so much. I am finding now that my body is telling me its exhausted and I need to try and be kind to myself...
  9. sonia owen

    Thankyou all

    Sorry for the loss of your Dad, so much to do. Take care of yourself Love Sonia xxx
  10. sonia owen

    Thought I'd be feeling better by now :-(

    Hi Chaucer, Sorry to read you are having a hard time. Saying time heals, they don't say how long it will take to get over the loss of a loved one. It can only be done in your time. Talking certainly can help. I have found some days I want to go over how my mum died. I may say the same things to...
  11. sonia owen

    Happy Birthday and Mothers Day

    Ah Sasky that's lovely I am sure there will be a few of us today who will lose the plot. I got my mum's Mother's day card early so I was able to put it in her coffin when she passed away in January. My two cards from my two Son's today mean so much to me this Mothering Sunday. Love and hugs to...
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    I have not really cried till yesterday after losing our mum Jan 17th and our dog just before Xmas. I could not help it the tears just came rolling down my cheeks. Two days after our mum died her last remaining sister was rushed into hospital. It did not look good. Her family were allowed to...
  13. sonia owen

    Rose Bush

    Truth24 Hi have sent you a PM message Sonia x
  14. sonia owen

    Forget- Me -Not

    Many Thanks x
  15. sonia owen

    Rose Bush

    Hi All, I went along to our local garden centre yesterday, to have a look at the roses. I bought a beautiful patio climbing fragrant glowing red bloom rose called Love Knot, in memory of my dear mum. will plant the packets of Forget.-Me- Not flowers around it. Don't forget to support The...
  16. sonia owen

    Forget- Me -Not

    Hi Anyone know where I can find the Forget me not pattern I want to have a go at knitting one. A display of the knitted flowers is being held at Weston Super Mare's Grand Pier on May 15th till 21st as our local awareness week. Sonia
  17. sonia owen

    Earing Aids

    Thanks LeedsLass x
  18. sonia owen

    goodbye mam

    Understand So sorry I know jut how you are feeling I lost my mum Jan 17th. There has been so much that you just have to get on with. Hugs to you xxx
  19. sonia owen

    Earing Aids

    Hi I have a few of my mum's hearing aids along with unopened batteries. Just wondered if there was any where I could give them to. Her old glasses are going down to our local hospital. Love Sonia xx
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    Thank you beautiful xx