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    My Dad

    Welcome to Talking Point. I am so sorry to hear about your dear Dad. Your Dad is in the best place he could be 24/7 care and medical attention if needed which he would not get at home. As you are doing be there for him , he may not appear to know you or acknowledge you but he does...
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    help what are my options

    Hi there I think whoever at SS should wake up and smell the coffee. Of course your Mum could not cope on her own and yes she definitely needs 24/7 care in a residential care home. How on earth is she going to feed herself. I dont know some of these people really do take the biscuit...
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    Exhausted from Granny's night-time wandering and faecal incontinence

    I second that , you definitely need professional help. Can you or Mum and Dad contact Age UK , they can be very helpful. You dont have to cope with this situation, has Granny got a Doctor. If so the doctor must be contacted , not only for your sakes but for Granny's sake as well...
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    Mum cried so much when I took her back to the CH today

    Your post is so familiar and the situation you find yourself in does really pull at the heart strings. We want so very very much for our loved ones to be the people they were and hoping and praying that their behaviour is just normal again but from nowhere a passing statement so easily...
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    Constipation in later stages

    Prune Juice , Syrup of Figs (shows my age) stewed apples. There is only one down side to all of this if you overdo the treats mentioned and I doubt anyone has to explain that one. :rolleyes:
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    My mum has dementia

    Cheesegrater - I am so sorry for you and the worry you feel about your Mum. Unfortunately all you describe is exactly how the disease seems to manifest itself. Mum did lots of crazy things prior to going into a Residential Care Home but she is self funding and so that could have made a...
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    Stopping rivastigimine? Effects?

    I have not had personal experience of Mum taking rivastigimine. Is that the doctors advice for Dad to stop taking the tablets? Mum used to suffer with Sundowning and still does from time to time. She is in a residential care home. In the early stages she was given Resperidone...
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    Not fair

    I would like to second what Lin1 has to say. Unfortunately I did not read your post before you deleted it. Do come back and talk to us on here. They say a trouble shared is a trouble halved. No one is one here to judge, we have all been there with our doubts and worries and concerns...
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    Shout out to Age UK

    How refreshing to hear some good news. I am sure your post will help others in the future. Well done Age UK.
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    Hello - feel like I have a million and one questions!

    Hello Dannyem and welcome to Talking Point. If you feel that Mum could do with a little bit of help (better to put it that way to her) then as you say you can have a word with the Social Worker on Thursday. I would imagine that 99% of people have the same reaction to having help...
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    Mum is 93 and declining rapidly!

    Welcome to Talking Point. I agree with others here that at 93 your Mum is doing wonderfully well. I think of 93 as 'cracking on' rather than old or the word I hate elderly. Bless her , if at 93 you cannot be a little forgetful then God help the rest of us. I am almost 70 and...
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    March 21st Rock Against dementia

    Well done for posting.
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    28 days? NHS CHC !

    Hi there Katie 1. I am somewhat surprised that the DOLS order is still in place if Dad is in hospital and is as poorly as you describe. My Mum was on a DOLS order for over 6 months but she was and still is in a residential care home. An absolutely pointless piece of paper that is at the...
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    Registering POA with banks

    I must admit Mum and myself are with B Bank as well and I dont recall any problem whatsoever with registering the EPA with them, nor being able to allow my sister and myself to become signatories, it was all quite straight forward. The only hiccup I had was they insisted Mum had a debit...
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    Mum keeps going missing

    Gosh that must be a worry for you and your Dad. May be Dad should suggest going to the papershop with her in the future. He could make up something saying he has got to have more exercise. Let us know how you get on.
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    My dad has died, 17th March

    Oh dear how sad. Please accept my condolences as well and yes I will raise a glass to your dear Dad on the 1st of April. Please feel that you can come back and chat on TP in the future. We are always here and you never know when you need to chat to someone. God bless you and your dear...
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    New to the forum and finding life difficult

    Unfortunately aggression is part and parcel of Alzheimer's Dementia and can be very disturbing for the person on the receiving end. You have done the right thing by contacting SS and if they get involved along with the GP , I would think it likely that her meds will be reassessed. No...
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    Clothing or lack of it !

    When my Mum lived at her home alone we also had similar problems. Washing and personal hygene is a very sensitive subject and the person concerned can and often does get very upset if it is implied that they rather whiff a bit. I know you should not mask the problem but as an intemediate...
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    I'm the queen of lettuce

    Your post certainly made me chuckle. Queen of Lettuce. Sounds rather grand doesnt it. Give your Mum a big cuddle.